Peninsula Enterprise, January 12, 1895


Proceedings, December Term, 1894.

Wm. M. Taylor, J.P., paid into court $5 fine received of Laura Addison, convicted before him of petit larceny.

Accounts against Commonwealth in criminal cases were allowed as follows: J. C. Otwell, (assisting to make arrest,) $3; Wm. M. Taylor, J.P., $1.50 and $1; Jos. C. Wescott, constable, $7.68; John H. Wise, sheriff, $48.10; Samuel C. Melson, jailer, $15.50 and $69.10; Rebecca Joynes, (nursing lunatic,) $6; Warren Johnson, (assisting to make arrest), $1.50.

Following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Trust accounts of Geo. D. Wharton and wife, Nannie J. Wharton, Julius W. Ward and wife, Thorogood M. Taylor and wife, Henry S. Dix and wife; Orphan accounts of Demetrius Lewis, Joseph Jones, Mabel W., Winnie Lee and Mitchell W. West, Jr., Teackle, John and Walter Belote, Oaknall J., Bessie M., Mary M. and Fannie S. Humphreys, Sherwood W. Dix, Ida E. and Isaac J. Hudson, Asa T. Taylor, Clarence E. Burch and Howard Caulk; Audits of estates of James S. Jones Sr., Louis S. Roberts, Augustus F. Wessels, George W. McMath and Emily Kilmon.

Inquest held over James Colona by Wm. M. Taylor, J.P., and acting coroner, was returned and filed.

The report of viewers was filed in matter of the petition of Edward T. Lang, road surveyor, for election district of Temperanceville, and Joseph H. Conquest appeared by attorney and summons was awarded against Erastus Chesser to appear on the 1st day of next term, to show cause why he should not be required to remove the obstructions made by him &c.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: N. W. Nock, $6; George T. Gillespie, $4; Perry Bloxom, $4; D. Frank White, $2.50.

Levin Hickman was discharged from jail, having served the term for which he was sentenced and being unable to pay the fine and costs.

Commonwealth vs. Jas. W. Thornton Jr., (on a rule for failing to appear as a witness). The defendant appeared, was examined and rule discharged.

Last will of John Hart was proved and George Hart qualified as executor.

Last will of William H. Matthews was proved and ordered to be recorded.

Henry T. Mason was authorized to change his ordinary and retail liquor license from the hotel at Bloxom to his house across the street from hotel.

Emily J. Kelly vs. D. Frank White (upon a complaint of unlawful detainer). Jury empanelled, evidence heard, jury disagreed and cause continued until third day of next term for a new trial.

William E. Lewis was authorized to change his bar-room and retail liquor license from his house, the late Masonic hall at Drummondtown, to house lately occupied by Wm. L. Bundick, belonging to estate of Wm. C. Hall, deceased.

A. Webster Taylor qualified as administrator of his mother, Hetty C. Taylor, deceased.

Petition filed by H. T. Mason and others for permission to change the public road passing through the lands of John S. Phillips and D. Frank White, surveyor, was ordered to view and report.

Ex parte: Petition of John Rew's executor. Report of Fletcher & Gunter, attorneys, filed and order confirming same entered.

Woody W. Brickhouse was authorized to assign his bar-room liquor license at Belle Haven to George W. Drummond for the unexpired period of said license.

John H. Wise, sheriff, made report in following cases: Commonwealth vs. bateau of Joseph H. and Albert L. Taylor; same vs. bateau said to belong to John T. Sterling; same vs. bateau said to belong to Geo. Collins; same vs. Bugeye T. J. Hickman; same vs. Bateau Trinket; same vs. Schooner George Jayne; same vs. a certain open flat bottom bateau used by Geo. P. Fisher and others, and same vs. Schooner George T. Garrison, which reports were confirmed and causes removed from the docket and in all of said causes the vessels were declared forfeited and sold for violation of the oyster laws.

Wm. P. Bell was appointed commissioner to receive proposals for rebuilding a bridge in Drummondtown near Elijah W. Hickman's blacksmith shop.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
January 12, 1895