Peninsula Enterprise, February 8, 1890


Proceedings, January Term, 1890.

Fines and costs were paid into court as follows: $5 fine and $1 costs, clerk's fee, by S. R. Nelson, J.P., received of Lewis Fosque, convicted of assaulting and beating a certain Henry Johnson; by Joseph L. Cooper, J.P., $6 fine and $1 clerk's costs, received of Segar Shores, Cory Crockett and Ranford Spence, convicted before him of profanity, disorderly conduct and drunkenness; by Wm. T. Parks, J.P., $2.50 fine received of Amanda Northam, convicted of assault and battery, also same amount received of George Downing, convicted of like offense.

Last will of John P. McMath was proved and George W. and Albert J. McMath qualified as executors.

John E. Mapp qualified as administrator of Cordelia Kellam, deceased and L. Floyd Nock as administrator of Wm. Onley, deceased.

The estate of Mary S. J. White, deceased was committed to John H. Wise, sheriff for administration.

John Neely qualified as guardian of William E. and Edward Melson, orphans of Edward Melson, deceased; J. E. Mapp as guardian of James F., Jno. W., Otho J., Bessie C., Maggie S. and Francis J. Kellam, orphans of N. Judson Kellam, deceased; and Lloyd Brittingham as guardian of his child, Lena Brittingham.

Authority was granted George D. Barnes of Woodberry, to assign his barroom license to Andrew J. Taylor.

Accounts against Commonwealth in criminal matters allowed as follows: Levi R. Boggs, J.P., $2, John Kelly acting constable $1.91, Georgeanna Bayly acting nurse for lunatic in jail $5.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters entered as follows: Henry L. Crockett $34.13, Sylvanus W. Parks $1, L. F. J. Wilson, John F. Powell, and William H. Holland $2 each, Perry Bloxom $15, Edward Ewell $1.56, Joseph L. Hopkins $4, Edward Ewell $10.30, John W. Turlington $3, Wm. T. Mears $7.50, Thomas Tunnell $2, Isaac Savage, Alfred Fosque, Henry Fosque $2.50 each, John Savage $1.50, G. B. and T. W. Jones $14.65, F. S. Smith, John L. Harmanson and George W. Mason $1 each, Rixom Taylor $10, Hopkins, Waples & Co., $9.

Surveyors of roads were appointed as follows; Charles B. Savage in place of William J. Eichelberger, Charles Northam in place of Joseph L. Hopkins, Wesley T. Melson in place of Fred Waddy, Charles C. H. Taylor in place of Edward Ewell.

A list of sales of delinquent lands and lands redeemed before sale for the year 1888 were received, confirmed and ordered to be recorded.

Commonwealth vs. Francis J. Annis on indictment for selling liquor on election day. Defendant tried, convicted and fined $25 and costs of prosecution, and sent to jail for ten days and afterwards until he shall pay fine and costs.

Commonwealth vs. Samuel C. Mason, on indictment for permitting unlawful gaming at his house of entertainment -- jury empannelled, evidence heard nolle prosequi entered, and defendant discharged.

Petition of Elzy Evans and others for repairs to public roads. Order appointing Henry C. Drummond commissioner to have repairs made.

Ex-parte: Edward Melson's administrator. Order authorizing John Neely to withdraw from Marine Bank money belonging to his wards, William E. and Edward Melson.

Ex-parte: N. Judson Kellam's administrator. Order confirming report of J. W. G. Blackstone.

Accounts of fiduciaries confirmed as follows: Trust accounts of Edward T. West and John Cherricks and wife; Orphan accounts of Otho B. Mears and May and Willie Pettit; Audits of estates of Susan R. Clayton, George Duffy, John H. Chandler, Decatur Linton and Moses Roberts, colored.

Order appointing commissioners to allot hands to road precinct No. 31 of Pungoteague district, of which Upshur T. Bradford is surveyor.

Petition of N. A. Smith, surveyor and others for repairs to public road. Order appointing Wm. J. Rue, commissioner, to expend $20 in making repairs.

Petition of A. W. Short and others for repairs to public roads. Order appointing George T. Taylor, commissioner, to have repairs made.

Petition of Peter D. Corbin and others for public road. Amended report of viewers filed and order to summon proprietors and tenants to show cause against road.

E. W. Robertson, appellant vs. James A. D. Savage, appellee, on appeal. Judgment of J.P. affirmed by court.

Wm. R. Lewis vs. Commonwealth of Virginia, on petition to verify coupons tendered for taxes. Coupons were found to have been tendered too late. The petition was dismissed, and judgment was given against petitioner for costs.

In the matter of Samuel T. Taylor's audit. Order authorizing treasurer to check on Marine Bank for 1889 taxes.

Petition of S. F. Rogers and others for public bridge over Leatherbury's Branch. Order appointing Spencer F. Rogers, commissioner, to receive proposals for building the same.

Robert George was appointed and qualified as guardian of Louisa Stratton, orphan of William Stratton, deceased.

Rule awarded against Levin Ames to show cause why he should not be fined for failing to appear on first day of January term, 1890 and testify as witness for Commonwealth against N. J. Lang.

Petition of George S. Mapp and others for public bridge over Heath's mill race. Exceptions to report of commissioner sustained in part and contractor ordered to complete the bridge and pay costs incurred on exceptions.

Order entered directing James L. Savage, surveyor of road to grade hill at Heath's mill, &c.

John F. Powell, endorsee vs. Major E. Selby, on a warrant removed before trial by J.P. Judgment for defendant.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
February 8, 1890