Peninsula Enterprise, May 10, 1902


Farmers -- Farmers' organizations

A meeting of the New Church division of the Exchange, for the purpose of electing an inspector, will be held at New Church, Saturday afternoon, May 17. All members are requested to be present.


Infrastructure -- Public : ChurchesTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Fraternal orders

The new Methodist Church at Wachapreague will be commenced about the 20th inst. The corner stone will be laid on the 4th of July by the Masons. All lodges on the shore will be invited to attend.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - DrugstoresInfrastructure -- Commercial - Residential constructionInfrastructure -- Public : ChurchesAfrican-Americans -- Religion


The new Drug Co. was organized here this week with following members: L. L. Derickson, Berlin, O. D. Collins, Snow Hill, Dr. W. M. Burwell, C. F. and W. J. Matthews, of this place, and with E. H. Bratton, of Crumpton, Md, manager. The Company has bought the drug business of Dr. O. M. Jones and will occupy a new brick building with plate glass front, soon to be in course of erection.

Mr. William Steelman, Jr., is building a new dwelling, and the colored Baptists have a new church in course of erection, which will be a big improvement over their old one.


Infrastructure -- Commercial - Commercial constructionTourists and sportsmen -- Other recreation - Baseball


Work on the new office of Mr. J. W. Chandler is progressing finely. Messrs. Roberts and Colonna are doing the work. It will be a much larger building, and more suitable for the proper handling of Mr. Chandler's business this summer.

A game of base ball was played at Pungoteague Friday afternoon, 2d, between a nine composed of and Exmore players, and the Pungoteague Club. There were a large number of spectators and the game was well played, resulting in a victory for the visitors by a score of 26 to 18. The features of the game were the magnificent catching of Mears for the visiting team, and the pitching of Walker and Boice for the same team. A return game will be played at this place between the same clubs next Friday week.


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Oyster planters in this section are having much trouble with trespassers on their grounds.

Many stretches of woven wire fence are now seen on the farms in this section, adding much to the beauty of the driveways and the premises.

Our farmers all busy putting out potato sprouts. Their acreage in our staple product will be larger this year than ever before.

Mr. John Dennis settled his saw mill on the Isaac Dix tract of timber a few days ago and is now ready for work.

Irish potato crop larger in this section and supply of potato bugs larger too than ever before.

Mr. Wm. Baker has purchased the farm of Mr. Jos. W. Taylor, about two miles from this place, and will move to it another year.


Fields -- Livestock - Cattle Infrastructure -- Commercial - Residential construction


Dr. J. W. Short will move soon to his farm recently purchased and stocked by him with a hundred heard of cattle, on the seaside.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Nelson, Sr., of Pocomoke city, will occupy soon the new dwelling recently completed at New Church.

A new porch and other additions are being made by Mr. W. T. Gladding to his dwelling which add greatly to its appearance.


Fields -- Crops - Other vegetablesTransportation -- Railroad - FreightForests -- SawmillsProfessionals -- Builders


Ninety-five barrels of radishes were shipped from our station on 6th inst.

One car of barrel hoops and one of pea baskets received by Mr. B. T. Parks this week.

The officers of the Produce Exchange were in session at their office at this place on Saturday, to perfect arrangements in the interest of the farmers for this section.

A saw mill, to be located near Cashville, by Walter, Copes & Bro., arrived at our station on 1st inst.

Plans and specifications are being made by our townsman, Mr. T. M. Hutchinson, for building a new dwelling for C. R. Hutchinson, at Harborton.


Infrastructure -- Public : ChurchesInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Military


Five gentlemen, who represent about eight million dollars, dined at "Atlantic View" last Sunday. At dinner something was said about attending the church near by, and as they had made other arrangements for the afternoon, it was proposed, to pass around the hat for a contribution. One of the party proposed to save that trouble by making it "five." This was agreed to and each one handed to Mr. G. Walter Mapp, who was present, five dollars, making $25.00, for delivery to the church officials. This Mr. Mapp did after a few very appropriate remarks. The congregation, through their pastor, Rev. Mr. Winn, accepted the donation with thanks.

The reports supposed to come from artillery firing off the Capes Tuesday was the heaviest ever heard by our oldest people. Have subsequently learned that the firing referred to was due to the inspection and drilling of the North Atlantic squadron by Admiral Dewey.

STATE BOARD OF FISHERIES. Appointments Made -- Deep Water Planting Grounds Rented.

Sea -- Shellfish - Oystering : Law enforcement

The new State Board of Fisheries, composed of Dr. John W. Bowdoin, of Accomac county, president; Captain S. F. Miller, of Mathews, secretary; State Senator George B. Keezell, of Rockingham county; Mr. Henry M. Tyler, of Richmond, and Mr. R. J. Campe, of Southampton county, held, its first meeting in Norfolk at the Monticello Hotel Wednesday afternoon.

The first business taken up by the commissioners was the electing of commanders for all the vessels comprising the Virginia oyster navy and also the oyster inspectors for the State. This occupied all the afternoon and when they adjourned Secretary Miller announced that the appointments had been made. The following are of interest to the people of the Eastern Shore:


Steamer Accomack -- Captain Costin. Steamer Nanna -- Captain Hudgins. Steamer James River -- Captain Winder. Schooner Pocomoke -- Captain Savage.

Oyster Inspectors.

District No. 1. -- S. A. Taylor. District No. 2 -- To be filled. District No. 3 -- J. K. Harmon. District No. 4 -- W. D. Dise. District No. 5 -- S. F. Byrd. District No. 6 -- Joseph R. Riggs. District No. 7 -- John H. Walker. District No. 23 -- Northampton -- Willard Wilkins and A. E. Dennis.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 10, 1902