April Term, 1902


Proceedings, April Term, 1902.

John H. Wise qualified as administrator of Sally Barnes, deceased.

George W. Kilmon qualified as administrator of John Sunkett, deceased.

The last will and testament of Sarah E. Hill, deceased, proved and J. Fred Hill qualified as executor, and right reserved to executrix named in will to join in probate.

The last will and testament of Lizzie E. Gray, deceased, proved and ordered to be recorded.

The last will and testament of Delilah Taylor fully proved and Joseph R. Riggs qualified as administrator c.t.a.

Jno. D. Watts was appointed and qualified as Justice of the Peace for Metompkin District, to fill unexpired term of Thomas B. Gillespie.

Upon petition of James A. Bott and others for a public road. Order appointing Otho K. Walker, commissioner, to open road in accordance with report of viewers.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estate of Clara V. Gibbons and Major J. Parker; orphan accounts of Mitchell W., Winnie Lee and Mabel W. West, and Charles T. West.

Petition of Samuel B. Slocomb, guardian of his infant son, Perry B. Slocomb. Order authorizing guardian to expend net income of ward's separate estate for his maintenance and education.

Ex parte: Petition of George R. Justice and others for a public bridge and alteration of road. Order for additional expenditure to pay bills due and complete work and referring cause to Board of Supervisors for its approval.

Ex parte: Petition of Walter D. Lewis, late guardian of Wm. Jas. Mapp. Order directing Stewart K. Powell, attorney, to withdraw entire amount from Bank, for payment of costs, attorney's fee and balance to W. Jas. Mapp.

Ex parte: Petition of Geo. W. Gillespie and others for a public road. Order postponing the consideration of petitioners' proposition to build said road at their own private expense and dedicate same to the public, until they shall build said road, compensate certain land-owners and viewers, and shall file additional report.

The last will and testament of Sheppard Martin was proved and ordered to be recorded.

Retail liquor licenses were granted to the following: Robert L. Parks, Centerville; Wm. Walsh, Mappsville; Ernest J. Figgs, Woodberry; Jno. O. Mears, Mutton Hunk: Artemus E. Poulson, Messongo Bridge; Jas. Lee Justis, Parksley; Berkley L. West, Pungoteague; John E. Roberts, Keller; Chas. W. D. Taylor, Mill Bridge; Fred R. Martin, Shilo Valley; Geo. W. Hack, Craddockville; Geo. Wm. Drummond, Pungoteague; Jno. T. Bonnewell, Mappsburg; Thos. R. James, Locustville; James Harmon, Belle Haven; Robt. P. Custis, Onancock; Wm. T. Winder, Onancock; Burton, Parker & Co., Onancock; George G. Ailworth, Drummondtown; Benj. F. Wharton, Drummondtown; Jno. D. Johnson, Parksley; Wm. H. Gaskins, Pungoteague; Wm. H. Moore, Pungoteague Bridge; Oswald D. Doughty, Wachapreague; Geo. R. Coleburn, Chincoteague; Major Jones, Chincoteague; Fair Oaks Liquor Company, Fair Oaks; Joseph H. Stevens, Wachapreague; Benj. F. Bull, Craddockville; Louis N. Major, Shilo; John L. Gardner, Bull Branch.

License to keep an Ordinary was granted to the following: E. G. Fox, Onley; Jno. W. Dickinson, Bloxom; Burley W. James, Tasley; Lucius J. Kellam, Belle Haven; Wm. C. West, Onancock; George T. Mapp, Keller; Joseph J. Wescott, Onley; Robert H. Phillips, Chincoteague; George Lloyd Doughty, Drummondtown.

Ex parte: Wm. H. Harmon's admr. Report of J. W. G. Blackstone filed and confirmed.

Petition of Frank L. Hall and others for public road. Order for payment of expenses by county treasurer.

Petition of Benj. T. Gunter, admr. of Jno. J. Hopkins, deceased. Report of Benj. T. Gunter, admr., filed and confirmed.

Petition of Lloyd M. Smith and others for a drain. Order for opening drain, and for payment of certain expenses, &c.

Petition of Wm. J. Lewis for public road. Order opening road, payment of compensation to land owners and costs of petition.

Lucy Evans &c's guardian vs. Lucy Evans and others. Order directing guardian to pay costs, and $2.50 monthly for ward's maintenance, &c.

In the matter of payment and delivery of the estate of Geo. S. West, deceased, to his legatees, without refunding bonds. Order confirming report of executor and removing cause from docket.

Petition of L. Floyd Nock, gdn. of Annie Collis Bayly. Order for deposit in Marine Bank, payment of costs, &c.

Petition of Travis A. Crockett and other for public road. Order for payment of additional expenditure by treasurer.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 10, 1902