Peninsula Enterprise, May 11, 1895


reprinted from Wicomico News.Transportation -- Railroad - FreightTransportation -- Railroad - Rolling stock

The New York, Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad Co., is making extensive preparations to handle the large fruit and produce business this season. Freight cars are being overhauled and put in order, and we understand that the number of freight cars will be increased. Three new freight engines were put in service on the line last week. These engines are much larger than any formerly used and are capable of hauling very heavy freight trains. They are of the pattern known as "ten wheelers."


Moral -- Vagabonds

A woman tramp, who gave her name as Jennie Jones, was picked up on the railroad track near Tasley last week, in an exhausted condition. Her object, she stated, to put an end to her life. She was sent to an asylum this week for attempting to commit suicide in Norfolk.


Moral -- Property crime

Andrew Finney, colored, convicted of highway robbery at the last term of the county court, was taken to penitentiary last Tuesday, by Deputy Sheriff Melson.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal serviceMoral -- Property crime

W. T. Selby, colored, has been indicted in United States Court now in session in city of Norfolk for "felonious assault on a mail driver in Accomac county." He attempted to take mail bag from the driver, several weeks ago, on the route from Horntown to Sinnickson.


Moral -- Murder

Two detectives were at Accomac C. H., last Tuesday, looking for one "Bob Harris" alias "Arizona Bob," who is wanted at Elkton, Md., upon the charge of the murder of a man by the name of Knapp there last July. He was at Cape Charles, it is reported, last Sunday, but so far seems to have eluded his pursuers.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - GroceriesMental illness


Levin Booth has purchased the storehouse property which belonged to H. T. Scott, deceased, and opened a grocery store there.

I. S. Jester was examined before Justices Maffitt and Reynolds, of this place, and Justice Wilson, of Franklin City, in the presence of our physician this week, pronounced insane by them and sent by them to the asylum at Williamsburg. His insanity was produced by an attack of la grippe.


fields -- Crops - White potatoes : Seed and slipsTransportation -- Road - Maintenance

New Church.

Our farmers are busy at this writing putting out potato sprouts. All indication are that the crop will be larger than ever before in this section.

The citizens of our town, thoroughly disgusted with the condition of the sidewalks which were entirely destroyed by the new road machine, turned out in a body recently to repair the damages they had sustained by the use of our expensive and improved system of road-making.


Infrastructure -- Public : CemeteriesInfrastructure -- Public : Churches


At a meeting of the stockholders of the Onancock Cemetery Co., on last Tuesday night, a dividend of 25 per cent. was declared.

Up to Monday night 43 persons were converted and decided to become members of the several churches, at the revival services Evangelist Lee has been conducting at the M. E. Church, South, and it was decided to continue the meeting two days longer than previously announced, until the 9th, after which the evangelist and Mr. Humphreys, who leads the choristers, will proceed to Cape Charles, and on Friday, the 10th, they will commence another series of revival services at the Southern M. E. Church in that town.


Transportation -- Road - Maintenance

Hon. Albert A. Pope, of Boston, who brought the road question before Congress by a monster petition, containing thousands of names from every section of the country in 1893, which resulted in an especial appropriation of $10,000 by Congress to meet the expense of a careful investigation into the condition of roads throughout the country, and for the publication of such information as would assist the people in bettering their highways, says, in a circular to the Press of late, that the Department of Agriculture has issued a number of bulletins presenting the gratifying intelligence that more than a score of States have already passed new road laws, while nearly all the others are planning for the adoption of measures for the promotion of road reform. The course pursued by his own State, is the one, which in his opinion, commends itself most strongly to the people. There an appropriation of $300,000 has been evenly divided among the counties, and each portion of the State highway constructed is intended to be an object lesson to those living nearby -- the plan being to build, section by section, such roads as will connect the great centers of trade, and join with through roads in other States, so that both local and interstate communication will be benefitted.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 11, 1895