Peninsula Enterprise, October 12, 1895


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Lectures

Rev. J. D. C. Hanna, a noted divine, will lecture at Onancock Town Hall, Wednesday evening, 16th inst. Subject -- "Ups and downs of life." Ninety large scenes will be thrown on canvass. A great treat is in store for you.


Infrastructure -- Public : Camp meetings

Tent meeting at Pungoteague, conducted by Evangelist J. W. Lee, closed last Tuesday night. There were about forty professions of faith. The meetings were largely attended from beginning to the close, and much good was accomplished.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Surveying

The commissioners appointed by our county court, to examine the alleged omission of oyster ground in Deep Creek, Doe Creek and Island Bay from the survey of Capt. Baylor, will report, that more than twenty-five acres were omitted in each case.


Infrastructure -- Public : Schools

The Blackstone Female Institute opened on September 19th with a large increase of patronage. The following Eastern Shore girls are in attendance: Misses Sadie Harmon, Lula Wicks and Clare Hume, of Wachapreague; Fairy Mapp, Agnes Sturgis and Marie Byrd, of Grangeville; Monnie Ward, of Fair Oaks; Bessie Downing, of Keller; Josie Griffith and Ellie Joynes, of Pungoteague; Minnie Wescott, of Craddockville; Sadie and Bettie Rue, of Belle Haven; Hattie Scarborough, Carrie Elzey and May Nicholson, of Exmore; Bessie Roberts, of Bridgetown; Ruth Wilson, of Cape Charles.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : PackingLaborers -- FisheriesTransportation -- Water - FreightTransportation -- Water - Aids to navigationProfessionals -- Teachers


Our oyster shucking houses have more orders than they can fill by working on full time. Enough shuckers cannot be secured here and they are getting them from Seaford, of any other point they can.

Gov. Watson, Ex-Congressman Causey, Superintendent Holiday and other prominent Delawareans were registered at Atlantic Hotel, Chincoteague, this week.

Schooners Sunbeam, D. J. Whealton and Thomas Thomas loaded here, this week, with oysters for Norfolk.

Winter Quarter Lightship, No. 43, at Wilmington for last 18 months for repairs, has been returned to her place.

John Field, Jr., appointed teacher for Assateague school, left last week for Baltimore, and William J. Burch has been appointed in his place.


Infrastructure -- Public : ChurchesTransportation -- Road - Better roads movementInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal service


A handsome Presbyterian Church edifice is now in course of erection on Market St., in our town. It will be built at a cost of $4,000 or more, and it is to be not only one of the largest church buildings on the Shore, but it is proposed to make it one of the most attractive and comfortable. Its location is all that could be desired.

Mr. S. F. Rogers left this week for Richmond, Va., to attend the "good Roads Convention" to be held there. He is a level headed man and will doubtless bring back with him the best ideas advanced at the convention on road building and repairing.

Mr. Thomas C. Kellam has just completed a very neat dwelling on Johnson street.

Our postoffice has made a Presidential one on [illegible] of October and is the only one on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Dredging


Our dredgers have been busy fitting out their vessels and getting ready to go to work in the Potomac the 15th of this month, when the dredging season opens.

Oysters are so scarce in Pocomoke Sound, that a great many of our oystermen have gone to the Potomac.


Moral -- Property crimeMoral -- Murder

One Man Killed Instantly -- Another Has Since Died of His Wounds.

A shooting affray occurred near Cobb's Island, last Saturday afternoon, in which Benjamin Hudson, of Camden, N. J., lost his life, and his brother William Hudson received wounds, which resulted in his death on Thursday morning. The particulars of the tragedy received by us are as follows: About ten days ago a valuable cat-boat being stolen at Camden, N. J., the loss was reported to the Life Saving Stations along the coast, accompanied with a request to keep a sharp lookout for the boat, together with the information that a reward of $35 was offered for the recovery of the boat. On Sunday afternoon a boat being sighted at Cobbs Island, which answered the description given, four young men, Frank Shield, William Bloxom, Purvis Bloxom and John Zembar armed themselves and went in pursuit of the craft on which were the Hudsons, hailing them as they approached the boat and calling upon them to surrender. The reply to the demand being a volley from the cat boat, the pursuers returning the fire, and a battle ensued, without serious results however to any of the parties until the Hudsons deserted their catboat and jumped into a yawl boat when one of the perusers took up a 38-calibre Winchester rifle and fired with deadly aim. The ball went through the body of Benjamin Hudson and entered the body of William in the right side, killing the former instantly and fatally wounding the latter. Monday morning Sheriff Jarvis arrested four men who did the shooting and lodged them in jail at Eastville, and application for bail, made to the county court, by their attorney, has been refused. The two dead men have been buried in the cemetery at Cape Charles. Several kits of burglar's tools, it is stated, were found in the cat-boat and that the Hudsons were armed with a rifle, two shot-guns and revolvers. The father of the unfortunate men has arrived at Cape Charles and says he will employ counsel to assist the Commonwealth's attorney in prosecuting those charged with the murder.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 12, 1895