Peninsula Enterprise, September 12, 1891


Proceedings, August Term, 1891.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Trust accounts of Henry Hall and Julius L. Bayly and wife; Audits of Estates of Lee J. Gibbons, Hennie Budd, Florence D. Witham, John R. Johnson and Revel J. Lewis; Orphan Accounts of Wm. H., Annie L. and Charlotte F. Harman, Stephen U. Hopkins, Minnie Mapp Wescott, Williana Wright, Tankard G., Carroll D. and Richard D. Kellam, Clara F. Chesser nee Winder, Thomas H., Manly W. and John W. Window.

Benjamin T. Gunter, Jr., qualified as an attorney at law.

Elva A. Jeffreys, inspector of oysters for 1st district, reported collections for quarter ending August 31st, 1891, from rent of planting grounds, $140.03; and Solomon Warner, of 2nd district, reported collections for same period from same source, $20.58.

Last will of John Milliner was proved and his widow, Eliza Milliner, qualified as executrix.

Last will of Wm. H. Dix was proved and Wm. T. Dix and Stanley J. Lewis qualified as executors.

Harry T. Kilmon qualified as administrator of Thos. Kilmon, Marion J. Poulson, of Hiram B. Poulson, Jno. T. White of Jas. Lewis of Wm. K., Samuel W. Matthews of Rowena F. Davis.

John H. Wise qualified as guardian of Ezekiel Hargis and Edward L. Winder as guardian of Eva M. Winder, orphan of Wm. S. Winder, deceased.

Accounts against Commonwealth in lunacy and criminal matters were allowed as follows: John W. Bowdoin, M.D., $2.50; Frank Fletcher, M.D., $2.50, Jas. H. Fletcher, Jr., attorney for the Commonwealth, $50; John H. Wise, sheriff and jailer, lunacy account, $12.50, jail account $143.45.

Following fines were paid into court: By John H. Wise, sheriff and jailer, $50 received of John Matthews; By John D. Grant, deputy clerk, $25 received of John Thos. Gunter; By G. G. Guillette, late J.P., $5 received of Arthur Wright; By Emory Maffitt, J.P., $5 received of Geo. H. Thornton; By A. S. Taylor, J.P., $2.50 received of Thos. Nelson, Jr.; By Levin T. Phillips, J.P., $2.50 received of John Teagle, $5 received of Wm. Walsh, $2.50 received of Millard Poulson, and $5 received of George Hickman; By Wm. T. Parks, J.P., $2.50 received of Mary Young and $2.50 received of Edward White; By Wm. M. Taylor, J.P., $20 received of Charles Bennett and $2.50 received of Charles Sturgis; By S. R. Nelson, J.P., $2.50 received of Wm. T. Mears, $2.50 received of C. F. Mears, $5 received of Parker Drummond, $5 received of Elizabeth Finney, $5 received of Henry Finney and $10 received of George Finney; By Thos W. Blackstone, J.P., $2.50 received of John Auld, Jr.; By R.P. Reynolds, J.P., $2 received of Burton Thornton.

Nathaniel Beloate vs. Wood West (on attachment for rent). Judgment for plaintiff for part of rent claimed and order for sale of attached goods.

Elijah Evans vs. Geo. Turner (on attachment for rent). Attachment returned "levied by the constable" and placed on the docket for hearing.

John Wesley Hurst was appointed surveyor of roads in place of Levin R. Lewis and Alfred Barnes in place of Asa T. Justis.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: For J. E. Harrison, $21.91; John R. Lewis, $29.95; Jas. T. Hurst, $5; D. F. White & Bros., $30, $20, and $6.40; Samuel Taylor, $9; Parks & Melson, $12.80; D. H. Johnson, 60 cts; Thomas W. Taylor, $99.76; J. A. Chambers, $7.85; John Charnock, $6; John F. Dize, $1.70.

Orders for material to repair public bridges were entered in behalf of the following surveyors of roads: John W. Heath, Harry T. Mason, Augustus W. Johnson and John W. Harris.

Petition was filed by Wm. B. Smith and Franklin Waldon for a drain through the lands of Wm. H. Rew and others, and order entered appointing commissioners to view and report.

Application was filed by McComas Justice for a drain across the lands of Nancy Parks and others, and order entered appointing commissioners to view and report.

Commonwealth vs. Robert Bull, (on a rule for failure to attend as a juror). Defendant appearing and showing sufficient reasons for his absence, rule was discharged.

Henry T. Taylor vs. John E. Hickman, (on a warrant in detinue for a mule.). Verdict and judgment in favor of J. E. Hickman.

Ex parte: Petition of William J. Burch's guardian. Order directing John Neely, guardian, to expend ward's principal in giving him a business education.

Upon petition of Wm. P. Lewis and others for a public bridge, near Justiceville P.O. James T. Hurst, commissioner, reported the bridge complete according to contract and case was removed from the docket.

Charles E. Babbitt was appointed and qualified as ballast master for Chincoteague Bay and Assateague Sound.

Thomas C. Kellam and Samuel T. Ross qualified as Notaries Public for the county of Accomac.

Barroom liquor license was granted to Artemus E. Poulson, at Messongo Bridge.

Commonwealth vs. Irvin Sturgis and others, (on indictment for taking oysters unlawfully from the lands of U. B. Quinby and L. C. Bunting, respectively.) Defendants tried and acquitted.

Commonwealth vs. Alfred T. Scott (on indictment for assault and battery.) The defendant plead former acquittal, which was sustained by the court and indictment was dismissed.

Commonwealth vs. Angelo Sterling (on indictment for assault and battery.) Defendant was tried, convicted and fined $10 and costs of prosecution, which fine and $5 part of costs, defendant paid into court.

The estate of Elijah Jas. Hindman was committed to John H. Wise, sheriff, for administration.

On petition of John Brittingham and others, for repair of road from New Church Station to Pitts wharf. Order entered appointing John Brittingham commissioner to advertise for proposals.

Application of S. L. Byrd and T. H. B. Corbin, surveyor, to drain their road precincts. Order entered appointing John N. Watson commissioner, to view the road, report necessity, &c.

Order entered appointing Jas. W. Broughton commissioner, to report what repairs are necessary, if any, to Messongo Bridge, &c.

Wm. Harrison having served a term in jail and being unable to pay costs was discharged.

Last will of E. G. Chandler was proved and ordered to be recorded.

Ex Parte: Wm. H. Harmon's administrators. Order entered for payment to Jas. E. W. Figgs, acting guardian of Charlotte F., Annie L. and Wm. H. Harman, amount due him, for payment of costs of petition and 1891 taxes on funds in Marine Bank.

Elizabeth Humphreys, appellant vs. Kate E. Savage, appellee (on appeal involving the construction of part of will of Rev. J. E. Humphreys.) Judgment of Justice reversed and appellees warrant dismissed.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
September 12, 1891