October Term, 1900


Proceedings, October Term, 1900.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of Mary A. Johnson and Margaret T. Joynes; orphan accounts of Annie E. and Clarence E. Bailey, Ellen P., Elizabeth, Maggie and Henry R. Byrd, Francis I. Kellam, Sarah Y. Anderson and Adelaide D. Hall; trust accounts of Wm. G. Barnes and wife and others, and of Caleb J. Taylor.

The clerk made report to court of a list of fines reported by Justices of the Peace during the month of September.

B. G. Johnson qualified as notary public for the county of Accomac.

The last will of William T. Tull, deceased, was proved and William H. Tull qualified as executor.

An inquest held by George E. Winder, J.P., acting corner, over dead body of George Leonard was returned to court and ordered to be filed.

John S. Parsons qualified as administrator of Maude Virginia Barnes, deceased, and Tankard G. Kellam as administrator of Catharine J. Chandler, deceased.

Arthur M. Nottingham qualified as guardian of his infant child, John L. Nottingham.

The sheriff made report to the Judge the number of prisoners in jail, their offences, sentences &c.

The last will of Samuel H. Tarr, deceased, was proved and Ira B. Hancock qualified as his executor.

Upon petition of Willie C. Wright Bundick for a public road. Ordered that road be opened as reported by viewers and for removal of cause from docket.

Upon petition of A. F. Mears and others for a public road. Petition filed and viewers appointed.

On motion, E. A. Bloxom, retail liquor dealer, at Bloxom, was authorized to assign his license to John W. Dickerson.

Commonwealth vs. Isaac Joynes (on an indictment for felony). Tried, convicted and sentenced to six month's imprisonment in county jail.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 17, 1900