Peninsula Enterprise, September 1, 1881


Proceedings, August Term, 1881.

Polly Hickman's estate committed to Sheriff for administration. The orphan accounts were confirmed: Esther F. Wright's formerly Thornton; Annie E. Thornton's, Wm. W. Thornton's, Jas. T. Ross', Mary F. Ward's, James E. Ward's, John W. Pitts', Wm. C. Pitts', Paul Pitts', Annie L. Sturges', Irwin Sturgis', Mary C. Sturgis', Karsner M. Sturgis', Major T. Wescott and Esther W. Snead's audit confirmed. M. E. Sallie Byrd, &c.'s account confirmed. Jas. H. Hoffman's will proved, and Wm. G. Hoffman qualified as executor. Edwin F. LeCato was appointed and qualified as guardian of Geo. H., Margaret E., Mary M., Susan C., Eva R. and Emma LeCato, infant children of L. Thomas LeCato. Elijah Mears' committee (L. Floyd Nock) authorized to make expenditures for clothing and tobacco. Order exempting George Young, colored, from taxation. Geo. T. Scarburgh, J. P., paid into court fines imposed by him amounting to $13.50. Orders on County Treasurer for services to the county, &c., were entered as follows: Jno. Brittingham, $34.46; Dr. J. T. Parker, $8.00; Major E. Selby & Bro., 30 cents; Joshua A. Chapman, $10.00; Obadiah W. Godwin, $2.00; John D. Parsons, $6.00; Edwd. T. White, $6.00; Dan'l H. Dennis, $4.00; E. T. Lang, $8.00; W. H. Pruitt, $10.00; A. S. Matthews, $6.00; Harry T. White, $7.00; A. I. Read, $5.00; James H. Smith, $3.00; Thos. E. Fletcher, $2.00; Lance Churn, $3.00; Geo. Matthews, $2.00; H. W. Corbin, $3.75; Jas. H. Fletcher, $7.50; and Henry L. Wessels, $6.00.

Jas. Sterling, appointed Surveyor of Road Precinct No. 19 of Metompkin district, in place of O. W. Godwin, resigned. John D. Parsons and John Brittingham, respectively, qualified as Notary Public. Bar room license granted to Geo. S. West at Craddockville, and retail license to Wm. S. Waterman at Guilford. Joseph W. Matthews, proposal to repair a portion of public road from Jenkins' Bridge to Messongo Bridge accepted by the court and John J. Tunnell's rejected; and commissioners appointed to contract with Matthews and take bond. John H. Wise qualified as administrator of Geo. J. Warner, deceased. John Kelso appointed Surveyor of Road Precinct No. 7, of Pungoteague District, in place Alma J. Read, resigned. Richard P. Reynolds, J. P., paid into court a fine of $3.00.

The term adjourned Sept. 2d.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
September 1, 1881