Peninsula Enterprise, September 30, 1893


Proceedings, September Term, 1893.

The estates of Milcah Davis and Rachel Parks, deceased, were committed to John H. Wise, sheriff, for administration.

L. Floyd Nock qualified as administrator of Asa T. Dix, deceased; Geo. H. Nock as administrator of Edward T. Nock, deceased; Hezekiah A. Fox, as administrator of Elizabeth Fox, deceased.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Trust account of Leroy S. Edmonds and wife; orphan accounts of Susan A. and Marion Hall, Carroll L. and Richardson W. Kellam, Manly W., Thomas H. and John W. Window; audits of estates of Wm. H. Dix, Elizabeth D. Snead, Arthur B. Colonna, Samuel A. Boggs, colored, and Henry Rogers, colored.

Accounts for criminal and lunacy services, in favor of W. A. P. Strang, J.P., were allowed for $13.50.

James Drummond, colored, was exempted from taxation, having lost his right hand and, therefore, disabled for effective labor.

An inquest held by Thos. W. Blackstone, J.P., over dead body of Chas. Foster, colored was returned to court and filed.

Geo. H. Bundick, Mary E. Custis and Levin Hickman, colored, prisoners confined in jail, were discharged, having served their respective terms and being unable to pay fine and costs.

Commonwealth vs. John Jenkins and Mary Susan Jenkins, two cases, (upon writs of scire facias). Alias writs of scire facias were awarded against defendants, directed to sheriff of Gloucester county.

Moses C. Smith made application to the Court to transfer his bar-room and retail liquor license in Drummondtown, to the house in Onancock belonging to Tully W. Parker and formerly occupied by him as a bar-room -- which application was continued until the 4th day of October term next.

L. D. Teackle Quinby qualified as Notary Public for the county of Accomac.

An order was entered changing the boundaries of the Muddy Creek election precinct and moving the place of voting in said precinct from Muddy Creek to Bloxom station.

Bar-room and retail liquor license were granted to William W. Bundick at his house at "Figgs and Gordy's mill", in Metompkin district.

Order on county treasurer for ditching public road was entered in favor of William Jones, for $16.87.

On application of A. J. Lilliston, surveyor, he was ordered to purchase material and repair the public bridges in Drummondtown, near the residences of Wm. J. Ayres, Elijah W. Hickman and near blacksmith shop of said Hickman.

Samuel F. Marshall was directed to change the route of certain roads in his precinct, in accordance with the report of the viewers, upon his application.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
September 30, 1893