Peninsula Enterprise, August 12, 1893


Infrastructure -- Public : Camp meetings

The camp-meeting at Parksley still continues and large crowds attend daily.


Infrastructure -- Public : Fire companies

A fire at Hollywood Place Truck Farm, Cape Charles, on Sunday, damaged the stables to the extent of $800 or $1,000.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Boat racing

A race has been made between the batteaux "Sweetheart" and "Bessie," for a purse of $200. The race will occur in Wachapreague Inlet, next Saturday.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Baseball

The Parksley base-ball club played a tie game with the Onancock club on Friday, 4th inst. On Monday the same club defeated the Belle Haven club by a score of 12 to 5.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Boat racing

A boat race will come off at Wishart's Point, Wednesday, 23rd inst., and in connection therewith will be a grand picnic, at which all the delicacies of the season will be served. The following entries have been made: Baby Ruth, Ida Lester, Olive, Pilot Boy, Dispatch, Bettie Green, Ellen Hester, Orphan Girl, Clara Snead.


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Schooners Robbins, D. J. Whealton and William Shannon, arrived this week with cargoes of coal, which were sold from $5.40 to $5.60 per ton.

W. J. Matthews and Capt. William Harrison have bought schooner "Thomas Thomas," of Norfolk, Va. The sum paid was about twenty-five hundred dollars.

Schooner R. F. Hastings arrived here this week with load of coal for S. E. Matthews, who has the contract to supply the Life Saving Stations of the Districts with coal and wood -- also with corn and hay.

Competition in our transportation lines has brought the price down from 35 to 25 cents across the bay.

The annual pony penning on the 3rd inst. was unusually well attended. The Atlantic Hotel was filled to overflowing and had to call on some of its neighbors to accommodate its guests. A few ponies were sold at fair prices.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionMoral -- Other violent crimeTransportation -- Water - Wrecks

Marsh Market.

Mr. Edwards Lewis has recently furnished and moved to his new dwelling near J. A. Hall's store.

William Sterling, while engaged in a fight recently, with Thomas Smith at Hallwood, struck him with a stick and broke his arm

Mr. James A. Hall, with two vessels well manned, has again been to look for his schooner the George O. James, but did not find her, she having moved from where he left her, three miles south of Tangier light.

Trials of Speed at E. S. Agricultural Fair.

Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - FairsTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racingTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Bicycling


2 year old class, trotting -- E. F. Nottingham's Miss Clay, 1st prem.; T. B. Mason's W. B., 2nd; J. A. Botts' Jack, 3rd. Best time 3.22

Stallion race -- A. S. Kellam's Ham Disston, 1st prem.; W. B. Pitts' Whitefoot, 2nd. Best time 2.45

3.00 minute class -- S. F. Townsend's Gray Eagle, Jr., 1st prem.; George H Adair's Anna May, 2nd; Isaac Wright's Accomac Chief, 3rd; Walker Bros.' Bill Jacobs, 4th.


3 year old trotting race -- William M. Turlington's Clagrit, 1st prem.; Fred Waddy's Julia Clay, 2nd; E. F. Nottingham's Vety, 3rd; J. R. James' Eliza Jane, 4th. Best time 2.56 1/2

2.40 class -- Frank Kellam's Modoc 1st prem.; S. Turlington's J. Wiley, 2nd. Best time 2.42 1/2.

Pacing race -- W. C. West's John Hart, 1st premium; H. L. Upshur's Elkington, 2nd; L. T. Parker's Jim Blaine, 3rd; J. A. Bott's Governor, 4th. Time 2:50 3/4.


4 year old -- J. R. Bull's J. R., 1st premium; S. C. Turlington's Little Ike, 2nd; Isaac Wright's Accomac Chief, 3rd; H. L. Upshur's Salem, 4th.

2:50 -- Walker Bros' W. E. Jacob, 1st premium; G. H. Adair's Annie May, 2nd; P. W. Savage's Respond, 3rd; Floyd Bros.' Fava, 4th.

Wagon race -- G. H. Adair's Hamilton Morgan, 1st premium; Floyd Bros.' Fred, 1st premium; William James' Hyflight, 3rd; John T. Nock's Cleveland, 4th.


Free for all -- Walker Bros.' Modoc, 1st premium; C. S. Taylor's Star, 2nd. Time, half-mile; 1 minute.

Special -- Fisher Bradford's Basil Morrill, 1st premium; W. C. West's Bertie, 2nd; Walker Bros.' W. E. Jacob, 3rd. Best time 2:44 3/4.

In the bicycle race Burleigh James was the winner.


Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - FairsTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

The sixteenth annual fair of the Eastern Shore Agricultural Association, which closed yesterday, was a financial success. The attendance every day was larger and the receipts great than ever before in the history of the fair. In some other respects it measured fully up to public expectation, notably in the horse department. So many horses were entered several additional stalls had to be built to accommodate them and not only were they present in numbers, but taken altogether were a better class of horses than at any previous fair. The speed contests will be voted, we believe, by most persons present as first class. The ladies and agricultural departments were not as full as usual, but the exhibits for the most part were of the best quality and the display creditable to our people. The poultry, stock and agricultural implements were on exhibition to a very limited extent. Taken altogether, perhaps, the fair would be considered a success but for the dust which hung over and enveloped the grounds, and the authorities who had ordered everything else so well are perhaps not at fault in this respect and will doubtless find a remedy for this evil before another Fair.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
August 12, 1893