Peninsula Enterprise, August 11, 1894


Proceedings, July Term, 1894.

Following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Orphan accounts of Benjamin F. Bull; trust accounts of Thomas J. Carmine and wife; audits of estates of Walter F. Brodwater, John T. Powell, Elizabeth Hickman and Polly Belote.

The last wills of Samuel Young of R., and Ann Benston were proved and ordered recorded.

W. A. P. Strang, J.P., paid into court $2 fine received of Edward Baker for breach of peace.

M. Oldham, Jr., clerk of this court, laid before the court his certificate of the examination of the books for the present year of Commissioners of Revenue of this county, which was ordered to be recorded.

The rules awarded at last term in favor of E. J. Foote and N. B. Rich against S. T. Martin and W. D. Scott, absent witnesses, were discharged on plaintiffs motion.

Commonwealth vs. Samuel S. Watkinson (on indictment for felonious extortion). Continued until first day of next term on motion of attorney for the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth vs. Richard W. Somers (on indictment for unlawfully permitting public bridges to be out of repair). The defendant having paid the cost of the prosecution a nolle prosequi was entered with permission of court.

Commonwealth vs. A. B. Topping (on a charge of assaulting and beating Gilley Northam). Said Northam having acknowledged in writing satisfaction for the assault and said Topping having paid the cost incurred the case was discontinued without further proceedings.

James E. Colona, late surveyor of road precinct No. 5 of Atlantic district, returned the annual report due from him at March term last.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: For James E. Colona $19, Samuel F. Marshall $6, John O. Somers $7.36, Gordy & Figgs $24, Wm. S. Bundick $1.50, Henry T. Davis $4, Hampden Smith, Wm. H. Mason, Selby Hart and William S. Hart each $10, Richard W. Somers $2.45, J. T. Auld $18.76, B. W. Mears & Son 60 cents, T. W. Kilmon $4.50, Wm. G. James $34.50, J. O. Taylor $3, W. D. Dize $2, J. H. McCready $5.

John W. Bowdoin, road surveyor for Bloxom election district, made application to rebuild public bridge near residence of Capt. Wm. Somers. Same was approved by the court but costing over $30, it was referred by the court to the Board of Supervisors for its action according to law.

Addison Brush was granted retail liquor license at his house at Wachapreague.

Elizabeth E. Bowdoin qualified as administratrix of her deceased husband, Dr. John R. Bowdoin.

Geo. E. Blair qualified as administrator of Sarah F. Kellam, colored, deceased.

Commonwealth vs. Asa Wiggins (on indictment for felonious dredging). Defendant was tried, acquitted and discharged.

Commonwealth vs. Henry Taylor (on information for carrying a pistol concealed from common observation). Defendant was tried, convicted and fined $20 and costs of prosecution.

Thos. B. Birch and D. F. White qualified as notaries public for county of Accomac.

The qualifications of Wm. T. Wise, councilman, R. R. Riley, town sergeant and street commissioner, and Wm. S. Nelson, town clerk and treasurer of the town of Onancock, was handed to the court and duly recorded.

Commonwealth vs. Floyd Trader and Burwell B. Gladding (on indictment for felonious dredging). Case was continued until 2d of September term next.

Commonwealth vs. N. J. W. LeCato (on indictment for opening his ordinary on Sunday). Defendant was tried, convicted and fined $10 and costs of prosecution.

Commonwealth vs. Geo. Shaw (on indictment for unlawfully staking in, for the purpose of planting oysters and shells, a certain natural oyster bed, rock and shoal). Defendant pleaded guilty and jury assessed his fine at $50, the minimum sum fixed by law, and judgment was entered for the fine and costs of prosecution.

Commonwealth vs. Oliver Adams (on indictment for felonious dredging). Defendant, a non-resident, failed to appear and his bondsmen had to pay the penalty of the bond given for his appearance, to wit, $25.

Commonwealth vs. Levin Hickman (on indictment for assault and battery on Harriet Hickman). Defendant was tried, convicted and fined $10 and costs of prosecution and sent to jail for 8 months.

An inquest held by John T. Chandler, J.P., acting coroner, over dead infant of Anna Green, colored, was returned to court and ordered to be filed.

Ex parte: Petition of Raymond H. Hall and Edward R. Thomas for a drain. The report of the commissioners was returned and filed.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
August 11, 1894