Peninsula Enterprise, July 5, 1883


Proceedings at the June Term, 1883 -- Judge Thos. C. Parramore, Presiding.

Last will of Nancy Fox, deceased, was fully proved and ordered recorded.

John D. Wimbrough, J. P., paid into court $25, fine imposed on Douglas Fletcher for assault on William Lewis, colored.

Audits and settlements of the respective estates of Selby Byrd, Margaret A. Scarburgh, John M. Chandler, James T. Keaton, were confirmed and ordered to be recorded.

Orphan accounts of Margaret S. and Willianna Wright and Bettie U. Chandler, with their guardians, were confirmed and ordered recorded.

Deed of release from Bettie U. Chandler to Levin J. Gunter, her late guardian; proved and ordered recorded.

Last will of Henry L. Wessell's deceased, was probated, and Frank Fletcher qualified as executor.

John F. Powell, Wm. J. M. Sharpley and Ida Harmon, widow, qualified as administrators of Wm. H. Harmon, deceased.

Edward H. Conquest, Jr., was appointed and qualified as guardian of George A. L., Clara F., John A., Thomas H. and Manly F. Window, orphans of John A. Window, deceased.

Ellenor D. Keyton was appointed and qualified as guardian of Ruth M. and Maggie Keaton, orphans of James T. Keaton, deceased.

Orders were entered on County Treasurer, in Road and Bridge matters, in favor of Wm. P. Bell, for $41.30; N. E. Miles, $9.50; John Drewer, $4; Revel J. Lewis, Parker Miles, Jesse Miles, John Ellis, $1 each; Alfred Taylor, $10.94; and Joseph C. Boggs, $56.25.

Petition of O. H. Taylor and others, for public road; order filling petition and appointing viewers.

Petition of Southey Crockett, for a road; report of commissioners returned and entered, and continued.

County officers who qualified -- Wm. P. M. Kellam, Attorney for the Commonwealth; John J. Blackstone, County Treasurer; John H. Wise, Sheriff; Spencer D. Fletcher, Commissioner of the Revenue for District No. 1; and Wm. D. Tunnell, Commissioner of the Revenue for District No. 2.

District officers who qualified -- Supervisors -- Joseph R. Riggs, Thomas C. Kellam, Wm. E. Jacob.

Constables -- William L. Nock, Obadiah W. Godwin, Wesley T. Melson and George E. Bull.

Overseers of the Poor -- John A. M. Whealton, Daniel H. Dennis, Samuel C. Taylor, Alfred J. Lilliston, Thomas W. Blackstone.

Justice of the Peace -- District of the Islands, Samuel J. Mumford and J. P. Baker; Atlantic, John D. Parsons, Gilbert G. Gillette and Solomon T. Johnson; Metompkin, John D. Wimbrough, William T. Parkes and Geo. T. Clayton; Lee, John R. Kellam, Joseph W. Mears and George T. Scarburgh; Pungoteague, Thomas W. Blackstone and Richard S. Ayres.

John E. Wise qualified as deputy for John J. Blackstone, Treasurer.

Certificates to obtain license to manufacture oil from fish was granted Edwin J. Foote and David R. Mister, respectively; and as heads of gangs controlling a seine to catch said fish, to George A. Fletcher, Isaac G. Phillips and Wm. T. Kellam, respectively.

Authority to celebrate the rites of matrimony was granted to Rev. E. Hamline Miller.

Bar room license was granted to Geo. R. Colburn, at Chincoteague Island; Louis S. Belote, at Fair Oaks; and George T. Clayton, at Forks of Road, near Guilford.

Commonwealth vs. Washington L. Trader, indictment for unlawful dredging; defendant was arraigned and plead not guilty. Jury and verdict for defendant of not guilty, and judgment of acquittal.

Last will of Harriet A. Wise, probated, and John J. Wise qualified as executor.

Alfred J. Lilliston qualified as administrator of Edward Samuel Nock, deceased.

Commonwealth vs. Samuel Selby, information of petit larceny; defendant plead guilty, and was sent to jail for 30 days, and to pay cost of prosecution.

George H. Bagwell was appointed County Surveyor, and qualified.

Archibald Annis was appointed Superintendent of the Poor, and qualified.

Petition of James E. Matthews and others for a road; order filing petition and appointing viewers.

Judgments declaring outlawed the following persons who stand indicted of felony, to-wit: Wm. Lankford, Franklin M. Matthews, Frank Davis, Lewis White, William M. Broadwater, George Washington (2 indictments). Solomon Byrd, Beebe Gladding, Dawson Gladding, George Teackle, Augustus Martin and Levin J. Handy, and awarding against each the writ of capias utlagatum.

Commonwealth vs. Big Lewis, on indictment for felony; indictment dismissed, defendant having been arrested under a bench warrant examined by J. P. and discharged.

Same vs. Edward and Robert Nock, on indictment for felony; nolle prosequi entered.

Account of John Neely, Attorney for the Commonwealth , for criminal prosecutions; allowed and certified to auditor.

Order appropriating $100 toward shelling and $25 toward ditching public road from D. H. Johnson's gate to Hopkins, Bro. & Co.,s road.

Order appropriating $77.40 toward repairing Shad Landing road; to be allowed when it appears that the road is completely repaired as prayed for by the surveyor and other citizens.

The registration book at Accomac C. H. precinct was reported lost by M. H. Higgins, Registrar, and re-registration ordered to commence at C. H. July 28, 1883, and continue ten consecutive days.

Order entered rescinding order suspending work on public road at Greenbackville, and directing work to proceed by present surveyor, and appropriating $150 toward building same.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
July 5, 1883