Peninsula Enterprise, January 18, 1896


Proceedings, December Term, 1895.

Last will of Esther A. Taylor, deceased, was proved and ordered to be recorded.

Last will of Catharine P. W. Poulson, deceased, was proved and ordered to be recorded, and Montcalm Oldham Jr. qualified as administrator with the will annexed.

Jos. R. Riggs qualified as administrator of James Mason of M., deceased; James K. Ayres as administrator of Egbert G. Baily, deceased; Francis E. Scott, as administrator of Margaret A. Wright, deceased; Jas. F. Ward as administrator of Christopher C. Mears, deceased; John E. Mapp as administrator of Edward Kilmon, deceased.

The estates of Oswald Marshall and Avery Ellis were committed to John H. Wise, sheriff for administration.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of Betsy Gray, James Mers, John H. Fisher, Thos. R. Grey, Thos. McConnell, Anne Kelly, Alfred P. Selby, colored, and Reuben E. Swift; orphan accounts of Bessie S. Saunders nee Kelly, John W. Window, Branden B., Pearl, Walter D., Alice, Mary K., and L. Woodson Kilmon; trust accounts of Margaret A. Wright, John S. Tyler and wife.

Orders on State treasury in criminal and lunacy cases were allowed as follows: To T. W. Blackstone, J.P., $3.00; A. T. Evans, special constable, $3.00; L. F. J. Wilson, J.P., $1.00; Levi R. Boggs, J.P., $2.00; N. F. Walter, constable, 70 cts; Thos. G. Elliott, J.P., $1.00; Ran Hickman and Wm. Budd special constables, $5.00; H. Fitzgerald, guard of three skiffs, $1.80; Dr. G. T. Scarburgh, physician to jail, 75 cts., and $1.50; S. C. Melson, special constable, $1.10; S. C. Melson, jailor, $83.85; Geo. F. Parker, J.P., $2.00.

Orders were entered, authorizing Addison P. Bush to change his bar room license to his residence now occupied by him, and Wm. E. Lewis at Accomac C.H., to his house known as Masonic Hall.

Authority was granted J. L. Trower & Bro., to assign their liquor license at Dunkirk to Wm. B. Ward.

Ordinary (hotel) license was granted to Oswald D. Doughty at Wachapreague, and barroom liquor license was granted to Jas. M. Savage at Drummondtown.

On petition of Tully J. Matthews for a public road. The viewers made their report which was duly filed.

A. F. Mears, agent for Nettie Mears vs. Wm. Lang (on appeal from the judgment of a justice of the peace). Appeal, dismissed and judgment of justice affirmed.

There were eleven trials of different parties for violating the oyster culling law, who were convicted and paid their fines and costs. There were two trials for the same offence who were found not guilty and were acquitted.

Nolle prosequi were entered in three cases charged with violating the oyster law.

Two tramps committed to jail by Thos. G. Elliott, J.P., for disturbing the public peace were discharged from jail, having served their terms of fifteen days each.

The cases against Wm . E. Melvin and George Clayville Sr. were continued until the 2nd day of next term.

Ex parte: Petition of Florence M. Lewis late guardian. Report of L. F. Nock, late guardian, filed and order confirming the same.

Exceptions filed to Thos. R. Gray's audit, were sustained in part, and as corrected were ordered recorded.

Ex parte: Petition of Emma May Gilden, etc., guardian. Petition filed and John S. Waples, guardian, ordered to make annual expenditures for his ward out of the principal money.

Benj. W. Mears vs. Alfred Mears (on writ of unlawful detainer). Verdict and judgment for plaintiff and writ of possession awarded.

Ex parte: Petition of Geo. S. Hoffman's late guardian. Order for payment of claim of Dr. C. Ward against Geo. S. Hoffman and the costs incurred about the doctor's petition.

The court examined, corrected and certified the insolvent and delinquent tax lists for the year 1894, returned by Edwin T. Powell, county treasurer, and John H. Hopkins, the deputy.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
January 18, 1896