May Term, 1898


Proceedings, May Term, 1898.

The certificate by the commissioners of election of the result of the vote cast April 28, 1898, for and against licensing the sale of intoxicating liquors in Pungoteague, Lee and Metompkin districts were received and recorded.

Authority to marry was granted to James W. Parris, of M. P. Church, and Jno. R. Holland and Edward T. Bailey, of M. E. Church.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of Perry A. Leatherbury, Peter M. Crockett and John W. Grinnalds; Elizabeth M. Floyd's trust account; Geo. W. Tull, lunatic, account with committee; accounts of Mary E. and Thos. L. Hinman, Crosdale R. Evans, Lena Wilfred and Robert A. Hall, Virginia C., and Annie F. Pitts.

The will of Parker W. Parks was proved and Edward T. Parks qualified as executor.

The certificate by the commissioners of election of the persons elected on the fourth Thursday in May last as mayor, recorder, and councilmen for the town of Belle Haven were received and recorded.

Upon the application of the surviving executors of Jno. W. Gillet, deceased, John H. Ayres was appointed trustee in place of Jno. W. G. Blackstone in deed from Henry C. Walker for benefit of said Gillet.

The last will of James Parks of B. was proved and Benjamin F. Parks qualified as executor.

John W. G. Blackstone resigned as administrator, c.t.a., of Annie M. Smith, deceased.

Stewart K. Powell qualified as administrator d.b.n.c.t.a. of Annie M. Smith, deceased.

John E. Nock qualified as administrator, c.t.a. of Elizabeth G. Elliott, deceased.

The report by the sheriff of the number of persons in jail was handed to the court and recorded.

On petition of O. H. Taylor and others for a public road. Petition filed and order appointing viewers.

Upon application of B. T. Gunter's executor, Jno. W. Edmonds was appointed trustee in place of Geo. W. McMath, deceased, and also in place of B. T. Gunter Jr. in two deeds of trust from Arthur T. Mears and wife for benefit of B. T. Gunter, now deceased, et als.

Accounts against Commonwealth in criminal and lunacy cases were allowed as follows: A. S. Taylor, J.P., $1.50; E. T. Ross, constable, $1.55; G. F. Parker, J.P., $1.50 and $5.75; T. G. Kellam, constable, $3.25; jailer, $32.00.

John T. Chandler and Wm. D. Tunnell, commissioners of revenue, made report according to law, as to violations of revenue laws in their respective districts.

Alonzo Matthews was discharged from jail having served out his term and being unable to pay fine and costs for which he was detained.

A regular grand jury was empanelled and returned indictments against S. J. Davis for unlawfully selling liquor, "not a true bill", an indictment against Edward Salathiel Pettit for unlawfully fishing a fyke net without a license, "a true bill", an indictment against Ernest Snead for murder, "a true bill".

On petition of Isabella and Daniel Jones' guardian. Report of guardian filed and confirmed.

Solomon T. Johnson qualified as notary public for county of Accomac.

Commonwealth vs. Ernest Snead, (on indictment for murder). Cause continued on defendant's motion until 2d day of next term.

Upon petitions of Geo. S. Nock and others for a public road. Wm. J. Matthews & others for a public road. Alex. W. Lilliston and others for a public road. Onawa Social Union for a public road. John T. Nock and others for a public road. Reports of viewers filed and order to summon proprietors and tenants to show cause against same.

On petition of Jos. L. Cooper and others for a public road. Order to open the road, and appointing John H. McCready, commissioner.

On petition of Sydney M. Hancock and others for a public road. Order approving contract and bond, entered into by William H. Hall, contractor, directing contractor to proceed to build the road and for Commissioner W. L. Nock, to superintend the work.

On petition of Florence M. Lewis' late guardian. Report of late guardian filed and order confirming same.

On petition of W. Fisher Mears and others for a public road. Order substituting R. W. T. Kellam a viewer in place of C. L. Bunting, who is not a freeholder.

The sureties in the official bond of L. F. Nock, administrator c.t.a., of Louis S. Roberts, deceased, having departed this life, on motion of said Nock be entered into a new bond.

On petition of Malinda W. Smith's ex'or. Order for withdrawal from Marine Bank, share of Lee Harrison nee Parker, payment of costs and balance to Lee Harrison.

On petition of Isaac G. Coffin's late executor. Order for withdrawal of share of Henry B. Purnell from Marine Bank, payment of costs and balance to Purnell.

Perry A. Leatherbury's executor, plaintiff vs. Agnes and Harris Stephenson, defendants, (on petition). Petition filed, answer of infant defendants by guardian ad litem filed and order removing cause to circuit court.

Commonwealth vs. E. S. Pettit, (on indictment). Summons to answer awarded against defendant.

The judge prepared a list of drawn jurors for ensuing 12 months.

Upon petition of W. M. Needles and others for a public road. Report of viewers returned and filed.

A list of the witnesses who attended the court in behalf of the Commonwealth and who proved their attendance was entered of record.

The court refused to grant license to Abednego T. Fisher at his house at Bloxom, to Henry J. Davis at his house at Messongo Bridge, and to William J. Riggs at his house at Masonville -- and each have entered an appeal to circuit court.

Liquor licenses were granted as follows: George F. Parker, Drummondtown; William Walsh, Mappsville; Henry D. Adams, Gargatha; George G. Ailworth, Drummondtown; James R. Bull of Thos., Mappsburg; Charles A. Gibbons, Parkesville; Alfred S. Bull, Fair Oaks; Robert P. Custis, Onancock; Edward G. Fox, Onley; Mapp & Trower, Keller; William H. Daugherty, Daugherty; Ezekiel A. Bloxom, Bloxom; Leroy J. Bull, Onley; G. Lloyd Doughty, Drummondtown; Harvey Marston, Keller; Robert L. Parks, Centerville; Henry Thomas, Shilo Vallie; John L. Gardner, Bull Branch; John D. Johnson., Parksley; Edward B. Justis, Parksley; Jos. J. Wescott, Locustville; Alfred G. James, Trower; William T. Winder, Onancock; William C. West, Onancock; George E. Winder, Pungoteague; Oswald D. Doughty, Wachapreague; William H. Gaskins, Pungoteague.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
June 11, 1898