Peninsula Enterprise, October 28, 1893


Weather -- Northeast storms

A rain and wind storm, of unusual violence, swept over this section on Sunday last, doing considerable damage.


Watermen -- Personal injury

The body of Fisher Bool who was drowned off Hog Island some time ago, was washed ashore on the beach this week.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

The lands of heirs of Zadoc Nock, deceased, advertised in this paper by Mr. Joseph R. Riggs, agent, has been sold by him to Capt. William Sommers for $2,500, cash.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

The lands of the heirs of Major P. Barnes, deceased, sold at Parksley, last Saturday, by F. H. Dryden, real estate agent, were bid off to the following persons, at prices given below: Charles C. Byrd $2,600, Levin J. Melson $1,800, Mrs. Sallie Byrd $1,940 and $235, W. T. Parks $350. Mr. Charles Byrd also bought a piece of land containing, it was stated, about 12 acres at $15.75 per acre.


Moral -- Murder

The Governor of Virginia has pardoned Samuel Lewis, sentenced at the March term 1891 of the county court of Accomack, to five years in the penitentiary, for murder in the second degree. The pardon was granted on account of the precarious condition of the prisoner's health.


Infrastructure -- Public : Churches

There is talk of dividing this Episcopal parish into two parishes. It is said that Onancock and Pungoteague wish to cut loose from the other churches and have a rector of their own. This would throw Accomac C. H., Jenkins Bridge and the proposed church at Parksley together. Onancock will, we are reliably informed, in the event of such a division, extend a call to Rev. H. L. Derby, Accomac C. H.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Field sports - Hunting : BirdInfrastructure -- Public : Schools


Our farmers appear to be well satisfied with the profits realized from their potato crops and, it is thought, that they are in a better condition financially than they have been for years.

Partridge shooting will have no place among the sports of this section for some time to come. The birds were nearly all destroyed by the cold weather of last year.

Sea-fishing has been the source of considerable revenue to many of our people this fall.

Our public schools, under the management of Prof. John S. Parsons and Miss Lillie Miles, are in a flourishing condition. About one hundred pupils are in daily attendance.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse serviceTransportation -- Water - SteamboatsTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Resorts


Our lighthouse and lightship keepers have recently donned new uniforms -- double breasted sack coats, with gold bands on sleeves, handsome capes, handsome rosettes with cut of lighthouse on them &c -- and in their new rigs look as pretty as "picters."

Capt. J. E. Deacyne and P. A. Dempsey, of the new steamer, which will be put on line from this place to Philadelphia, spent several days with us this week, making arrangements with our people for wharves &c. The steamer will commence to run about the last of next month and the owners say that she will come to stay and will give us such reduction in freight and passenger rates, that the people will be compelled to encourage them.

The Atlantic Hotel was filled with guests, last week, representing nearly every prominent town in Del. The fine fishing and elegant accommodations at the Atlantic attracted them thither.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial construction


Mr. John Thompson's new residence on Seaside ave. is nearing completion.

This old village is doffing her antique garments and putting on new ones. In a word she is undergoing a building boom. May she keep it up and in time vie with her bigger neighbors up the road.

Messrs. Gladson Bros., find increase of trade fully justifies the expense entailed by the recent extension of their store house.

Mr. E. B. Hastings contemplates erecting a dwelling at the intersection of N. Main st. and Seaside ave., in the near future.

Mr. O. N. Badger, of N. Main st., has recently made an addition to his pretty residence, as has also Mr. John Colonna, of S. Main st.

Mr. R. H. Clayton, of Seaside ave., is compelled to enlarge his shop and will do so at an early date. With increase of business he must have increase of facilities.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - BanksSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SurveyingWeather -- Northeast stormsMoral -- Other


The bank is the chief topic of conversation in business circles.

D. Frank White, county surveyor, passed through town on Saturday, en route from Tangier, where he had spent several days surveying oyster lands.

As was noticed in the ENTERPRISE last week, the people of the Eastern Shore are soon to have a bank conveniently located for their use. The soliciter's efforts to secure subscriptions to the capital stock have been successful in this town. The bank will be established upon the national system, with $50,000 capital. The value of the stock shares is $100 each. This is a home enterprise and the people all over the Peninsula have the opportunity of taking interest and subscribing to the capital stock. Mr. E. A. Herbst, who comes to us from Baltimore, with undoubted credentials, is canvassing the Shore for the purpose of meeting the representative citizens and giving them the opportunity of subscribing to the stock. With the hearty co-operation of all, there is no reason why we shall not have a successful bank.

The heavy northeast rain on last Sunday was in sharp contrast to the very bright weather we have enjoyed on Sundays for several weeks past. The home was well attended on that day -- a rarity to some people.

On Friday night last, at 3:30 o'clock, an attempt was made to break into the dwelling of Mrs. Julia Chandler, on Kerr street. The villain made a very daring attempt. Having tried all of the window blinds carefully and failed to find any unfastened, he proceeded to an out door on the rear of the building and tried to force it open. His thrusts upon it were so loud and continued as to awake the residents of the street for hundreds of yards distant. Mrs. Chandler was awake from the first but did not think it necessary to give alarm till the thrusts upon the door became so violent, then she called the neighbors to her assistance and the robber ran off. A secret patrol will see to it that such demons who interfere with peace and property and attempt to break the doors of dwellings in the dead hours of the night will find themselves behind bars, or worse.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Public : Churches


The new dwelling of Mr. H. C. Walker is receiving the finishing touches and will soon be ready for occupancy.

A large and well attended protracted meeting is being held in the M. E. Church, South, here, and up to this writing ninety-four persons have professed religion in this circuit, this Fall.

Steamship Ashore.

Transportation -- Water - StrandingsSea -- WreckingInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving service

The Spanish steamship Marciona, bound from New Orleans to Lambert's point, near Norfolk, Va., went aground late Monday evening about one mile south of Wallop's Beach Life Saving Station, during a dense fog. A high seas was running at the time on account of the recent easterly gales which have prevailed along the Atlantic coast, and it was thought at the time that she would be a total loss, with her cargo of cotton and grain. Capt. J. B. Whealton and crew as soon as she struck the beach went to the rescue and succeeded in taking off nine of the crew of steamship. Keepers Tracey and force also Capt. Lynn Taylor and Superintendent Rich were also on hand to render assistance if necessary. The latest advices are that she had been moved two lengths from the beach by the Merritt Wrecking Co., with the assistance of the Life Saving crews and would probably be floated on yesterday.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 28, 1893