Peninsula Enterprise, April 13, 1882


Proceedings, March Term, 1882.

(Conclusion from last week.)

George W. White, $2; Solomon E. Ewell, $5; John E. Hickman, $6; James H. Satchell, $3; Louis Hinman, $3; Sam T. Phillips, $0.37; Maggie S. Rew, $0.50; Chas. Parkes, $8.64; Jas. L. Belote, $1; John L. Ward, $1; Isaac Wright, $1; Alfred J. Lilliston, $5.76; and Coleburn Wilkins & Bro., $0.83.

The following surveyors of the public roads were appointed, to-wit: Hezekiah Fox, Road Precinct No. 3 of Lee District, vice Wm. R. Bunting, resigned; Ira Payne, Precinct No. 18 Atlantic District, vice Joshua F. Chapman, resigned; Edward L. East, No. 15 Lee District, vice Robt. T. Lewis, resigned; Sam'l B. Slocomb, No. 19 Atlantic District, vice Lloyd Brittingham, resigned; Wm. H. C. Smith, No. 23 Atlantic district, vice Ambrose B. Miles, resigned; John H. Ross, No. 2 Lee District, vice Orris A. Browne, resigned; and John W. White No. 16 of same, vice Benj. E. Custis, resigned.

Petition filed by Geo. S. Miles and others for public road through Wallop's Neck and order appointing viewers.

Commonwealth vs. Wm. Gardner -- indictment for attempt to murder. Case continued, and defendant recognized.

Joseph H. Mears vs. John S. Bell, continued by consent.

Order entered permitting Alfred R. Taylor, surveyor of the road, to purchase material for repair of bridge.

Thomas Lilliston qualified as administrator of Sally H. Dix, deceased.

Account of Levin T. Phillips, special constable, allowed and certified to auditor of public accounts.

Geo. T. Scarburgh, M.D., Wm. J. Ayres and Wm. H. N. Parker were appointed a committee for one year to inspect the jail, and afterwards make report.

Geo. T. Scarburgh, M. D., was allowed $2; Wm. J. Ayres, $1, and Wm. H. N. Parker $1, for inspecting the jail, &c.

Motion entered for creditors to show cause against the payment and delivery of James P. Groton's estate by his executor, without requiring bonds.

Order entered permitting Joseph R. Riggs, surveyor of the road to purchase material to build bridge.

Retail liquor license of Augustus Parker, at Accomack C. H., transferred to Geo. G. Ailworth; bar room license of Jeff. Adair, at same place, transferred to same.

A deed from Nancy Taylor to John Bundick of Wm. acknowledged and ordered to be recorded.

On ex parte petition of Bettie W. Lewis, &c's late guardian, order for payment of debts and taxes reported, and unpaid costs.

Wm. R. Parramore qualified as administrator of John. W. Adair, deceased.

Rule awarded against Wm. H. Bloxom for failing to attend as a grand juror.

Order entered directing clerk to lay before board of supervisors at its next meeting the report of the committee to inspect the jail.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
April 13, 1882