Peninsula Enterprise, November 10, 1881


Proceedings, October Term, 1881.

Henry Bivens' will probated, and George W. Mason qualified as executor.

The Commonwealth vs. Henry T. Davis; continued til Nov. term, '81.

Snead, D. Edward's orphan account confirmed.

Lucas, Clara J.'s orphan account confirmed.

Lucas, Samuel J.'s orphan account confirmed.

Lewis, Mary Ann's orphan account confirmed.

Bloxom, Jas. J's orphan account confirmed.

Smith, Nicey's audit confirmed.

Reiley, Sarah's audit confirmed.

Downing, Francis A.'s orphan account confirmed.

Downing, Indiana M.'s orphan account confirmed.

Downing, John B.'s orphan account confirmed.

Mears, Elijah's account with committee confirmed.

Russell, Sarah E. and others' account with John Neely, trustee, confirmed.

Young, John's account with Jno. Neely, trustee, confirmed.

Walston, Samuel J.'s audit confirmed.

John Hargis' will probated, and George W. Mason qualified as executor.

Wm. S. Byrd qualified as administrator of Jacob K. Byrd, deceased.

Margaret A. W. Tunnell qualified as administratrix of Jackson D. Tunnell, deceased.

Thomas C. Kellam and Wm. E. Mapp qualified as administrators of Benjamin T. Ames, deceased.

Edward J. Window qualified as administrator of Alfred Scarborough, deceased.

A deed from J. W. Gillet and John M. Fosque, junior, special commissioners, to Francis T. Boggs, acknowledged and ordered to be recorded.

Order transferring bar-room liquor license of John T. Sharpley, on Chincoteague Island, to John P. Fenwick.

Bar-room license granted to Richard P. Read, at Hoffman's Wharf; to James S. Nock at Assawoman; to Frank P. McConnell at Chincoteague Island; and to Eli W. Bull at Bull Run; also retail liquor license granted to James S. Nock at Assawoman.

Perry A. Leatherbury qualified as notary public for four years from 23d Nov., 1881.

Joshua W. Read appointed inspector of oysters for the waters of Chincoteague and Assateague bays for the period of two years; and he appeared in court and gave bond as required by law.

Orders were issued on county treasurer in favor of H. A. W. Corbin, for $4; D. H. Dennis, $58.18: George W. and Robert Nock, $20; H. T. White, $2.50; Nathaniel S. Wescoat, $3; T. W. Blackstone, $2; T. L. Trower, $2; James H. Belote, $2; Joshua T. B. Burton, $24; John D. Parsons, $2; and Edward T. White, $2.

George Roberts appointed surveyor of road precinct No. 20 of Pungoteague district, in the place of Nathaniel S. Wescott, resigned.

Upon petition of H. R. Smith and others for a road -- report of viewers filed, and order to summon proprietors and tenants to show cause against opening road.

The commonwealth vs. Thomas Watson; indictment for selling liquor without license; verdict of guilty, and judgment for Commonwealth for $100 fine and costs of prosecution.

John Neely qualified as administrator of Thomas R. Clayton, deceased.

Order exempting Edward R. Watson from taxation.

George T. Scarburgh, justice of the peace, paid into court $10 fine imposed by him upon Custis W. Bloxom for an assault.

The Commonwealth vs. John R. Sturgis; on indictment; plea of not guilty entered and case continued till next term.

Order allowing L. Floyd Nock, attorney for Elijah Mears, a fee out of said Mears' estate in hands of committee.

Thomas W. Twyford, superintendent of the poor, tendered his resignation, which was accepted by the court.

Contract and bond of Joseph W. Matthews to repair road from Jenkins Bridge to Messongo Bridge, returned to the court and approved and ratified.


Archibald Annis was appointed superintendent of the poor of Accomac county, by Judge Thomas C. Parramore, vice Thos. W. Twyford, resigned, to continue in office until the first day of July, 1883, and thereafter till his successor is duly appointed and qualified.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 10, 1881