Peninsula Enterprise, November 16, 1889


Proceedings, October Term, 1889.

Inquest over dead body of Lucy Joynes returned to court and filed.

A regular grand jury empanelled found true bills as follows: Six for selling liquor unlawfully, one for rape, two for housebreaking with intent to commit larceny, one for grand larceny, one for assault and battery, six for carrying concealed weapons, five for permitting unlawful gaming, one for keeping disorderly house, one for keeping livery stable without license, one for selling liquor on election day, one for selling liquor on Sunday, and one for selling articles of traffic near camp meeting.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of Wm. R. Parramore, Rias Dix, Henry Davis, Louis B. Belote and Anna Downing; Orphan accounts for James Edward, Emma F., Eva and Susie Downing, Cornelia Taylor, Emerson, Georgia and Essie Wescott.

Benjamin T. Gunter qualified as administrator of John J. Gunter, dec'd.

Last will of George Young proved and James R. Hickman qualified as executor.

Benjamin T. Gunter and Louis F. Hinman resigned their office as executors of John R. Hinman, dec'd.

John A. Bundick qualified to practice law in this court.

Accounts against Commonwealth in criminal matters allowed as follows: S. R. Nelson, J.P., $9; L. J. Gunter, constable, $19; Dr. G. T. Scarburgh, physician to jail, $35.25; John H. Wise, sheriff and jailor, $167.65 and $31.50; Alfred I. Lilliston, $2; Jemima Bloxom, $2.

Surveyors of roads appointed as follows: Edward Wright, Jr., vice William Justis, resigned; Edward H. Custis vice F. D. Hinman, resigned; Isaac T. Wright vice Henry O. Finney, resigned; William T. Mears vice Samuel Baker, resigned.

Alfred Stott vs. James Lewis, and Mary A. Northam vs. William T. Pettit, on attachments for rent. Judgment for plaintiffs and orders for sale of attached effects.

Lina Fisher, George Dunstan, Daniel Bagwell and Isaiah Bagwell were discharged from jail, indictments against them being returned "not true bulls."

Petition of Peter D. Corbin and others for public road. Order erasing P. D. Corbin's name from petition.

Petition of William H. Harmon's administrators. Report of J. W. G. Blackstone, survivor of Gunter & Blackstone filed, and order confirming same.

Petition of Levin W. Nock and others for public road. Order receiving road, allowing damages for land taken and petitioners' costs.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters entered as follows: William T. Lewis, $9; Levin R. Lewis, $4; William T. Justis, $6; Edward T. Lang, $12; Wm. H. Pruitt, $10; M. M. Lang, $5; T. H. Taylor, $16; McComas Justis, $9.48; E. D. Hinman, (three accounts) $8.46, $19.92, $4.60; John Somers, $11.58; Augustus W. Johnson, $6; John W. Hyslop, Walter H. Marshall, E. B. Martin and James H. Rew, $12 each; Thomas B. Smith, $13; Perry Bloxom, $18; John R. Coard, $6; H. T. White, $27.25; Wm. H. Mason, $4.06; S. P. White 70 cents; George P. Parks, $6.48; Thomas Justis, $7.38; George W. Evans, $5.32; T. H. B. Corbin, $16; J. L. Byrd and William Mason $1 each; William Shay, $2; C. S. Witham and brother $12.88; S. C. Slocomb, $4; F. S. Smith, L. J. Hyslop, J. L. Warren, L. H. Ames, E. C. Parks, C. L. Byrd and William H. Rew, $1 each.

Ex parte, Petition of John O. Selby's executors, (in matter of Solomon Selbys' fund). Report of executors filed and order confirming same.

Order entered exonerating Miss Sarah P. Bayly From erroneous assessments of real and personal property.

J. W. G. Blackstone and William H. Parker qualified as administrators of Elizabeth C. Bell, dec'd.

Petition of George S. Mapp and others for public bridge over Heath's Mill race. The bid of Francis T. Stockley was accepted and order entered for work to proceed according to contract.

Delinquent land list for year 1888 for J. J. Blackstone, treasurer, and J. E. Wise, his deputy, was examined and allowed, and ordered to be certified to auditor of public accounts.

John H. Riley qualified as notary public for county of Accomac.

Petition of J. T. Walkley and others for public bridge. Report of viewers in favor or same and certified to Board of Supervisors.

John H. Wise qualified as guardian of Edward T. Colonna, orphan of William Colonna, dec'd.

Ex parte: Petition of N. Judson Kellam's administrator. Order authorizing treasurer to check on bank for 1888 and 1889 taxes.

Petition of George M. Parker and others for public road. Bond and contract of Alfred J. Matthews approved and commissioner appointed to superintend building of road.

Petition of J. W. Bowdoin and others for public bridge at Bethel Branch. Order approving report of viewers in favor of bridge, and certifying same to Board of Supervisors

Petition of S. F. Rogers and others for public bridge over Leatherbury's Branch. Order approving report of commissioner in favor of bridge and certifying same to Board of Supervisors.

Petition of John R. Kellam and others for walk bridge near Locustville. Order appointing A. J. Kellam to build bridge, &c.

Commonwealth against Joseph Finney on indictment for carrying concealed weapons. Defendant tried, convicted, fined $36 and costs, and committed to jail in default of payment of same.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 16, 1889