Peninsula Enterprise, November 18, 1893


Proceedings, October Term, 1893.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of R. E. Swift, Jno. E. Ames, Geo. W. McMath, Thos. L. Brittingham and Sallie F. Bundick; orphan accounts of Mabel W., Mitchell W. and Winnie Lee West, Thomas L. and Mary Hinman and Louis D. Heath.

Last will of Rachel S. Turlington was proved and ordered to be recorded.

Last will of Catharine Wright was proved, ordered to be recorded, and Wm. T. Wright qualified as executor.

William Matthews, Frank Taylor and Thomas Drummond having served their terms of confinement in jail, and being wholly unable to pay costs and fines, were discharged.

Resignation of Solomon T. Johnson as Notary Public was duly recorded.

Commonwealth vs. Schooner "Geo. T. Garrison." Franklin C. Lewis, claimant of the schooner, appeared by Thomas S. Hodson and Blackstone & Bundick his attorneys, and because of the absence of material witnesses for the Commonwealth, case was continued until the 2nd day of December term next.

Rule was awarded against Walter Wessels, to show cause why he should not be attached for his contempt for failing to appear as a witness in the case of the Commonwealth against schooner "Geo. T. Garrison".

Joseph R. Riggs qualified as administrator of Emily Kilmon, deceased; Judson F. Wessells as administrator of A. F. Wessels, deceased; and L. J. Gunter and Samuel T. Ross as administrators of Wm. C. Hall, deceased.

John D. Parsons and Edwin T. Powell qualified as Notaries Public for county of Accomac.

Accounts in criminal cases were allowed as follows: Wm. T. Parks J.P., $1; Thomas G. Clayton, J.P., $1; T. W. Blackstone, J.P., $4; Dr. G. L. Ames, $2.50; J. C. Wescott, constable, $2.76 and $1.50; W. A. P. Strang, J.P., $6; E. O. F. Custis, constable, $41.20

All accounts against county for services of surveyors of public roads, presented to the court at this term, were examined and allowed, except the following: Jas. E. Smith, Jas. R. Bull, Jas. S. Collins, Henry O. Finney, Jas. H. Grinnalds, Noah E. Miles, Julius G. Matthews, S. T. Martin, S. J. Revel and Jno. L. Warren. These were not allowed because the surveyors had not filed their annual report as required by law. As soon as the reports are made to the court these accounts will probably be examined and allowed.

Bar-room and retail liquor license was granted to Jackson Hall at Taylor's Point, in Metompkin district.

E. B. Swanger & Co. vs. Wm. H. Oliver, (on attachment). Case dismissed on motion of plaintiff.

Jno H. Fisher vs. Jno. S. Matthews, (on attachment for rent). Judgment for plaintiff and order of sale entered.

Geo. C. Mapp vs. R. C. Wallace, (on attachment for rent). Judgment for plaintiff and order of sale.

The report of Samuel T. Ross, commissioner of accounts, as to the sufficiency, solvency, etc. of the county treasurer's official bond, was received and recorded.

The application of Moses C. Smith to transfer his liquor license from Drummondtown to Onancock, was dismissed on motion of the applicant.

Commonwealth vs. Wm. Douglas Custis, (upon indictment for assault and battery). Defendant tried, convicted and sentenced to pay $5 fine and costs of prosecution and to serve 30 days in jail.

Commonwealth vs. "a certain open flat bottom batteau", used by Geo. P. Fisher and others in violation of the oyster law, (on an information). The case was tried and defendant being found employed in taking oysters unlawfully as alleged in the information, was condemned and ordered to be sold.

Levin Richardson and William Parker, recognized to answer indictments for assault and battery and disturbing religious worship, were discharged, the grand jury having returned the indictments against them "not true bills".

Commonwealth vs. Tobe Riley and Levin Stran, (on indictment for disturbing religious worship). Defendants were tried, found not guilty and discharged.

Rev. Byron C. Clark was granted authority to celebrate the rites of matrimony.

Thos. W. Russell was appointed a special commissioner, to inspect the inventory of Wm. C. Hall, deceased, and make up the administration account of his estate when requested to do so by the administrators.

(To be continued).

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 18, 1893