Peninsula Enterprise, February 11, 1893


Proceedings, January Term, 1893.

Following fiduciary accounts confirmed and ordered to be recorded: audits of estates of Henry Fosque, colored, Thomas Kilmon, Edward R. Custis, Edward J. White, Geo. T. James, Wm. H. Parker Sr., Jas. T. Lewis of Wm. K., and Revel J. Lewis; trust accounts of Levin R. Lewis and others; orphan accounts of Henry Olive Rue and Jas. H. Belote.

Wm. M. Taylor, J.P., paid into court $20 fine received of Andrew Revel, convicted of carrying concealed weapons.

James L. Belote qualified as administrator of Arthur T. Belote, deceased; Edwin T. Powell, of Margaret Downing, deceased; Geo. C. Watson, of Catharine Watson, deceased; J. W. G. Blackstone, of Phoebe Custis, deceased; and Cornelius T. Coffin as executor of Jas. G. Coffin, deceased.

Henry Brown, a prisoner in jail, was discharged, having served out his term and being unable to pay costs of prosecution.

A special grand jury was empaneled and returned (true bills) one indictment for feloniously causing bodily injury, six for assault and battery, one for felonious house breaking, one for unlawful trespass, one for unlawful injury to personal property and one for petit larceny.

John S. Gaskins, who was recognized to answer an indictment for shooting one Isaac Sterling, appeared in court and was discharged, grand jury having ignored the indictment against him for the offense.

Louisa Johnson, who was committed to jail to answer an indictment for petit larceny was discharged by the court, grand jury having ignored the indictment.

Henry Tyler, who was recognized to answer an indictment for assault and battery on one Etta Johnson, was discharged by the Court, the said Etta having appeared in court and acknowledged in writing that she had received satisfaction for the said injury.

Max C. Broughton qualified as deputy for Jas. W. Broughton, Commissioner of Revenue for District No. 1.

Isaac J. Wright and Levi Ross confined in jail and charged with lunacy were removed to the Poorhouse by order of the court, they having been examined and pronounced not to be lunatics.

Ex parte: Petition of Clarence S. Kilmon, &c's guardian. Petition filed by Patrick W. Kilmon, guardian, for disposition of his ward's personal property. Order entered directing the guardian to loan out the money on unencumbered real estate.

W. S. Horsey's admr. vs. G. G. Guillette (on a scire facias.) Execution awarded in favor of the plaintiff.

Benjamin G. Johnson resigned as guardian of John, Hester, Sarah W., Ann and Lorenzo Dow and qualified as guardian of John Q. C., Hester J., Sarah W., Anna L., and Lorenzo D. Hinman, orphans of Lorenzo D. Hinman, alias Lorenzo Dow, deceased.

Spencer F. Rogers qualified as guardian of Almer D., Alice L. and Eveline W. Mister, infant children of L. Dow Mister.

Sylvester R. Belote qualified as guardian of Mary, Pearle B. and Georgie A. McMath, orphan of Geo. W. McMath, deceased.

Julius J. Belote qualified as guardian of Ovennia Finney, orphan of Jim Finney, deceased.

Geo. D. Scarborough qualified as guardian of his infant children, Virginia Catharine, Richard, Sarah and George Carson Watson.

Application of L. J. Corbin and others for a public bridge over Assawoman Mill branch. Report of the commissioner filed and confirmed, bid of Geo. R. Nock accepted and commissioner directed to contract and take bond.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters entered as follows; For Jas. R. Bull, $8.66; Henry Battaile, $1; F. T. Boggs, 50 cents; D. F. White & Bro., $7.10; Geo T. Taylor, $3.45; and D. J. Northam, $24.13.

Wm. Somers, etc, assignees vs. Wm. W. Wessells (on attachment). Attachment returned, levied and cause put upon the docket.

Petition of Sealmore Bloxom and others for a public road on Chincoteague Island. Petition filed and order appointing viewers entered.

Bar-room and retail liquor license were granted to Wm. E. Lewis at Drummondtown and Solomon J. Lucas at Messongo.

John W. Kellam was appointed and qualified as Justice of Peace for magisterial district of Pungoteague.

Estates of Shalmanezer Davis, deceased, and William Walston, deceased, were committed to John H. Wise, sheriff, for administration.

Summons to show cause why he should not be attached was awarded against Colie Chambers, for failing to appear as a witness in behalf of the Commonwealth vs. Louis Fedder.

Commonwealth vs. Joseph Anderson (on indictment for house breaking with intent to commit larceny). Nolle prosequi entered by consent of the court.

An authenticated copy of the last will and testament of Wm. T. Fleming, deceased, late of Somerset Co., Md., was produced in court and admitted to record.

Commonwealth vs. John M. Colona (on motion to revoke his bar-room license). Evidence heard and cause dismissed.

Commonwealth vs. W. A. Bloxom (on motion to revoke his hotel license). Evidence heard and cause dismissed.

Mary S. Walden vs. Douglas Savage, colored, (upon complaint of unlawful detainer). Jury not agreeing, cause continued for a new trial.

Upon application of P. W. Kilmon, surveyor, viewers were appointed to report what encroachments, if any, have been made on certain parts of his public road.

George T. West vs. Arthur R. Coard (on a petition of interpleader). Order to summon parties to litigate their claims to certain property levied on under distress warrant.

Geo. W. Barnes' admr. c.t.a. vs. Frank Barnes, et als. (on petition). Order entered authorizing Blackstone & Bundick, attorney for Eva T. Barnes, one of the defendants, to withdraw from the Marine Bank her share of the funds to the credit of the cause there on deposit.

Commonwealth vs. Louis Fedder (on indictment for permitting unlawful gaming at his house of entertainment at his house at Dunkirk). Defendant tried, convicted, fined $100 and costs of prosecution, required to give recognizance for his good behavior for 12 months and his license was declared forfeited and revoked. He paid fine and costs into court.

Commonwealth vs. Louis Fedder (on indictment for unlawfully opening his bar-room on Sunday). Defendant tried, convicted, fined $10 and costs of prosecution and his license declared forfeited and revoked.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
February 11, 1893