Norfolk Landmark, October 14, 1891

The Wrecked U.S.S. Despatch.

Transportation -- Water - WrecksInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving serviceInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse serviceWeather -- Northeast storms

The Steamer Fast Breaking to Pieces. But Little Coming Ashore.

Washington, October 13. Commodore Ramsay, acting Secretary of the Navy, received the following telegram this morning from Lieutenant Wadsworth, Inspector of Life-Saving Service, dated Assateague, Va."Despatch is broken up forward of engines; upper works are washed off. But little material is coming ashore here. Officers and crew are well and being made comfortable at the station; will remain until weather abates. Yantic was off the station Sunday night, but has not been seen since. Thick weather, heavy gale, very high surf."

It is said at the Lighthouse Board that it is unfair to say that the loss of the Despatch is in any way due to the absence of the lightship at Winter Quarter Shoal, for needed repairs, for the reason that a relief ship the schooner Drift, showing the same kind of light, stands there, ample notice of change having been given six weeks ago.

Norfolk Landmark
Norfolk, Virginia
October 14, 1891