Peninsula Enterprise, May 18, 1882


Proceedings, April Term, 1882.

(Concluded From Last Week)

The following individuals obtained the certificates necessary to obtain license to manufacture oil or manure from alewives or menhaden, to wit: George W., Henry F., and John T. Powell and Wm. Henry F. and Wm. H. A. and John P. L. Hopkins and A. J. Morse, trading as Powell, Morse & Co.; John W. Marsh and John E. Evans, trading as Marsh & Evans; Henry L. Crockett and Patrick Conorton, trading as Crockett & Conorton; Elijah and Richard Spence, trading as Spence & Brother; John A. Chambers, George E. Evans and Seth Williams, trading as John A. Chambers & Co.; Berry Crockett, Wm. Dies, Joshua Dies and Dempsey Crockett, trading as Crockett & Dies; Wm. H. Crockett, Louis Crockett, John T. Crockett and Wm. R. Parks, trading as Louis Crockett & Co.; George W. Murphy, Peter Crockett and Charles Crockett, trading as George W. Murphy & co.; Edwin J. Foote, John Gum and Elvy Jeffreys, trading as Gum & Jeffreys; John W. Bunting and Elva T. Fifield, trading as Bunting & Fifield; Thomas Johnson, Orris A. Browne, Leander Wilcox and David R. Mister.

The following individuals obtained the certificate necessary to obtain licenses as "the head of a gang of men" using a seine or purse net in catching alewives or menhaden to be manufactured into oil or manure, to wit: E. J. Corbin, D. F. Overton, L. E. Garrison, Thos. D. Dies, Wm. Read, Jas. A. Marion, John E. Evans, Charles B. Crockett, Trevis A. Crockett, John W. Dies, George A. Crockett, Seth Williams, Joshua Dies, Thomas Pruitt. Wm. R. Parkes, Geo. W. Murphy, Isaac G. Phillips. George A. Fletcher, John E. Magee, William Burch, Joshua Summers, Elva Jeffreys, Edward Pruitt, John Beasley, Wm. T. Carpenter, Charles T. Jester and Moses H. Wilcox.

The following bar-room liquor license were granted, to wit: To Charles A. Hurley, Horntown; John W. Rowley, Jr., Nashville; Thos. F. Colburn, Franklin City; Abel W. Kellam, Belle Haven; Edwin E.Dennis, Franklin City; James C. Heath, Chesconnessex; Arthur H. Drummond, Cashville; George S. Miles, Wattsville; James Harman (colored), Belle-Haven; Charles W. Duncan, Chincoteague Island: Isaac Phillips and Jas H. Shields, trading as Phillips & Shields (colored), Pungoteague; Wm. J. and Selathiel E. Matthews, Chincoteague Island; Wm. J. Matthews, Chincoteague Island; Louis F. Hinman and John C. Barnes, Deep Creek; Wm. C. West , Duffield Savage, Paul Savage and Benjamin Parker, Onancock; Wm. S. Waterman, Guilford; Wm. T. Bloxom and John S. Gaskins, Holden's
; John J. Lewis & Co., Woodberry; John C. Justice & Co., Hunting Creek; James R. Hickman, Metompkin; Dougherty Brothers, Pitts' Wharf; William P. Barnes, Leemont; Wm. C. Hall, Geo. G. Ailworth, Geo F. Parker & Co. and Margaret L. Adair, Drummondtown; Alfred S. Kellam, Powellton; George E. Winder, Pungoteague and Esther A. Fenwick, Chincoteague Island.

The following retail liquor licenses were granted, to wit: Dougherty Bros., Pitts' Wharf; Jas. R. Hickman, Metompkin; John C. Justice & Co., Hunting Creek; John S. Gaskins and William F. Bloxom, Holden's Creek; John J. Lewis & Co., Woodberry; Wm. P. Barnes, Leemont; Thomas G. Elliott, Sturgis; Wm. C. Hall, Geo. G. Ailworth and Geo F. Parker & Co., Drummondtown.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 18, 1882