Peninsula Enterprise, August 6, 1887


Proceedings, July Term, 1887.

Last will of Solomon Copes fully probated and Edward H. Conquest, Sr., qualified as administrator with will annexed.

Audits of estates of John Davis and Wm. Brooks Phillips, and orphan accounts of Margaret B. and Geo. L. Ames were confirmed and recorded.

John W. M. Hopkins qualified as administrator of Ellison A. Hopkins; Edwin T. Powell of John T. Johnson; Noah Davis of Henry Davis; John J. Gunter and John W. G. Blackstone of Robert Hurley; Levin J. Hyslop of John W. Kellam.

Edwin T. Powell qualified as guardian of Kate V., Della M., Minnie and Rosser Johnson; and James H. Shields of Charles Copes.

Sales of delinquent land and of lands redeemed before sale reported by county treasurer.

Bar room license was granted John B. Downing at Mill Bridge and John W. Nottingham at Coal Kiln.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows; Wm. H. C. Smith, $5; A. J. Taylor, $13; W. A. Burton, $13.63; F. T. Stockley, W. S. Phillips, John T. James., W. A. Bloxom, A. M. Nottingham, James H. Belote, Thomas W. Blackstone and Charles P. Finney, $1 each; Joseph J. Wescott, N. W. Nock and John L. Gillespie, $2 each; Edward L. East, $18.61; L. Floyd Nock, $15.85 and John A. Chambers, $500.

Order for Noah Davis and T. H. B. Corbin, surveyors of roads, to purchase material and repair certain bridges in their precinct.

Order confirming report of commissioners allotting hands to road precinct No. 19 of Pungoteague district of which Levin J. Hyslop is surveyor.

Petition of J. C. Wescott &c., to repair road from Pennyville to Boggsville. Order for Luther N. Boggs, surveyor, to make certain repairs.

Thos. F. Floyd &c., petition for public road. Report of viewers filed and continued.

Jas. H. Bayly, Sr., &c., petition for public road. Report of viewers filed and order to summon proprietors and tenants.

John M. Bloxom &c., petition for public road. Order for opening road.

E. R. Custis &c., petition for repairs to public road. Order for John W. Kellam, surveyor, to make certain repairs.

In matter of Samuel T. Taylor's audit. Order for sheriff to check for interest on fund in bank, pay costs and taxes, attorney's fee and distribute residue.

Order substituting James G. Nock trustee in place of Levin W. Nock in deed from Louis S. Roberts and wife.

Smith Jones & Co., vs. Mark L. Stebbins appeal. Continued till next term.

Chesnut Lewis vs. Emily F. Lewis (appeal). Judgment of justice affirmed by consent.

Artemus E. Poulson vs. Albert F. Mears. (appeals 2). Judgments of justice reversed because prematurely rendered.

Daugherty Bro., vs. Samuel E. Eserton & Co., (motion to quash executions 2). Executions quashed and judgments of justice declared null and void because entered without notice to defendant Daugherty Bro.

John F. Lingo &c., guardian vs. Jno. F. Lingo &c. Order for allowance out of Ward's principal and for payment of costs.

Grace E. Hopkins guardian vs. Grace E. Hopkins &c., Order for allowance out of Grace E. Hopkins' principal, and for payment of costs.

Lloyd F. J. Wilson, J.P., paid into court three dollars, a fine received of Thoro. Davis for assault and battery on Hester Jane Manual et al.

Petition of Geo. W. Nock &c., for repairs to road precinct No. 29, of Atlantic District. Order for surveyor to make certain repairs.

Petition of E. E. Corbett &c., for public road on Tangier Island. Order for building road and footways.

Petition of Levin W. Nock &c., for public road. Order appointing commissioners to assess damage to certain proprietors for their land to be taken.

Petition of Wm. L. Conant &c., for public road. Order dismissing petition and for county's costs incurred in defence.

Petition of Elias H. Jester, surveyor to repair public roads. Report of viewers filed.

Petition of John D. Parsons &c., for public road. Decision in favor of opening road, and awarding alias summons against Wm. Johnson, proprietor.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
August 6, 1887