Peninsula Enterprise, April 7, 1894


Proceedings, March Term, 1894.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Thomas Milliner's and Elizabeth M. Floyd's trust account; audits of estates of John E. Ames, Sally Lewis and Thomas G. Pitts; orphan accounts of Maggie S. and Annie W. Turner, John Thomas and Charles Robert Allen, Charles T. Scott, Margaret F., Mary and Coleburn Saulsbury, Annie F. and Virginia C. Pitts and George H. and Robert E. Powell.

The last will of John Thomas Bull was proved and John H. James qualified as administrator with will annexed.

The last will of Noah S. Hoffman was proved.

The last will of Thomas R. Joynes was proved and Mary A. Joynes qualified as executrix.

J. W. G. Blackstone qualified as administrator d.b.n.c.t.a. of Jas. Henry Baker, deceased.

N. B. Wescott was appointed and qualified as guardian of Geo. T. Hoffman and Mary A. Joynes qualified as guardian of Caddie McPherson.

Wm. D. Tunnell, commissioner of Revenue of district No. 2, made report that he had not discovered any violations of revenue laws in his district since the last regular grand jury term.

A regular grand jury was empaneled and returned "true bills": one for feloniously entering an outhouse with intent to commit larceny, four for taking oysters unlawfully, one for taking oysters feloniously, two for felonious shooting, three for resisting an officer in the discharge of his duty, one for petit larceny and unlawful trespass, one for petit larceny, one for assault and battery and one for unlawful trespass.

Ex parte: The petition of Sadie Small's late guardian. Order directing the withdrawal of funds from Marine Bank, payment of costs and of balance to Sadie Small, now Sadie Mears, wife of George W. Mears.

The Maryland oystermen, captured on schooners William E. Price and C. W. Stevenson, were indicted, tried and convicted for taking oysters unlawfully in Virginia waters and fined $500 each, and being unable to pay either fine or costs, they were discharged.

John Guy was appointed surveyor of road precinct No. 1, Pungoteague district, in place of Edward L. Kellam, removed from precinct.

An inquest held over Henry West, colored, (known as Tracey), was returned and filed.

James H. Powell qualified as administrator of Thomas Frank Milliner, deceased.

All accounts presented by surveyors of roads were allowed except those of Stephen J. Pilchard, James H. Tindle, James E. Colona, George Smith and Geo. R. Nock, who failed to return along with their accounts, the annual report, which every surveyor of roads is required by law to make at March term of court.

Commonwealth vs. Isaac Somers (on indictment for taking oysters feloniously in Pocomoke Sound). Defendant was tried, found not guilty and discharged; same vs. same (on indictment for taking oysters feloniously in Tangier Sound). Nolle proseque entered and defendant discharged.

Commonwealth vs. bugeye Bertie May, (on an information). Case dismissed and sheriff ordered to surrender possession of defendant to her owner or his agent.

Commonwealth vs. schooner C. W. Stevenson (on an information) and same vs. schooner Wm. E. Price (on an information). Defendants were tried and found guilty of being employed in taking oysters unlawfully in Tangier Sound and were condemned as forfeited to the Commonwealth of Virginia and were directed to be sold by sheriff of county of Accomac.

James P. Dougherty qualified as guardian of Edward Riley, orphan of Wm. M. Riley, deceased.

John E. Wise qualified as deputy for John H. Wise, sheriff.

Commonwealth vs. Thomas Baily (on indictment for feloniously entering the fowl-house of D. H. Johnson in the night time with intent to commit larceny). Defendant was tried, convicted and sentenced to jail for 30 days and to pay a fine of $5 and costs of prosecution.

Ex parte: Petition of Charles Andrew Gibbons &c's late guardian. Petition filed, order for payment of costs and directing late guardian to loan out funds of the infants or deposit the same in Marine Bank on interest account.

Ex parte: Petition of Annie M. Smith's administrator c.t.a. Petition filed by administrator and he ordered to pay costs and the balance of $218.18 appearing in his hands to loan out or deposit in Marine Bank on interest account.

On application of Wm. J. Aydelotte and others for a public road. The opening of the road was approved by the court less the $23 reported by the viewers for cutting and removing the timber from the road and the matter referred to Board of Supervisors.

Of the annual reports made by surveyors of roads at this term, 2 were from the district of the Islands, 9 from Atlantic, 10 from Metompkin, 12 from Lee, 9 from Pungoteague -- total 42. There are 2 in district of Island, 24 in Atlantic, 17 in Metompkin, 19 in Lee, 19 in Pungoteague -- total 81.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
April 7, 1894