Peninsula Enterprise, October 12, 1889


Proceedings, September Term, 1889.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed: Orphan accounts of Thos. H., Clara F., Manly W. and Jno. W. Window, Halcyon Crane, Paul and Jno. W. Pitts, Solomon Selby, Annie L., Charlotte F., and Wm. H. Harman; Audits of estates of Wm. Justice of E. and James Kilmon of J.; Trust account of Theodore A. Walker, and an account of John E. Ames's executors with Mrs. Margaret S. Ames, his widow.

Last will of Wm. Taylor proved and ordered to be recorded.

Last will of Elizabeth D. East proved and John D. Parsons, executor, qualified.

Last will of Jno. T. Elliott proved and Francis T. Boggs qualified as administrator c.t.a.

John D. Parsons and Perry A. Leatherbury qualified as notaries public of county of Accomac.

Sam'l T. Ross, commissioner of accounts, was ordered to inspect the official bond of county treasurer and report whether or not the same is sufficient in all respects.

The following fines were paid into court -- by J. M. Burch, J.P., $5 received of Maria Melvin convicted of unlawful injury to private property -- by Joseph Cooper, J. P., $2 fine and $1 cost, received of Stephen Crockett, convicted of disorderly conduct, &c., on public highway, and $2 fine and $1 cost received of John Landing, convicted of same offence -- by Robt. T. Harman, J.P., $2.50, fine received of Hugh C. Mears, convicted of unlawful assault.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows; Ezekiel Baker, 2 orders $7.56 and $8, Charles P. Finney, $16.26, D. F. White & Bro., 2 orders $4.60 and $7.90. A. C. Turlington $16.55, John H. Hopkins $8, Louis F. Hinman $5.86, Alfred J. Wessels $16, Henry C. Davis $3, Jas. T. Justice $3.20, J. P. Thomas $10, Jno. W. Turlington $8.50, Skinner Groton $1, Ira Payne $56.14, John S. Davis $75.69, S. B. Slocomb $26.

The following surveyors of road were appointed: Wm. T. Lewis in place of Louis F. Hinman, Wm. J. Barnes in place of John H. Hopkins, Dawson Knight in place of Alfred J. Wessels, Robert D. Hart in place of Joshua P. Thomas, George R. Bunting in place of John J. Tunnell and Harry W. Custis on precinct 37 of Lee District (new road).

Orders to repair public roads and bridges were entered for following surveyors; James Thos. Justice, Geo. W. Evans, Wm. T. Broughton, Thomas Justice, John D. Parsons, John W. Turlington and T. H. B. Corbin.

Order entered substituting John W. G. Blackstone as trustee in deed from John J. H. Thornton and wife to J. P. Kenney, trustee for R. E. Swift.

Bar room license was granted to Marcellus Small at Winterville, and Peter P. Hack at Pungoteague.

Ex parte; Petition of John O. Selby's executors (in matter of Solomon Selby's fund). Order for payment of costs, attorneys fees and deposit in Marine bank.

Petition of Geo. M. Parks and others for a public bridge over Bethel Branch. Petition filed and order appointing viewers.

Petition of Geo. M. Parks and others for a public road. Order entered accepting bid of Alfred J. Matthews and directing commissioner to contract with him.

Petition of Harry W. Custis and others for a public road. Order opening and establishing road, appointing Harry W. Custis surveyor thereof and directing payment of petitioner's cost.

Petition of Geo. S. Mapp and others for bridge over Heath's mill race. Order appointing L. J. Hyslop commissioner to receive proposals for building bridge.

Petition of Peter D. Corbin and others for a public road on Chincoteague Island. Petition filed and order appointing viewers.

Petition of Wm. H. Harman's administrators. Order for payment of certain debts due by the infants to J. E. W. Figgs, their acting guardian.

Petition of S. F. Rogers and others for a public bridge over Leatherbury's Branch. Order appointing Alfred J. Lilliston, commissioner, to survey and report.

Account of Dr. G. T. Scarburgh, physician to jail, amounting to $40 for attention to prisoners, was examined and allowed.

Petition of Major E. Selby and others for repairs on public cross way at Swansea Gut. Order substituting Solomon T. Johnson as commissioner, in place of Edward J. Taylor, who is sick.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 12, 1889