Peninsula Enterprise, November 15, 1902



The schools on Tangier Island were suspended last Tuesday evening by Mr. G. G. Joynes, superintendent of schools, owing to an outbreak of diphtheria there. One child has died of the disease and four other cases are reported. The teachers returned to their homes on the main Wednesday morning.


Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal service

A postoffice has been opened at Fox Island and mail is now being sent to and from that place daily. The postmaster, Mr. William Ellinger, "extends an invitation, especially to the watermen, to avail them selves of the facilities afforded them."


Forests -- Shipping : RailForests -- Forest products - Mine props


Mr. P. C. Platt is sending several car loads of mine props to the Anthracite coal fields of Pennsylvania from this section.

All Fair in Love and War.

reprinted from Virginian-Pilot, 12th.Infrastructure -- Public - Government : Postal service

"All is fair in love and war," is an old saying, and Cupid has won the first battle with the stern law of the land in a very interesting and romantic case here.

Elmer Sturgis and Lucas Wickman have been rivals in the suit of a pretty young lady of the Eastern Shore for some time, and young Sturgis a few months ago secured the inside track to such an extent that the object of his affections allowed him the privilege of opening any letters that might come to her from other suitors.

Sturgis, while bringing the young lady her mail one day, recognized the handwriting of young Lucas on one of the envelopes and immediately proceeded to take advantage of his prerogatives in the case.

The result was that Lucas got wind of the incident and had Sturgis arrested by the United States authorities for tampering with the mail. A Cape Charles federal commissioner remanded the accused to the tender mercies of the grand jury and he appeared before District Attorney Edgar Allen yesterday with his counsel, Attorney E. J. Spady of Northampton.

General Allen listened to the young man's tale and decided to ask for a "not true bill" from the grand jury. He will require Sturgis to appear before that body and make a statement of the affair, which, in his judgment while a technical violation of the law, is only one of the skirmishes in a war of love and not deserving of prosecution.

Farmers' Institute.

Farmers -- Innovation

A Farmers' Institute will be held at Eastville, Thursday, Nov. 20, 1902, under the management of Hon. G. W. Koiner, State Commissioner of Agriculture.

Mr. Koiner will lecture on "Economic Uses of Fertilizers".

Prof. S. B. Heigis, of the State Test Farm, will lecture on "Growing Fruits and Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables".

Mr. F. F. Barbour will lecture on "Stock Feeding and How to Get the Most Money by the Best Combination of Feeds".

All truckers and farmers are urged to attend.

Cost of Small-pox Cases.

DiseaseInfrastructure -- Public - Government : Quarantine, local

The Board of Supervisors at its meeting on Wednesday allowed the following accounts for medical attendance &c., in the small-pox cases at Davis Wharf:

Benj. F. Bull, 10 pints liquor furnished small-pox patients $5.00
Vincent H. Elmore, services rendered as guard, &c., 113.75
Dr. J. H. Ayres, freight &c. on generator 6.80
Dr. F. C. A. Kellam, medical attendance, 410.00
Geo. E. Winder, J.P., issuing warrants &c. against persons to be quarantined, 10.00
Jos. C. Wescott, quarantining Geo. Sturgis, & als. 8.70
Jno. Harris, services 2.00
Nock & Nock, supplies 29.50
Bull & Colonna, supplies 59.40
Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 15, 1902