Peninsula Enterprise, May 26, 1894


Sea -- Other

Dr. John W. Bowdoin, of this county, has been appointed Fish Commissioner by Governor O'Ferrall.


Transportation -- Water - Strandings

The bug-eye Sterling, which is owned by Capt. Orris A. Browne, Cape Charles, was capsized in Chesapeake Bay during last Saturday's squall. The crew was rescued and the boat was taken in charge and towed to Norfolk by French & Cole, wreckers.


Moral -- Vagabonds

Lower Accomac has been fairly deluged with tramps during the week. A party of about a hundred came down last week and landed on Pungoteague Creek, but has since split up and its members are now scattered all over the county. A squad of a dozen reached Accomac C. H. Monday evening and half of them solicited and found work. The others have done nothing since their arrival but make themselves about as bad as a plague or pestilence. Their presence in the town is a constant menace to the peace and good order of the community.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential construction

Isaac B. Clark will have an attractive residence erected on his farm between Accomac C. H. and Daugherty, at an early date.


Infrastructure -- Public : Churches

The lumber for the Southern Methodist Church, Accomac C. H., has been ordered and the work of remodeling the church will begin the first of June.


Fields -- Livestock - Horses

Johnnie Bonnewell, the young son of William Bonnewell, Accomac C. H., was badly bitten by a horse a few days ago. The horse thought Johnnie was a little bit too familiar on short acquaintance and proceeded to protest against that kind of thing by taking the boy's head in his jaws and crunching on it for awhile.


Transportation -- Water - Steamboats

Accomac C. H.

Mr. George Milliner of this place is in Crisfield. He will bring down the steam yacht that is to ply between Folly Creek and the beach.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - DrugstoresDevelopment -- Boosterism

Belle Haven.

Parties are trying to effect arrangements to open a drug-store here, which is something that this place is really in need of, and should doubtless pay well, but as usual many of our people are trying to discourage it. Unfortunately our town lacks enterprising men and, instead of inviting new enterprises to locate here they are invariably discouraged.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - ResortsSea -- Fish factoriesInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionFields -- Livestock - SheepTransportation -- Water - Freight


The Atlantic Hotel was well patronized by the millionaires of Philadelphia last week.

John W. Bunting & Son's steamer Absecum left here this week for Philadelphia, where she will be overhauled and made ready for the fishing season.

Our people still keep building despite the hard times. Charles Russell and Wesley Fletcher are erecting new dwellings, and Blake & Conant are building a large carpenter shop.

The annual sheep penning of Assateague Island will take place on Wednesday, June 6th. Great preparations are being made for a large gathering on that gala day. There will be quite a large number of ice cream, confectionary, oyster and clam stands for the accommodation of the public. There will be no public penning on Chincoteague so Assateague will be well attended.

Schooner Elliott, Capt. James Aydelott, made the quickest trip on record from here to Fair Haven and return. She took a cargo of oysters, discharged them and returned to this place in seven days.

Hamilton Disston's steam yacht Manlett arrived here on the 19th on her return to Philadelphia. She is waiting at this place till the ocean is smooth enough for her to continue her trip.


Infrastructure -- Utilities - TelephoneInfrastructure -- Public : Churches


The poles for the Eastern Shore Telephone Co. have arrived. We expect to have the line up in short order.

The corner stone of the Baptist Church at Harborton will be laid on the 4th of July next, with Masonic ceremonies. An attractive programme of exercises has been arranged for the day, announcement of which will be made later.

Accident to the Steamer Maggie.

reprinted from Baltimore Sun, May 23.Transportation -- Water - Steamboats

The steamer Maggie, which was recently chartered by the Choptank Company to run on the Nanticoke river route, ran into the draw at Seaford, Del., early yesterday morning, breaking her port wheel. She was temporarily repaired and arrived at Baltimore last night. The Maggie brought a cargo of 2,000 crates of strawberries. Repairs will be made to the steamer and she will return on schedule time.

Died From His Injuries.

Transportation -- Railroad - Personal injury

Elton B. Smith, of Cape Charles, died on the 3rd inst., in a hospital at Norfolk from the effects of injuries received early on the morning of that day. He was employed by the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad as night car inspector at this place, and while attending to his duties was knocked down by a draft of cars and several cars passed over his left leg. He was sent to Norfolk on the early boat, where his left foot was amputated. He did not recover from the operation and died in the evening. He was about thirty years of age and leaves a widow and child and a widowed mother.

Temperance Meeting.

Moral -- Alcohol

A temperance mass meeting is to be held at the Town Hall, Onancock, this (Saturday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Addresses will be made by Revs. A. J. Reamy, J. M. Dunaway and E. C. Atkins.

The Prohibitionists met on Saturday last and Rev. E. C. Atkins, W. S. Mills and G. W. Mason were elected delegates to the National Temperance COngress, which meets at Staten Island, June 3rd. J. S. Tyler, Capt. John Kelso and Capt. Henry L. Crockett were named as alternates.

Onancock's Municipal Election.

Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Town

The town election at Onancock on Thursday resulted in the re-election of T. W. Taylor, as Mayor, over T. M. Scott, by six majority. The following gentlemen were elected members of the town council: Thomas S. Hopkins, L. W. Groton, Dr. E. B. Finney, S. K. Powell and F. A. West.

Racing and Tournament.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - BicyclingTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

There will be a big time at the Fair Grounds, July 4th. Trotting, pacing and bicycling tournament. Also speaking in behalf of the farmer by a distinguished orator. The programme will appear in next issue.


Action of Board of Supervisors.

Transportation -- Road - Maintenance

In matter of working, keeping in order, &c., the public roads and bridges.

Virginia: -- At a meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the county of Accomack, May 9th, 1894.

This Board by unanimous vote does hereby adopt section 963 and the sections following to 983 inclusive of "The Code of Virginia" of 1887, for the working, keeping in order and repairing the roads and bridges in the several precincts in Accomack county.

Road Law.

Transportation -- Road - Maintenance

Under the new road law for Accomac county lately adopted by the Board of Supervisors, the money raised by taxation in each Magisterial district for keeping up the roads and bridges, must be expended in the district where raised. The Board at its meeting on the 15th of June next, will apportion the taxes in each district and fix how much can be expended by each surveyor in his precinct.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Holidays

It is well for us to remember that we are American citizens, and if there are any people in the broad expanse of our country who have a special claim upon and who should especially honor the fourth of July, they are those of Virginia. Of late years, it has passed almost entirely without recognition. Save here or there a solitary individual, or a family, taking an airing for the reason that "its 4th July," one would not know there was such a day. These things should not be. The children of this generation should be taught why we should hold the fourth of July in especial honor, and in no better way can we do it than by a demonstration by the whole people. A thousand reasons might be given, but the single one that we are Virginians and Americans should be enough. Let us celebrate.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 26, 1894