Peninsula Enterprise, August 12, 1893


Proceedings, July Term, 1893.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed, to wit: Audits of estates of Mary J. Sturgis, Thomas Keleher and John Q. Selby; orphan accounts of Leila E., Ona F., Emma, Mabel and Ina E. Selby, Asa T. and Jewell A. Dix, Elizabeth, Susan, Margaret A., Isabella and Daniel Jones, Maggie D. Gray (nee Wessels), Carroll A. Rogers, Stella V., Blanche M., Benjamin F., Alice M., and Bessie L. Bull; trust accounts of Elizabeth N. Floyd, Benj. T. Mears and wife, Laban J. Powell and wife, Otho V. Mears and James H. Rew.

The clerk of the court returned his certificate of his examination of land and property books of 1893, which was duly recorded.

Richard P. Reynolds, J.P., paid into court $2 fine received of Levi Cathel, and a like fine of $2 received of James Reed, convicted before him of breach of the peace.

Spencer F. Rogers qualified as administrator of Benj. F. Custis, deceased, and Geo. T. Annis, as administrator of Wm. White, colored, deceased.

Last will of Nathaniel Beloat, deceased, was proved, and John W. G. Blackstone the executor appointed in the will relinquished his right to qualify; whereupon Susan S. Beloat, widow, qualified as administratrix with the will annexed.

An authenticated copy of the last will of Jesse B. Mears, deceased, late of Bristol, county of Bucks, and State of Penn., was admitted to probate as a will of personalty and ordered to be recorded.

Emanuel Halverson, a native of Norway, was admitted a citizen of the United States.

Edward W. Hutchinson, Solomon T. Johnson and Perry A. Leatherbury qualified as Notaries Public for the county of Accomac.

Authority to celebrate the rights of matrimony was granted to Andrew J. Wallace and Elisha T. Outen, colored.

George Hall vs. Hezekiah Fox (on appeal), dismissed by consent of parties.

On application of John W. Bowdoin and others to change voting place Muddy Creek to Bloxom station -- application entered and cause continued till the 6th day of the next term.

The certificates of the qualification of Lafayette W. Groton as a member of the town council of Onancock, Wm. J. Doughty, town clerk, and Raymond R. Riley, town sergeant, were returned to the court and recorded.

Accounts for services in criminal cases were allowed to S. R. Nelson, J.P.; A. T. Doughty, special constable; M. Oldham, Jr., C.A.C.; Thos. G. Clayton, J.P.; Wm. A. P. Strang, J.P.; M. B. Conquest, constable; and John H. Wise, sheriff and jailor.

Barroom and retail liquor license was granted to Moses C. Smith, Drummondtown, and barroom license was granted to Wm. A. Sample at Pungoteague.

Gem Organ Company vs. Sallie M. Custis, (three warrants), dismissed for want of security for costs, and judgment for defendant against plaintiff for her costs incurred in defense of warrants.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: For Joseph S. Bull, $1; John L. Warren, $1; Jos. C. Boggs, $1; Geo. R. Nock, $175; N. W. Nock, $6; Mrs. Catharine Poulson, $9.80; R. H. Pennewell, $5; T. S. Rew, $5.50; Jas. W. Broughton, $7.05; E. B. Waples, Jr., $27.90; A. J. Lilliston, $2.72; Jos. R. Riggs, $2; Wm. H. Bloxom, $1; Geo. T. Gillespie, $1; and Jas. F. Lankford, $28.96.

A special grand jury was empannelled and returned "true bills" 17 indictments, and "not true bills" 7 indictments.

Commonwealth vs. Frank Taylor (on indictment for felonious shooting). Defendant tried, convicted of unlawful shooting and sentenced to 30 days in county jail and $10 fine and costs of prosecution.

Commonwealth vs. Jas. Nock, colored, (on indictment for assault and battery). Defendant tried, convicted and sentenced to 6 months in the county jail and $10 fine and costs of prosecution.

Commonwealth vs. Levin Hickman, (on indictment for petit larceny). Defendant tried, convicted and sentenced 15 days in jail and $5 fine and costs.

Commonwealth vs. Robert J. Corbin, (on indictment for taking oysters unlawfully, he being a resident of Maryland). Defendant tried, convicted and sentenced to pay $500 fine and costs, and failing to pay same was committed to jail.

Commonwealth vs. Lewis Holland, (on indictment for taking oysters unlawfully)-and same vs. Isaac Teackle and Elisha Smith, (on indictment for taking oysters feloniously). Nolle prosequis were entered and defendant discharged from custody.

Commonwealth vs. Geo. H. Bundick and Mary E. Custis, colored, (on indictment for lewd and lascivious cohabitation). Defendants tried, convicted and fined $50 each and costs, and failing to pay same were committed to jail.

Application of Wm. J. Aydelotte and others for public road. Application entered and viewers appointed.

The application of Carlie M. Roberts for barroom and retail liquor license at Coal Kiln was entered and continued until the 5th day of the next term.

The certificate of the appointment by Wm. A. P. Strang, J.P., of Borden Chandler, colored, as temporary police at a religious meeting to be held at Onley station and of the qualification of the said Chandler was returned to the court and recorded.

A rule to show cause why he should not be fined was awarded against Melvin E. Witham for failing to attend as a drawn juror.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
August 12, 1893