Peninsula Enterprise, April 18, 1885


Proceedings at March Term, 1885:

Last will of Anna G. Walston probated and Thomas C. Walston qualified as Executor.

An agreement between R. H. Pennewell and The Taylor Manufacturing Co., of Chambersburg, Pa., ordered to be recorded.

Wesley T. Melson , constable, paid the fine of 42.50 into court collected of Thos. Burton.

The following accounts of fiduciaries were confirmed and ordered recorded, to wit; Audits of estates of Geo. Mears, Sr., R. Ellison Rew and Wm. P. Bayly; guardian accounts with Wm. L. James, Marcellene Lilliston, Sallie E. Boggs, William P. Powell and Polly S. Powell.

Last will of Major Mason probated, and James R. Hickman qualified as executor.

John J. Wise qualified as administrator de bonis non c. t. a. of John Cropper, deceased.

Susan Rogers qualified as executrix of Margaret Rogers deceased.

Daniel J. Whealton qualified as administrator of Alfred Hudson, deceased.

Stephen Hopkins qualified as administrator of Louis H. Parker, deceased.

John Brittingham qualified as guardian of L. Medora Colona, orphan of George D. H. Colona, deceased.

John Neely qualified as guardian of Henry Lee, Sarah Wise, Albertie, Isaac J. and Ida Ellen Hudson, orphans of Alfred Hudson, deceased.

N. S. Smith tendered his resignation of the office of Justice of the Peace for District of the Islands, and the same was accepted by the court.

Inquests held over the bodies of Riley L. Kelly and Edward P. East, were returned and filed.

Upon petition of Benjamin W. Mears and others for public road; report of Commissioners recommitted to report just compensation for the land only of L. J. Hyslop.

Orders on county treasurer were entered for the claims of road surveyors and others.

Thomas Duncan was appointed surveyor of the road vice L. P. Moore, resigned; Thomas Crockett of Joseph vice Wm. D. Chandler, resigned; and John W. Evans vice George D. H. Colonna, deceased.

Order entered allowing John T. Johnson, surveyor of road, to repair bridge over head of Matchapungo creek and make footway.

A regular grand jury was empanneled and returned 24 bills of indictment "true bill," and returned 4 bills of indictment "not true bills."

Upon petition of Major E. Selby and others for public road; report of Ira Payne, surveyor, filed and confirmed, and order on treasurer for his account, and removing cause from docket.

Samuel T. Ross, commissioner of accounts, made report according to law as to sufficiency, etc., of official bond of county treasurer.

Upon petition of A. Frank Byrd and others for public road; report of commissioners to receive proposal filed. Proposal of R. D. L. Fletcher to build a portion of the road to be opened accepted, and commissioner appointed to contract and take bond.

Upon petition of John M. Bloxom and others for public road (from Hallwood to Mappsville;) petition filed and order appointing viewers.

John E. Wescoat's estate committed to sheriff for administration.

John W. Gillet qualified as administrator de bonis non of John Logan, deceased.

Orders for payment by receiver of railroad damages to George T. Ewell and Sallie Ames and others.

Ex Parte; Petition of Elizabeth A. Stevins; order referring cause to Master for enquiry and report.

Order entered substituting George A. Edmonds in place of John E. Wescoat trustee in deed for benefit of Thomas G. Elliott.

Bar room and retail liquor licenses were granted to John B. Blizzard at Fox Island.

Inspectors of oysters for 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Districts made reports for quarter ending March 1st, 1885. Audits due state for said quarter are 1st district, $22,02; 2nd, $9.04; 4th, $26.89; 5th, $497.87; 6th, $129.42; and 7th district, $141.84.

The Commonwealth vs. John Hamblin, indictment for selling goods as a pedlar without license, appearance of defendant by attorney and plea of not guilty entered, and case continued on defendant's motion till next term.

Same vs. Wm. S. Kellam, indictment for carrying a pistol concealed, appearance of defendant in proper person and case continued by consent till next term.

Accounts of Jos. W. Mears, J. P., and Wm. P. Moore Kellam, attorney for services in criminal cases, allowed and certified.

Last will of James P. Lilliston probated and L. Floyd Nock qualified as administrator with will annexed.

Order entered for special grand jury to be empanneled on first day of next term.

John M. Fosque qualified as administrator of Edward P. East, deceased.

Upon the petition of William J. Gibb and others for public road; amended report of viewers filed, and order to summon proprietors and tenants.

Order entered substituting James R. Lofland trustee in deeds from Richard Harrington, deceased.

The Commonwealth vs. John Jones, indictment for shooting with intent to maim, etc; verdict of not guilty and prisoner discharged.

Same vs. Wm. Caruthers, indictment for cutting and stabbing with intent to maim, etc; verdict of guilty of unlawful cutting, etc, with intent to maim, etc, and prisoner fined ten dollars and costs and sent to jail for ten days.

Same vs. Edward Coleburn, indictment for house breaking with intent to commit larceny; verdict of guilty and prisoner fined $1 costs and sent to jail for six months.

Petition filed by John W. Rogers, surveyor of road, for assistance by court to bridge "Warrington's branch."

Upon petition of E. E. Corbett and others for public roads on Tangier Island; petition filed, and Robert Bell and Robert Lewis.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
April 18, 1885