Peninsula Enterprise, February 2, 1895


Moral -- Murder

The trial of the nine colored men, charged with killing Edward Carver, of Somerset county, Md., some months ago, will, it is stated, begin in Baltimore next week. The most of them are from this county.


Moral -- Alcohol

The temperance meeting announced for last Monday evening at Onancock, was again postponed, and will be held in the lecture room of the Baptist Church of that town next Tuesday evening, when State Deputy W. T. Bundick will deliver a lecture and re-organize the lodge of Good Templars.


Professionals -- Lawyers

Messrs. N. B. Wescott and B. T. Gunter, Jr., have formed a co-partnership for the practice of law, under the name and style of Wescott & Gunter.


Transportation -- Road - Maintenance


Our roads are in bad condition and need the attention of our road surveyor.


Sea -- WreckingTransportation -- Water - StrandingsSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideTransportation -- Water - Freight


The Schooner Sophia Godfrey which went ashore on Assateague shoals on January 18th, was floated by the Chincoteague Wrecking Co., on the 27th, and sailed for Suffolk, Va. The sum paid the company for its work was $1,800.

Thirty-five hundred barrels of oysters were shipped from this place last week.

Superintendent Holiday and several other prominent railroad officials made a business trip to Chincoteague this week.

Schooner Thomas Thomas was loaded with week with oysters for Fair Haven, Conn., and Schooners Recruit, Emma Robins and John Wesley with like cargo for New York.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - DrugstoresInfrastructure -- Commercial - Banks


Mr. W. H. Parker opened a very handsome drug store on Main street this week. Wise's drug store has been newly painted and is also in tip top order. Onancock for pretty drug stores is in the lead.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbst returned from Baltimore Wednesday, where they have been spending a few days. To the regret of many friends Mr. Herbst, cashier of Onancock bank, will leave Onancock very soon. He has accepted a fine position in the banking business in Albany, N. Y.


Infrastructure -- Public : SchoolsWeather -- Snow storms


Our school has had to suspend for a few days, as our school house was so dilapidated we could not keep it comfortable.

Our young folks, and some not so young, have been taking advantage of the snow fall, and the ring of the sleigh bells is often heard in our town. One of the parties were drawn by six horses.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - GuidesTourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : Waterfowl and shorebirdAfrican-Americans -- Racial violence


An enthusiastic party of duck shooters composed of Messrs. N. J. W. LeCato, A. H. G. Mears, and John T. Nock, under the guidance of Capt. Joe Stevens, have been spending the week in Hog Island Bay.

A slight contention across the "color line" took place in our streets a few nights ago.

Public School Report for the Months of December and January.

Infrastructure -- Public - Government : School administration

No. of schools in operation 125. No pupils enrolled 4,417. No. pupils in average daily attendance 3,935. No. different schools visited by Supt. 74.

The schools, with few exceptions, are very full, houses more comfortable, school appliances better supplied -- but more yet needed, and best of all our teachers seem fully interested in their work and all seem to be trying to do their full duty.

J. E. MAPP, Supt. Schools.

Losses by Fire Promptly Settled.

Infrastructure -- Commercial - Insurance companies

Kelly, Nottingham & Kellam wish to thank through the ENTERPRISE their friends and the public for the business intrusted to them, and submit for their consideration the following losses paid by their companies during the past year:

Cape Charles Ice & Lumber Co. $2,000; Mrs. E. W. Hopkins, Onancock, $2,000; Mrs. P. H. Williams, Eastville, $1,000; Mrs. I. D. Robins, Birdsnest, $712; D. C. Kellam, Shady Side, $500; George W. Abdell, Belle Haven, $300; B. T. Gunter, Accomac C. H., (lightning) $60; W. S. Phillips, Fair Oaks, (lightning) $75; S. K. Martin, Harborton, (lightning) $200.

Is it worth anything to the public to know that the above were promptly paid by old and reliable companies which have been doing business here for a long time? Don't make a mistake when placing your risks.

Our rates -- as low as any good companies.

Again, thanking you for past favors.

KELLY, NOTTINGHAM & KELLAM, Gen'l Insurance Agents, Onancock, Va.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
February 2, 1895