Peninsula Enterprise, March 9, 1895


Proceedings, February Term, 1895.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Orphan accounts of Mabel B. and John S. McMath, Wm. Pettit and Harry A. Hopkins; trust accounts of Isaiah Drummond and wife.

Joseph R. Riggs qualified as administrator of Wesley Onions Sr., deceased.

The last will of Samuel T. Taylor, deceased, was proved and William H. Davis qualified as executor.

The last will of Polly Wessels, deceased, was proved and ordered to be recorded.

A duly authenticated copy from the county court of Northampton, of the last will of Lavinia C. James, deceased, was produced in court and on motion ordered to be recorded in clerk's office of this court.

Commonwealth vs. George White (on indictment for larceny of oysters). The defendant was tried, found not guilty by jury and discharged.

Upon the petition of Samuel H. Richardson for permission to change route of public road passing through his farm known as the Drummond farm. An order was entered appointing William T. Fletcher to view and report the conveniences, &c., as well to the public as to individuals.

The reports of the processioners for the third, fifth and thirteenth precincts of Accomac Parish were returned to the court and ordered to be filed and recorded, and orders for the payment of said processioners for their services were duly entered.

The delinquent list of real estate for the year 1893 returned by Edwin T. Powell, treasurer, and John H. Hopkins, his deputy, were examined by the court and copies thereof ordered to be certified to the auditor of public accounts.

Ex parte: Petition of Florence M. Lewis' late guardian. Report of L. Floyd Nock, late guardian, filed and order for payment by late guardian of $86.45 in satisfaction pro tanto of his amount of $115.33, for board, clothing, &c., of the said Florence M. Lewis, from January 1st, 1893 to January 1st, 1894.

Henry Belote, colored, and Alfred Turner, colored, persons confined in jail, were discharged therefrom, having served the terms for which they were respectively sentenced, and being unable to pay fine and costs of prosecution.

Ex parte: Joseph E. Brodwater, late guardian of William Pettit. Petition filed and order for late guardian to pay the costs and the balance in his hands belonging to said William Pettit, to deposit in Marine Bank on interest account subject to order of court.

Commonwealth vs. John H. Gillet, colored, (on indictment for shooting a pistol in public road and highway in Drummondtown). Defendant plead guilty, was fined $5 and costs of prosecution, amounting to $11.40, and paid costs into court.

Commonwealth vs. Burwell B. Gladding, (on indictment for taking oysters feloniously). By consent of the Court, the attorney for the Commonwealth entered a nolle prosequi and the case was dismissed.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
March 9, 1895