Peninsula Enterprise, March 12, 1887


February Term, 1887.

A special grand jury was empannelled which presented an indictment vs. Rich Corbitt, John Charnock, Thomas Burns, Wm. Murphy, Frank Burns and Thos. Meyer, for feloniously catching oysters with dredge on Parkers Rock in Pocomoke Sound. Defendant Corbitt was tried and acquitted, nolle prosequi entered as to other defendants; also an indictment against George Highland and Delaney Wright for taking and catching oysters in the waters of this State, being non-residents -- "A true bill."

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows; For John R. Sturgis, $6; Henry C. Walker, $8; John R. Duncan, $4; Samuel Baker $6; Charles W. Fedderman, $10; The Bloomtown Mill Co., $12.80; Joseph J. Wescott, Sr., (two accounts.) $1 and $2; Francis T. Stockley and James N. Turlington, $1 each: Wm. H. Selby and Major W. Pilchard, $290.25; Solomon T. Johnson, (two accounts.) $8 and $3; Logan Henderson, Edward J. Taylor, Wm. S. Tunnell, $2 each; Wm. T. Parks, Geo. T. Moore and John W. Turlington, $2 each.

Accounts vs. Commonwealth in criminal expenses certified to the auditor as follows: G. T. Scarburgh, physician to jail, $3.75; Duffield Savage, $36; R. R. Stant, J.P., $12; Geo. T. Gladding, constable, $79.54; Joseph W. Mears, J. P. $5; John H. Wise, sheriff and jailor, (two accounts,) $22.45 and $137.25.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of Spencer Edwards, G. J. Dix, Howard S. Mears, Sarah P. Finney and George W. Powell; Orphan accounts of Wm. Bagwell, Mary Eliz., Ellen E., Adelbert Warren and Harry Thompson Mears; and orphan accounts of Alfred M., Ida A., Clara S., Wm. W. and David F. Mason.

Inspectors of oysters made report as follows, for quarter ending February 28th 1887: Charles P. Finney of 8th district, amount collected, $143 -- amount due State, $128.70; Samuel J. Davis of 1st district, amount collected, $48.81 -- amount due State, $43.06; same of 2nd district, amount collected, $12 -- amount due State, $10.80.

Thomas C. Kellam qualified as administrator of John Metcalf; Chas. W. Feddeman as administrator of Samuel J. Whealton; and Samuel T. Ross as administrator of Spencer Drummond, deceased.

Joseph S. Bull qualified as guardian of Henry O. Rue, orphan of R. Ellison Rue, deceased.

Summons to show cause was awarded against Jos. T. Kenney for failing to attend last term as grand juror.

Jno. Henry Sheppard, a native of England, was admitted a citizen of the United States.

Application was filed by Geo. W. Core and others for change of voting place from Newstown to Woodberry. Case was heard and application refused.

F. T. Boggs vs. George S. White (on attachment for rent). Dismissed on motion of plaintiff.

John J. N. Taylor vs Charles K. Taylor (on appeal). Agreed dismissed.

Bar room liquor license of John B. Downing at Keller station was transferred to Lucius J. Kellam, assignee.

John Watson of F. was discharged from his imprisonment in jail, having served the term for which he was committed, by Justice Wimbrough -- being unable to pay the fine and costs for which he was further detained in prison.

Cephas Hall was discharged from his imprisonment in jail -- having served term for which he was committed by court and paid the fine assessed against him, being now unable to pay the costs of prosecution, for which he was further detained in prison.

Surveyors of roads were appointed as follows: McComas Justice, vice Prince A. Taylor; John L. Warren, vice Henry C. Walker and Oswald J. Adams, vice Thos. H. Bayly Browne.

Thos. H. Bayly Browne, commissioner in chancery of the court tendered his resignation of the office and the same was accepted.

Jas. T. Justice, surveyor of road was authorized to purchase material and repair bridge in his road precinct.

Petition of James K. Harmon, surveyor of road was dismissed -- the commissioners having reported that it was unnecessary to widen the road prayed for.

On petition of Major E. Selby and others for a public road. Solomon T. Johnson, commissioner, made report that the road had been opened and built according to contract. Order allowing petitioners their costs and removing cause from docket.

Order entered accepting the bid of Sydney M. Hancock to rebuild Swansea Gut bridge &c., at the price of $208.75, and appointing Solomon T. Johnson a commissioner to contract and superintend the work.

Upon petition of Wm. L. Conant and others for a public road on Chincoteague Island. Report of viewers filed and ordered to summon proprietors and tenants to show cause against.

On petition of H. C. Walker to improve or repair his road precinct, the commissioners appointed to view, &c., filed their report.

Levin W. Nock and others filed a petition for a public road and viewers were appointed.

Commonwealth vs. John F. Gillespie, (on a rule for failing to appear at last term as venireman.) Defendant showing sufficient reason for his absence, on his motion rule was discharged.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
March 12, 1887