Peninsula Enterprise, June 25, 1887


Proceedings, May Term, 1887.

Last will of John Sheppard Bunting, deceased, was duly probated.

Last will of John E. Ames, deceased, probated, and Richard T. and Edward A. Ames qualified as executors.

Edward A. Ames qualified as administrator de bonis non of John H. Ames, deceased.

Fiduciary accounts were confirmed as follows: Orphan account of Annie L. Sturgis, Audits of estates of John E. Bell, Elijah Spence, John P. Justice and John A. White.

Oyster inspectors made reports for quarter ending May 31st, as follows: John R. Johnson collected $84.80, due State $76.32; John C. Justis collected $69.58, due State $62.63; Charles P. Finney collected $29, due State $26.10.

Order entered substituting L. Floyd Nock a trustee in place of Abel T. Johnson, deceased, in deed from Thorogood M. Taylor and wife for benefit of James T. Hurst.

A special grand jury impaneled returned into court fine indictments "true bills" -- one for rape, one for house breaking, and seven for selling intoxicating liquor unlawfully; and "not true bills" -- one for house breaking and one for selling liquor unlawfully.

Authority to celebrate the rites of matrimony granted Revs. S. J. Morris, R. Irving Watkins and Richard Walsh.

Archibald Annis was appointed superintendent of the poor and qualified.

Certificates to obtain license to manufacture oil, &c., from menhaden were granted John W. Bunting, David R. Mister, Edwin J. Foote, Henry L. Crockett, Crockett & Connorton, and T. A. Crockett & Co., and to manage seine &c. for catching menhaden &c. [illegible].

Petition of Elias H. Justice to improve and widen his road precinct and viewers appointed.

George W. Glenn, surveyor, directed to purchase material and repair public bridges in his precinct.

Report of viewers in road cases were filed in petitions of George W. Nock and others, Geo. W. Glenn and others (amount approved and certified to the Board of Supervisors), David B. Marshall and others, and John W. Taylor and others, (report recommitted).

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows; John Brittingham, $3; Wesley S. Miles, $2; N. W. Nock, $4; John L. Gillespie, $2; W. W. Trader, $1; F. T. Stockley & Co., $38.36; Wm. White, $1.87 1/2; George W. Walker, $5.88; W. T. Core, $2; James Hatton and James Satchell, $1 each; S. M. Hancock, $208.75; Solomon T. Johnson, $5; Levin J. Hyslop, $319.57.

Bar room liquor license were granted in Pungoteague district to Jacob & Doughty, James Harman and Lucius J. Kellam at Belle Haven; John E. Bradford at Locustmount; Benjamin F. Hargis at Powelton; Lucius J. Kellam at Keller station.

James H. Evans who was tried for attempt to commit rape will be again tried next term -- first jury failed to agree.

Inquest held over dead body of Geo. W. T. Hinman was returned and filed.

John W. Gillet was appointed a commissioner in chancery and qualified.

Sale of schooner Daisey confirmed, and sheriff ordered to pay expenses, costs, and balance of proceeds to clerk as a fine for Commonwealth.

Petition of D. F. White and others for public road at Leemont, and order appointing viewers.

On petition of H. T. Mason, &c., to improve road at Leemont. Order directing D. H. Johnson as commissioner to make improvements and expend if necessary $28.35.

Reports by commissioner, Solomon T. Johnson, of the completion of rebuilding Swanseagut bridge, and George W. Walker, surveyor of Trader's bridge.

Caleb Watson et als. vs. Jess Bowden, (to writ of unlawful detainer.) Plaintiffs were nonsuited.

Upon Wm. L. Conant, &c's petition tor public road. Report of commissioners filed.

Commissioner awarded to take attestation of Geo. W. Tull a witness to the will of Solomon Copes, deceased.

Petition of Benj. W. Mears &c, for public road. Report made by Surveyor, Levin J. Hyslop, of the completion of the road, and cause removed from docket.

Petition of Levin W. Nock &c., for public road. Order for viewers to make additional report.

Tracy, Powers and Peterson, appellants vs. Luke C. Lewis, appellee. Judgment of justice affirmed.

Upon petition of E. E. Corbett and others for public road and foot-way on Tangier Island. Order approving an expenditure of $500, and certify same to Board of Supervisors for approval or rejection.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
June 25, 1887