Eastern Shore Herald, December 3, 1909

Boy Of Six Kills Sister

Moral -- Firearms

While playing with his father's gun, which he did not know was loaded, little William Spady, 6 years old, shot dead his four year old sister in their home in Church Neck last Saturday afternoon, during the absence of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Spady. The latter did not know of the distressing accident until their return later on. The whole load entered the child's head and body at close range and almost separated the one from the other. The little fellow was not old enough to know the dangerous character of the weapon he was handling. The parents have the sympathy of the community.

Stone Road In Accomack

Transportation -- Road - Hard surfacing

The first permanent road in Accomack county will soon be completed, and meets with general approval. It runs from Tasley station to Drummondtown and cost about $5,000 per mile. Nearly everything used in its construction had to be brought by rail, much of it a considerable distance. The effort will, at least, be an object lesson, and already many plans and propositions are being made for continuing the work the coming year on a much larger scale.

Killed At Cards.

Moral -- Murder

In a dispute over a game of cards which they were having, Jim Thomas, colored, shot and instantly killed Joe Fortune another negro, near Birdsnest Station Saturday night. At the end of the game the lights were blown out and immediately a shot was heard and the Fortune negro was found to be the victim, whether it was premeditated on the part of two of the participants is not known for certain, but the evidence was that Thomas fired the pistol that inflicted the death wound on the other. An inquest was held Sunday by Justice Nottingham, the jury finding in accordance with the above facts. The Thomas negro took French leave and though the telegraph was used he has not as yet been found.

Eastern Shore Herald
Eastville, Virginia
December 3, 1909