Peninsula Enterprise, December 8, 1894


Transportation -- Water - Channel and harbor dredging

The expenditure of the sum of $100,000 on the inland waterway from Chincoteague bay to Delaware bay and of $10,400 on the harbor at Cape Charles and approaches, is recommended by the Chief of Engineers in the river and harbor estimates, transmitted to Congress last Monday.


Moral -- Murder

Arthur and William Wright were taken to the penitentiary on last Saturday, by deputy sheriff Melson and guard, William E. Lewis.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Other

The old Masonic building at Accomac C. H., has been rented to the Accomac Stove and Tin Works for another year. The change is made to get more room for the large and increasing business of the firm.


Infrasturcture -- Public - Government : County


Our processioners are pushing their work and trying to unravel the tangled lines that separate neighbor from neighbor, but it is often a difficult task.


Transportation -- Water - FreightSea -- Shellfish - Clamming : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Public : ChurchesMoral -- Property crime


Four hundred barrels of oysters were shipped from this place last Tuesday, and Schooner Recruit was loaded with oysters also and Sloop John Wesley with clams for New York City.

A new dwelling as just been completed for John Thornton and one is in course of erection for F. Daisey.

Two Mormon Elders arrived here this week and had a cold reception. Our people still sore over the "two by two" arrangements are not prepared to listen with much patience to the teachers of strange doctrines.

Daniel Smith, colored, of Texas, but who has resided here for some time, stole a canoe worth $150 at Hampton, lately, and started for this place with her. Three colored men arrived here Tuesday morning and had Smith arrested. They recovered their boat and Smith was sent to the county jail.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : FoxSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideSea -- Fish factoriesInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionDisease


A fox hunt participated in by a large number of the citizens of this community came off Tuesday. Four or five foxes were started and they are still at large.

Dredgers from this place report that they have never known oysters to be scarcer.

The American Fish Guano Co., has taken off their fishing steamers for the season. Steamer Hawkins sailed for New York with cargo of oil for the company this week. This year's work, it is believed, has been fairly remunerative to the company.

A new dwelling to be occupied by Mr. John T. Hutchinson and family, is nearing completion.

Scarlet fever, in a mild form, is prevailing in this vicinity. Three or four cases are reported in our town.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateTransportation -- Road - Maintenance


The McConnell homestead was purchased by Mr. P. T. H. Ayers a few days ago for $5,250.

Our roads are in excellent condition and Mr. Hope, the surveyor, is generally complimented as an efficient road-maker. the improvements made at Bobtown by him are especially praised.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal service


Several Northern visitors have been sojourning at the Hotel Kellam during the past week.

The mail contract from this place to Keller has been taken by a bidder from Missouri for the sum of three hundred dollars. As the trip is made twice a day, over a distance of six miles, it is plain the contractor has not struck a bonanza. Doubtless the old subterfuge of palming off the job on some deluded sub contractor, equipped with an old mule or broken down horse, will enter in the scheme of the speculator, and the patrons of the several offices are to suffer accordingly.

Laying Corner Stone at Onancock.

Infrastructure -- Public : SchoolsTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fraternal orders

The corner-stone of the annex to Margaret Academy was laid at Onancock on Saturday by the Masons of Chesapeake lodge, assisted by members from the other Masonic lodges on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Worshipful L. R. Doughty, of Chesapeake Lodge, presided, and District Deputy Grand Master Stevenson participated prominently in the beautiful ceremony. The attendance of Masons was large. At the conclusion of the ceremony Hon. John W. H. Parker, a venerable member of the Board of Trustees of the academy, and a charter member of Chesapeake Lodge of Masons, accepted the work. His address of acceptance was an admirable one.

A New Steamboat Line.

Transportation -- Railroad - Corporate

Mr. B. B. Brockenbrough writes to the Tappahannock Times that a movement has recently been put on foot to open up to the lower Rappahannock Valley the Philadelphia, New York, and all other Northern Markets, via the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railway, by a direct line of Steamers connecting with said road, either at Crisfield, Maryland or at Cape Charles, Virginia. Mr. Henry Williams, the president of the Weem's Steamboat Company, has been approached on the subject and has agreed to put on a daily line of steamers to Crisfield or Cape Charles, whichever may be deemed best for the mutual interest of the parties. The route to be established at the beginning of the truck shipping season of 1895, provided suitable arrangements can be made; and with that end in view, Mr. Williams suggests that the citizens of the counties of Essex, Middlesex, Lancaster and Richmond hold public meetings and each of the above named counties appoint a committee of one or more to meet with Mr. Williams to some given time and place and proceed with him to Philadelphia, Cape Charles and Crisfield, to ascertain the most suitable point of connection and confer with the authorities of the railroad on the very important subject of schedule time and freight rates.

Eastern Shore Game Association.

Natural resources -- Conservation - Game

The annual meeting of "The Eastern Shore Game Protective Association of Virginia," will occur at Eastville, on next Monday, court day. Members and all others who are interested in game protection are requested to be present, as we have very important matters to attend to.

J. W. BOWDOIN, President.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
December 8, 1894