Peninsula Enterprise, May 12, 1894


Proceedings, April Term, 1894.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed: Orphan accounts of Eliza J. Pruitt, John S. and Mabel B. McMath, Mary K., Clarence S., Brandon B., L. Woodson, Alice, Pearl K. and Walter D. Kilmon, Lizzie Jones, Florence M. Lewis and Asa T. Dix; audits of estates of Asa T. Dix, Margaret S. Mears, Isaac D. Coffin, Margaret Downing and Elijah Kelly; trust accounts of Alfred T. White and wife, Thomas S. Bowden and wife, Thorogood S. Taylor, and Edward R. Smith and wife.

Douglas A. Martin resigned as guardian of orphan children of Eburn T. Byrd, deceased.

Peter T. H. Ayres qualified as guardian of Chillion, Elizabeth H., Ellen P. and Maggie S. Byrd, orphan of Eburn T. Byrd, deceased.

L. Floyd Nock qualified as guardian of Judson Collins, orphan of Wm. K. Collins, deceased.

Richard T. Ames qualified as administrator of Margaret S. Ames, dec'd; L. Floyd Nock as administrator of Elizabeth J. Downing, dec'd; Augustus S. West as administrator of Southey Major, colored, dec'd; N. B. Wescott as administrator of Fred O. Boone, dec'd.

Edward B. Finney gave a new bond in a larger penalty as guardian of Nora Wise, colored.

An inquest held over Levin W. Downing was returned to the Court and filed and orders were entered for the payment of expenses thereof.

Geo. T. Smith, John H. McCready and David J. Northam returned the annual reports due from them as surveyors of roads at the March term last.

Wm. A. Burton and Solomon T. Johnson qualified as Notaries Public for the county of Accomac.

Certificates to obtain license to catch fish and manufacture oil and manure from same were granted to the American Fish Guano Co.

Authority to celebrate the rites of matrimony was granted to Rev. Geo. P. Hill, of Methodist Protestant Church, and Rev. Wm. R. Gwinn, of M. E. Church.

John F. Powell was appointed and qualified as Inspector of Oysters for District No. 1, Wm. D. Dize as Inspector for District No. 4, James E. Anderton for District No. 5, Wm. J. Barnes for District No. 6, and Chas. P. Finney for District No. 7. No application has yet been made for Districts No. 2 and 3.

License as a wholesale dealer in malt liquors was granted I. B. Clark, Parksley.

License to keep a hotel was granted to O. D. Doughty, Belle Haven; John T. Auld, Pungoteague; Wesley A. Bloxom, Locustville; G. Lloyd Doughty, Drummondtown; Edward G. Fox, Onley; Henry T. Mason, Bloxom; and N. J. W. LeCato, Wachapreague.

Bar room and retail liquor license was granted to Wm. Walsh, Mappsville; Wm. J. Lewis, Leemont; W. S. Waterman, Bloxom; H. D. Adams, Gargatha; Chas. B. Ewell and Sam'l C. Abbott, Seaside; S. C. Mason, Masonville; E. D. Hinman, Leemont; Edward R. and Millard T. Poulson, Messongo Bridge; Isaiah T. Johnson, Parksley; James R. Bull of Thos., Mappsburg; Wade H. Armour, Pungoteague; Geo. F. Parker, Drummondtown; Ezekiel A. Bloxom, Locustville; Alfred S. Bull, Fair Oaks; Wm. C. West, Onancock; Wm. E. Lewis, Drummondtown; Wm. L. Bundick, Drummondtown; Wm. T. Winder, Onancock; James H. Bayly, Cashville; Robert L. Parks, Metompkin; Levin J. Byrd, Messongo Bridge, and James T. Wright, Parksville.

(Concluded next week.)

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 12, 1894