October Term, 1899


Proceedings, October Term, 1899.

Accounts against Commonwealth in criminal matters were allowed as follows: C. C. Dix, late constable, $10.45; John H. Ayres, physician to jail, $7.50; jailer, $157.80.

Henry L. Crockett resigned as administrator of Peter M. Crockett, deceased.

George T. Stockley executed a new bond as guardian of Walter W., Bowdoin B., Pearl K. and Alice A. Kilmon, orphans of John H. Kilmon, deceased.

Wade Logan was released from jail, having served out his term and being unable to pay costs for which he was detained.

Authority was granted to Leroy J. Bull to assign his license to keep a hotel at Onley to Joseph J. Wescott.

The last will of Thomas J. Hall was proved and ordered to be recorded.

Joseph S. Mills qualified as administrator of the estate of William S. Mills, deceased.

The clerk made report of the list of fines reported to him by Justices of Peace in September 1899.

Petition of Eliza Marshall &c's late guardian. Report of L. Floyd Nock, attorney, filed and order confirming the report.

Robert S. Scarburgh &c's guardian vs. Robert S. Scarburgh &c. Amended petition filed as to Henrietta Scarburgh, by her guardian and cause referred to commissioner of accounts.

Report made of repairs to public road at Dingley's Mill and confirmed.

Petition of L. T. Ross and others to change public road &c. Report of receivers filed and order to summon proprietors of lands.

Petition of Fletcher Drummond and others to alter public road &c. over "Horse Branch", near Parksley. Report of commissioner filed and order approving further expenditure, to complete the work and referring same to Board of Supervisors.

Louis Hurst, agent for James H. Hurst vs. David Mister (on attachment for rent). Judgment for plaintiff and order of sale.

Petition of Benj. F. Young et als for a drain. Report of commissioners filed.

Petition of Joseph E. Broadwater et als for a drain. Order entered directing commissioners to execute order of November 1st, 1898.

Petition of George Hargis' ex'or. Order for expenditure on behalf of Polly Watkinson of $20.00 and for payment of costs.

Wm. H. Parker, appellant, vs. Gem Chemical Co., appellee, (on appeal). Verdict for appellee for part of claim and judgment in accordance with verdict.

Order entered substituting Nathaniel B. Wescott, trustee, in place of Gustave T. Wescott, resigned, in deed from Severn Anthony and wife for benefit of A. S. West, assignee.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed, to wit: Audits of estates of Parker W. Parks and Mary A. Johnson; trust accounts of Leah W. Chambers, Edward T. Guy, John W. Joynes and wife and Wm. F. White and wife &c.; orphan accounts of Werner T., and Alfred B. Gardner, Lorenzo Dow, Annie L., and Sarah W. Hinman, Manly W. Winder, Crosdale R. Evans, William H. Harmon, John R. Rogers and Carroll A. Rogers.

Petition of Jas. Killman of Jas. admr. Order for payment of costs, taxes and Wm. Arthur Killman's share of money in Marine Bank.

Fred W. Hopkins' guardian vs. Fred W. Hopkins. Order for expenditure by guardian for ward of part of principal and for payment of costs.

Petition of Thos. R. Mears and others for a public road near Chesconnessex. Report of commissioner filed and order approving further expenditure to complete work and referring same to Board of Supervisors.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 11, 1899