November Term, 1899


Proceedings, November Term, 1899.

L. Floyd Nock qualified as executor of John H. Mears and as administrator of Elizabeth Jane Mears, widow of said John E. Mears, deceased.

Charles C. Dix qualified as administrator of John T. Scott, deceased.

The estate of Eliza Mears, deceased, was committed to Levin J. Gunter, sheriff, for administration.

The sheriff reported the number of prisoners in jail -- only one.

The clerk reported the list of fines reported to him by Justices of the Peace in month of October.

L. J. Winder & Co. vs Baltimore Bargain House (on attachment). This cause was entered, agreed dismissed, with defendant to pay the cost.

Petition of Benj. Young et als for a drain. Cause continued on motion of petitioners until first day of next term.

Petition of L. T. Ross and others for a public bridge and to change public road at Northam's mill. Approved by the court and necessary expenditure ($125) certified to Board of Supervisors.

Costs of inquest over Vinsant Ginn filed, held by Emory Maffitt, J.P., and acting coroner, allowed.

William L. Nock appointed trustee in place of James G. Nock, declined, in deed from Handy Parks for benefit of L. Floyd Nock.

Emma Mable Selby exonerated for payment of erroneous assessments of taxes for 1898.

Ex parte James Mason of M.'s admr. Report of Jos. R. Riggs, administrator, filed and confirmed.

Retail liquor license granted to Parvis E. Bloxom at "Harrington" in Pungoteague Magisterial District.

Samuel W. Ames vs. Henry Bevans (on attachment for rent). Judgment for plaintiff and order of sale of attached property to satisfy rent and costs of attachment.

A regular grand jury was empanelled and returned into court as a "true bill" and indictment against John Riley Marshall for selling liquor unlawfully and as "not true bills", indictments against Joseph Johnson for selling liquor unlawfully, and John W. H. Nock for malicious and felonious cutting.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of John W. Gillespie, Henry P. Mason, Polly Turlington, Edward Snead, George Rayfield and John O. Selby; orphan accounts of Emma Mabel Selby, Susie E. and H. K. Drummond, Manie E. Bull nee Rogers, and Henrietta C. Quinby; trust account of Meshack Mears and wife.

Petition of Jno Kilmon of James' admr. Report of Wm. T. Mason filed and confirmed.

Petition of George S. Rogers and others for public road (from Onley to road to Slutkill Neck). Further expenditure to complete the work approved by the court, to wit $80.00, and certified to Board of Supervisors.

Robert S. Scarburgh's &c's guardian vs. Robert S. Scarburgh (on petition). Order for expenditure by guardian, Thos. W. Blackstone, of $250.00 for two years out of Henrietta Scarburgh's principal money for maintenance and education and for payment of cost of amended petition.

Petition of Fletcher Drummond and others to change public road and for public bridge over "Horse Branch", near Parksley. Order for completion of work and for report to commissioner, W. McK. Taylor.

Joseph J. Wescott vs. Frederic Thomas (on a warrant). This cause was entered, agreed dismissed.

Petition of Joseph E. Brodwater and others for a drain. Order entered excusing Jno. D. Parsons from serving as a commissioner and appointing John J. Tunnell in his place.

Petition of Thos. R. Mears & others for a public road. Order for completion of work and for report by commissioner, Geo. E. Carmine.

Petition of Annie R. Lewis &c's late guardian. Order for payment of unpaid costs, by late guardian, L. Floyd Nock.

Petition of Lloyd T. Bowden &c's late guardian. Order for payment of unpaid costs, by late guardian, L. Floyd Nock.

Petition of J. W. Williams & others for public road on Chincoteague Island. Petition filed and viewers appointed.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
December 9, 1899