Peninsula Enterprise, April 5, 1883


Proceedings at March Term, 1883.

A deed of release from James L. Savage, trustee, &c., to Martha A. Turlington, was fully proved and ordered to be recorded.

A receipt from Julia A. LeCato to Levin W. Nock ordered recorded.

Perry A. Leatherbury qualified as administrator of Harriet Parker, dec'd.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered recorded, to-wit: Audits of the estates of Geo. J. Warner, Jane Rew, Margaret A. Scarburgh and Levin T. James, respectively; orphan accounts of Wm. W., Emily L. and Esther F. Thornton, Henry Lee and Marcellene Lilliston, Matilda Susan Upshur, Margaret A. N. Mapp, Benjamin T., Otto B., and Virginia S. Mears, respectively; and account of Edward B. Waples, trustee, with John H. Scott's trust funds.

Henry L. Crockett qualified as administrator of Raymond Rolley, dec'd.

Last will of James B. Thomas, dec'd, proved and ordered recorded. James H. Fletcher, the executor named, relinquished his right to qualify, and Edward H. Conquest qualified as administrator with the will annexed.

Last will of Susan R. Clayton, dec'd, proved and ordered recorded, and Jos. R. Riggs, the executor named, qualified.

The following registrars qualified: John E. Bradford, at Locustmount; Michael H. Higgins, at Accomack C. H.; Joseph R. Riggs, at Guilford, and Montcalm Oldham, Sr., at Temperanceville.

A regular Grand Jury was empanneled, and returned indictments, as follows: Against Benj. Kane, for malicious maiming of John J. Lewis, at Woodberry; defendant tried, convicted and sentenced to three years in penitentiary. Against Thomas Scott, for selling liquor, &c., on Sunday; not a true bill. Against Wm. T. Barnes, for selling liquor, &c., on Sunday; defendant plead guilty, and paid fine and costs into court. Against Edward G. Dixon, for unlawfully shooting a rifle. Against Isaiah T. Johnson, for selling liquor &c., on Sunday; defendant plead guilty, and paid fine and costs into court. Against Edward T. Summers, for assault and battery. Agst. Purnell Chesser, for selling liquor, &c., on Sunday. Against Wm. P. Barnes for selling liquor, &c., on Sunday; defendant pled guilty, and paid fine and costs into court. Against Zadock Carter and Levi Davis, for unlawfully taking planted oysters; defendants, respectively, plead not guilty, and cases were continued till next term.

Order entered substituting Edward H. Conquest for Frank Fletcher, to assign Mrs. Louisa M. Snead's dower.

Alexander M. Lewis ordered to make chutes for the public road in a part of his precinct.

Order entered appointing commissioners to assign Mrs. Nancy Whealton's dower in the lands of David Whealton, dec'd.

The Commissioner of Accounts made report as to official bond of the County Treasurer, which was approved and ordered filled.

Geo. E. Bull, Constable, paid into court $1 fine from Jos. Richardson, for assaulting Jane Trower.

Accounts against the Commonwealth, in favor of Thos. W. Blackstone, J. P., and Geo. E. Bull, in criminal cases, allowed and certified to Auditor of Public Accounts.

Bar room license was granted to John E. Bradford, at Locustmount; Wm. T. Bloxom, at Holden's Creek; Thos. F. Colburn, at Franklin City; James Harmon, at Belle Haven; E. M. Willis & Co., at Belle Haven; John S. Gaskins, at Holden's Creek; and Sydney C. and Levin E. Doughty, at Pitts's Wharf.

Retail liquor license was granted to Wm. T. Bloxom, at Holden's Creek; John S. Gaskins, at Holden's Creek; and Sydney C. and Levin E. Dougherty, at Pitts's Wharf.

Order entered refusing liquor license to Henry T. Scott, at Chincoteague Island.

A majority of the surveyors of public roads made the annual report required by law, and orders in favor of the surveyors of public roads, for services, &c., were duly entered. (Call on the Sheriff and get your order.)

>The following surveyors of public roads were appointed, to-wit: Levin R. Lewis, vice John W. Hurst, resigned; George Bundick, vice Geo. D. Scarborough, resigned; Louis F. Hinman, vice John E. Hickman, resigned;
Samuel J. Mumford, vice Luke C. Lewis, resigned; Wm. T. Bradford, vice Isma W. Mears, resigned; Jas. H. Hutchinson, vice John Kelso, resigned; Calvin T. Mears, vice Geo. P. Hargis, resigned; Wm. D. Chandler, vice John E. Parker, resigned; Wesley Melson, vice Robt. J. Bell, resigned; Wm. S. Tunnell, vice James H. Gladding, removed from precinct.

Homestead deeds by Eliza A. Mears and Erastus J. Johnson, respectively, acknowledged and ordered recorded.

Commonwealth vs. Benj. L. Pollitt, on indictment for keeping an eating house without license; defendant plead guilty through attorney, and was fined $30 and costs of prosecution.

The indictments against Solomon Lucas, Littl. Byrd, John Hughes, Henry Mason and Thos. Lankford, for unlawful dredging, were dismissed, the defendants having been arrested under bench warrants, and discharged by Justice of the Peace.

Charles K. Taylor vs. Wm. T. Fleming, on appeal; continued on motion of appellant till next term.

George F. Parker was appointed and qualified as committee of Wm. T. Mears, an insane person.

Order directing expenditure for shells and ditching on public road from D. H. Johnson's to Hopkins Bros., & Co.'s road, subject to approval of Board of Supervisors.

A deed of release from L. Floyd Nock; substituted trustee, to John W. Savage, ordered recorded.

Benj. T. W. Byrd resigned as guardian of John W. Matthews, orphan of Sarah Matthews, dec'd.

Accounts of John H. Wise, sheriff and Jailer, for board, &c., of lunatics and prisoners, allowed and certified to Auditor.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
April 5, 1883