Peninsula Enterprise, May 11, 1895


Proceedings, April Term, 1895.

Robley D. Jones, of Snow Hill, Md., qualified to practice law in this court.

Certificates to obtain license to catch fish and also to manufacture oil therefrom were granted to the American Fish Guano Co., Harborton, Va.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of Alfred P. Selby, William S. Hope, Margaret S. Ames, Thomas Milliner, Sarah A. Milliner and John H. Cropper; account of John W. Kelly, committee of Geo. W. Tull, lunatic; orphan accounts of Judson R. Collins, Oscar L. Powell, George T. Finney, Lloyd T., Emmett J., Charles, Irvin W., Ebe T. and Paul Bowden, Annie R., Archie S., Elzie N. and Edward B. Lewis.

Commonwealth vs. Joseph S. Pruitt (on indictment for keeping and exhibiting a gaming table). Judgment of circuit court granting defendant a new trial received and entered and case continued until 2d day of next term.

Authority to celebrate the rites of matrimony was granted to Charles P. Swain of Methodist Episcopal Church, and John W. Charlton of Methodist Protestant Church.

Order entered, authorizing John s. Phillips to change and straighten public road across his land near Parksley.

In matter of payment and delivery of estate of Elijah Evans to his legatees. Order authorizing the payment and delivery after deducting costs of proceedings, to his legatees without a refunding bond.

Commonwealth vs. Henry T. Mason (on indictment for selling liquor unlawfully). Jury disagreed and cause continued until 2d day of next term.

Commonwealth vs. Andrew Finney, colored, (on indictment for highway robbery). Defendant tried, convicted and sentenced to eight years in penitentiary.

Stewart K. Powell qualified as guardian of George D., Isabel, Harriet W. and Mary A. Wilkens, children of William B. Wilkens.

Application of Wm. S. Waterman for barroom and retail liquor license at Bloxom was contested by A. W. Short and J. W. Barnes, and after hearing the evidence the court refused the license.

Susan Perkins, colored, a deaf mute, indicted for burning stables and horses of Geo. W. Abdell, was discharged, four terms having elapsed since finding of the indictment without trial. She was immediately arrested under a peace warrant and not being able to give bond was committed to jail by Justice of Peace, where she will probably stay until the legislature points out what is to be done with a deaf mute, absolutely ignorant and vicious.

Liquor licenses were granted as follows: Hotel, to five persons, which includes the privilege of selling liquor only by the drink, to be drunk at the place where sold; bar room to twenty-eight persons, which grants the privilege to sell by the quantity not exceeding five gallons at any time to any individual and not to be drunk where sold; to one wholesale dealer in malt liquors.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 11, 1895