Peninsula Enterprise, November 11, 1893


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estate

Mr. Chas. Corbin, of Baltimore, has purchased of Mr. W. H. Parker, Onancock, the latter's desirable residence, with the land thereto belonging, at Accomac C. H. The price paid was $3,000.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving service

William Simpkins and George Connor, both colored, while returning home in a small boat from a fishing trip outside, were capsized last Saturday morning on Metompkin beach. They were rescued by the Life Saving crew.


Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Law enforcement

Capt. John S. Gaskins, commander of the schooner Pocomoke of the oyster police force, has tendered his resignation to the "Board of the Chesapeake and its tributaries," to take effect on the first day of December.


Weather -- Northeast stormsInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Life-saving service

The tide was higher along the Eastern Virginia coast during the storm of Wednesday night, that it has been known to rise for years. On Metompkin Beach the Life Saving Station was surrounded by water and at one time it was thought the crew would have to abandon the building and seek a more secure place, as the spray was breaking over the second story, while the lower part of the building was partially inundated.


Infrastructure -- Public : Churches


Our M. P. Church is nearing completion and when finished will be an ornament to the northern part of our village.

Fourteen persons were baptized by Rev. W. W. Wood last Sunday and about twenty-five have been received as members of his church.

A protected meeting is in progress at the Baptist Church at this place, conducted by Rev. W. W. Wood, assisted by Rev. A. J. Reamy, and it is without question the grandest meeting ever held in this community. From 50 to 60 persons have professed conversion, and people in every walk in life, and all ages, seem to be aroused to the necessity and value of a religious life.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Real estateSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : PackingLaborers -- FisheriesInfrastructure -- Commercial - General StoresInfrastructure -- Commercial - Hotels


Mrs. Bettie Mapp, has bought the "Watson" place of Mr. E. T. Powell and will occupy the same another year.

The oyster shucking establishment of Capt. N. B. Rich will resume operations next Monday, and furnishing as it will, employment to many in this community, its importance cannot be lightly estimated nor the enterprise too highly commended. Its capacity will only be limited by the supply of oysters and the demand for same. Some 40 or 50 gallons will probably be shucked daily at the establishment during the winter.

Mr. A. H. G. Mears has recently occupied another store and now has a larger area for the mercantile business than any merchant on the Eastern Shore. He now has three large stores and all of them are well filled with goods of every description. The last is being used entirely as headquarters for stoves. Customers are being attracted by his enterprise in many directions.

Mr. A S. Kellam, who has served the public so acceptably as proprietor of the Powellton Hotel for several years, will vacate the same at the beginning of the year and enjoy the luxury of a more retired life in the McMath mansion in another part of the town. It is not known whether Mr. Kellam retires on a competency, which he so richly deserves as "mine host," or gives up the hotel business for the more congenial occupation, of the shovel and the hoe. Mr. Powell is in correspondence with northern parties who desire to rent the hotel.

Races at Snow Hill.

reprinted from Democratic Messenger, November 4.Tourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Horse racing

The races at Snow Hill last Wednesday, under the management of the Worcester County Driving Park and Agricultural Society, were largely attended. The three-year old race was won by Lucas, owned by Wm. A. Hurley, New Church, Va. The two year old was won by Fannie Butler, owned by A. D. Pusey, of Pocomoke City. Stella C., owned by James E. Davis, of Horntown won the pacing race. In the free for Worcester County trotters Gray Eagle, Jr., Sydney F. Townsend, owner, led.

Pocomoke Sound Oyster Controversy.

reprinted from Baltimore Sun, November 9.Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Maryland-Virginia boundarySea -- Shellfish - Oystering : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Poaching

Attorney-General Poe yesterday received notice from Washington that the United States Supreme Court has advanced on its docket the habeas corpus appeal case of Robert L. Wharton, of Maryland, who was convicted of taking oysters illegally in Pocomoke sound. The motion to advance the case was made by Mr. Poe. The case will be taken up January 1894. As the question involved concerns the right of Maryland citizens to take oysters in Pocomoke sound, it was considered proper to have it settled as early as possible.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 11, 1893