Peninsula Enterprise, May 10, 1884


Proceedings of April Term, 1884.

Fred. O. Boone, was chosen, appointed and qualified as guardian of Josephine Doughty.

The following accounts of fiduciaries were confirmed and ordered recorded, to wit: Orphan accounts of Benj. F. and Bagwell C. Hargis, Nettie Hyden Mears, George S. White, Maggie E., Wilbur D. and John H. Window; audits of estates of Harriet Parker and Revel Parker, deceased; trust accounts of Thomas H. Budd and wife, Ella B. Window, and Elizabeth M. Floyd.

Last will of Zorobabel Mason proved and ordered recorded, and Henry, Frank and William Mason qualified as executors.

Last will of Parker Miles proved and ordered recorded.

Wm. T. Parkes qualified as administrator of Thomas Dix, deceased.

George W. Glenn qualified as administrator of Thomas Lewis, deceased.

Qualification of Solomon T. Johnson as member of county Board of School Commissioners recorded.

Geo. T. Gladding was appointed and qualified as constable for magisterial district of Atlantic.

Order entered certifying authority of Margaret B. Finney's executor to sell Baltimore city stock belonging to estate of testatrix.

Orders on county treasurer in road matters were entered as follows, to wit: Joseph C. Boggs, $6; Thomas H. James, $2; Levin R. Lewis, John H. Justis, Revel J. Lewis, Jesse T. Miles, Parker Miles and John A. Ellis, $1, each; Major Mason, Jr., $3; Asa J. Taylor, $10; Wm. C. Lewis, Noah E. Miles and John W. Drewer, $2.

Upon petition from road in Cattail Neck: commissioners appointed ascertain just compensation to Benjamin F. Young, proprietor.

Upon petition of Major H. Stant for road; commissioners appointed to ascertain just compensation to Jefferson Williams, proprietor.

Upon application of Joseph R. Riggs to alter public road; order entered giving applicant authority to make alteration upon payment by him of the costs.

Upon petition of Wm. Tatham and wife to discontinue public road; order approving damages fixed by the viewers and allowing the same.

Information filed against Ezeriah Watson et als., for taking planted oysters of John H. Arbuckle.

The Commonwealth vs. Ezekiel Bloxsom; case continued on motion of Commonwealth and defendant recognized.

Rules awarded against Alfred F. Burton and Emory Bloxom absent witnesses.

John A. M. Whealton qualified as notary public for Accomack county.

Information filed against John Jones for carrying on the business of common crier, without license; defendant plead guilty, was fined $50 and paid same and costs into court.

Same as to F. A. Morgan, merchant, except fine was $30.

Wm. Walsh vs. S. J. Lewis, on appeal, continued on defendant's motion.

Estate of W. Wright of D., Edward T. Ayres and John M. Coleburn committed to sheriff.

Certificates to get license in fish manure business were granted Edwin J. Foote, Leander Wilcox and Theodore L. Hall.

Order entered establishing voting precinct at Hawk's Nest.

Accounts against the Commonwealth in favor of John J. Blackstone, treasurer, and George W. Hinman, oyster inspector were allowed and certified.

Ordinary license were granted Fred. Waddy, Drummondtown; Geo. E. Winder, Pungoteague; Benj. T. Parker, Onancock; James E. Matthews, Chincoteague Island; John M. Floyd, Mappsville; Abel W. Kellam, Belle Haven; Robert M. Powell, Franklin City, Charles A. Hurley, Horntown; and Alfred S. Kellam, Powelton.

Retail liquor license was granted Robert M. Powell, Franklin City; Charles A. Hurley, Horntown; Alfred S. Kellam, Powelton; William C. Hall, and George F. Parker & Co., Drummondtown; John E. Bradford, Locustmount; William T. Bloxom, Holden's Creek; Dougherty Bros., Pitts' Wharf; Geo. W. Berry, Horntown; Wm. T. Barnes & Co., Hunting Creek; Charles J. Justice, Leemont; James R. Hickman, Metompkin; Samuel C. Mason, Masonville; Albert J. Rew, Woodberry; William S. Waterman, Guilford; John Collona, Modestown; Edward S. Hall, Nelsonia; Wm. S. Kellam, Locustville; J. L. Trower & Bros., head of Bradford's Neck.

Bar room liquor license was granted Wm. D. Lewis, Mappsville; Arthur H. Drummond, Cashville; William C. West, Duffield Savage and Archey Campbell, Onancock; James & Mears, Rogers' Branch; Isaiah T. Johnson and Charles J. Justice, Leemont; John R. Sturgis, Coal Kiln; John C. Barnes & Co., Deep Creek; Charles Duncan and George R. Colburn, Chincoteague Island; Bullman & Bros., Assawoman; Gillet F. Bunting, Atlantic; L. S. Sample & Co., Shils Vallie; Phillips & Shields and Edgar M. Willis, Pungoteague; Louis S. Beloate, Fair Oaks; James Harman, Belle Haven; Thomas G. Elliott, Hawk's Nest; James Hoffman, Hoffman's Wharf; George T. Collins, Wagram; William T. Barnes & Co., Hunting Creek; James R. Hickman, Metompkin; Samuel C. Mason, Masonville; Albert J. Rew, Woodberry; Wm. S. Waterman, Guilford; John Colonna, Modestown; Edward S. Hall, Nelsonia; William S. Kellam, Locustville; Dougherty Bros., head of Bradford's Neck; George F. Parker & Co., and Wm. C. Hall, Drummondtown; John E. Bradford, Locustmount; Wm. T. Bloxom, Holden's Creek; George Berry, Horntown.

Order entered directing sheriff to deliver to judge of county court on or before 20 inst., the registration books of the county, except those at Court House precinct.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 10, 1884