Peninsula Enterprise, June 25, 1898


Transportation -- Road - ConstructionTransportation -- Road - Bridges

Machapungo Bridge was formally opened to the public on Thursday, the 23rd inst. Temporary roads have been made along the line condemned by the county leading to it.


Fields -- Livestock - Swine

A porker, which promises to break the record as the largest ever raised in the county, is now owned by Messrs. Mapp and Trower, proprietors of Keller Hotel. It will weigh now say competent judges, seven hundred pounds or more.


Moral -- Alcohol

Henry J. Davis, Abednego T. Fisher and William J. Riggs, each of whom applied for retail liquor license at his house, at Messongo Bridge, Bloxom and Masonville, respectively, at may term of county court last, and was refused, appealed to the Circuit Court and was granted license at June special term which has just adjourned.


Sea -- Shellfish - Crabbing : BaysideSea -- Shellfish - Crabbing : PricesTransportation -- Water - Marine railways


Crabs very scarce with us at present. Their market value now is 18 cents per dozen.

Capt. W. F. Barnes spent last week in Crisfield, painting and repairing his vessels.


Transportation -- Water - FreightInfrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionInfrastructure -- Commercial - DrugstoresTransportation -- Water - StrandingsSea -- WreckingSea -- Shellfish - Clamming : SeasideSea -- Shellfish - Oystering : SeasideInfrastructure -- Utilities - TelephoneInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Lighthouse service


Schooner J. H. Elliot arrived this week with 100 tons of coal for Whealton & Co.

Mr. John L. Anderton is having built the handsomest drug store on the Shore for Dr. O. M. Jones.

Schooner Emma Robinson, owned by Timothy Hill, of this place, sunk in Wachapreague inlet a few weeks ago, has been raised by French & Co., Norfolk, and is now in that city for repairs.

Capt. W. E. Smith was here in the yacht Black Cat this week and put down cable of the Atlantic Telephone Co., across the inlet from Wallops Island to Chincoteague.

Quite a number of our citizens have gone to Ocean City to open up business there this summer.

Thirty thousand barrels of clams were shipped from this place, from July 1st, 1897 to July 1st, 1898, which netted $60,000. In that time only 25,000 barrels of oysters were sent to market.

Commander W. H. Ruiter, U.S. Lighthouse Inspector, made his first inspecting tour this week to Assateague, Killick Shoal and Tom's Cove Light and pronounced them in good order, but marked Assateague Light Journal excellent, and the only one in the 4th district.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Spanish-American WarTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - BaseballTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Bicycling


W. P. Bundick is having a fine house built opposite Ebenezer M.E. Church.

Mr. Henry Ross has about completed his house, and it is a fine addition to our village.

Bicycle riding and base ball has about taken the place of the war, so far as interest in the three are concerned.


Infrastructure -- Public : Schools


Rev. R. A. Robinson has leased the Margaret Academy and proposes to establish permanently a school that will meet the needs of the people. He is a native Virginian, and graduated at the University of Virginia with the degree of A. B., and afterwards at the Union Theological Seminary. He is said to be a man of good business ability and possessed of capital for the good equipment and conduct of the school. Personally he is a gentleman of fine presence and address. He is making a good impression upon all he meets and is receiving the encouragement of the citizens by the enrollment of pupils. He will associate with him a number of well qualified teachers and will adopt a liberal, modern course of study. It is expected, that the trustees of the Academy will add needed improvements to the buildings at a cost of several thousand dollars, as some of them are considering plans to that end. No doubt the citizens of the Shore will be highly gratified to learn of the successful re-opening of the Margaret Academy -- that they will have a first class school at home for the education and care of their sons and daughters. We will note particularly that the moral influence of this school may be expected to be properly guarded.


Transportation -- Railroad - Freight


On Saturday, June 18th, 1,131 barrels of onions and potatoes were shipped from our station, on Tuesday, June 22d, 993 barrels and on Wednesday, June 23rd, 582 barrels.

Messrs. Stevenson & Hutchinson have completed their contract with the Peninsula Fair Association for putting up 75 stables on their fair grounds at Tasley.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
June 25, 1898