Eastern Shore Herald, August 1, 1913


Development -- Quality of life

Mr. G. F. Dunton, auctioneer, of Eastville Station, has just completed his job cutting the weeds and grass on the street between Eastville and the station which adds considerably to the beauty of the street. A great many nice things are being said of Cousin George.


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-- Wm. P. Bell, of Accomac C. H., Photographer.

The picture above is that just completed by Capt. W. H. Lang at Accomac C. H., Virginia, the largest of its kind in the world. In it are employed 75 openers and the oysters are gathered from his own beds in Metompkin, Cedar Island, Burton's and Hog Island bays. Eight power boats with crews totaling 75 men are employed in taking the oysters from the beds and delivering them at the plant. The oysters are shipped by express in car load lots in 1, 8 and 5 gallon single trip cans to points extending to Denver, Col., Victoria, B. C., St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minn., Tampa, Fla., and Texarkana, Texas. Last season the shipments totaled 59,830 gallons of shucked oysters. Capt. Lang is a native of Accomack county, and one of its foremost, most progressive -- and wealthiest -- business men. He began business without capital and has thoroughly disproved a very common idea that a man's success must be found among strangers.

Eastern Shore Herald
Eastville, Virginia
August 1, 1913