Peninsula Enterprise, May 9, 1891


Proceedings, April Term, 1891.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded; James H. Feddeman's trust account; audits of estates of Louis Crockett, George Young, Stephen Hopkins, John E. Ames, William T. Gibbons, Lee J. Gibbons, and an account of Margaret S. Ames, with executors of John E. Ames, deceased; Orphan accounts of William T., Margie F., Mary Lee and James T. Gibbons with Alfred J. Gibbons, their acting guardian, Stella V., Bessie L., Benjamin F., Alice M. and Blanche M. Bull, with Joseph S. Bull, their guardian.

S. R. Nelson, J.P., paid into court $2.50 fine received of John Cropper for unlawfully disturbing a church fair.

John A. Bundick, qualified as administrator c.t.a. of Sallie Chandler, deceased.

Lewis Poulson, qualified as guardian of his children, Edmund, Sarah Jane, William Eslie, Wilmer and Nellie Poulson.

John A. Bundick, qualified as guardian of Charles Andrew, William T., Maggie F., Lee May and James T. Gibbons, orphans of William T. Gibbons, deceased.

Authority to celebrate rites of matrimony were granted to Revs. John F. Anderson and Edmund H. Derrickson; of M.E. Church.

Order entered exempting Edward S. Kellam from road duty because physically unable to perform manual labor and Henry P. Mason, of N., from payment of capitation tax because of blindness.

Authority to obtain license to manufacture oil from fish known as alewives and to haul seine as heads of gangs were granted to American Fish Guano Co., William K. Read, Peter Dize and Edward Chandler.

Report of commissioners assigning dower to Revel J. Lewis's widow, was filed and confirmed.

Lorenzo D. Mears, Jr., was appointed surveyor of roads in place of Edward B. Martin resigned, and Thos. Phillips in place of George S. Mapp resigned.

Authority to purchase material to repair bridges was granted to George W. and F. T. Stockley, respectively.

Report of commissioner Charles P. Finney, of repairs to bridge over Leatherbury Branch was confirmed.

Order entered discharging George Tankard from imprisonment, he having served his term and being unable to pay fine and costs.

Thomas R. Ayres, resigned as executor of Polly Ayres, deceased.

Commonwealth vs. George Savage (on indictment for carrying razor concealed). Defendant tried, convicted and fined $20 and costs of prosecution.

Commonwealth vs. Tony H. Middleton (on indictment for assault and battery). Defendant tried, acquitted and discharged.

Commonwealth vs. N.Y., P. & N.R.R. Co. (on indictment for obstructing public road at Hallwood and Tasley station). Defendant tried, found guilty and fined $20, for each offence and cost of prosecution.

Upon petition of James G. Fox and others, for a public road from Gargatha to seaside. Petition filed and order appointing viewers to examine route &c.

James H. Fletcher, Jr., qualified as administrator of Walter F. Brodwater, deceased.

Last will of John M. Pitts, was proved and John Q. A. Herring, of Philadelphia, qualified as administrator c.t.a.

Col. John L. Thomas, of Baltimore, qualified to practice law in county court of Accomac.

Richard Bayly, of R.'s estate was committed to hands of John H. Wise, Sheriff, for administration.

George W. Barnes, administrator c.t.a. vs. Frank Barnes &c., infants. Report of J. W. G. Blackstone, filed and order entered confirming same.

Application of Noah E. Miles, surveyor, for means to repair his road. Report of commissioner William T. Parks, Sr., received and entered, and order appointing viewers with instructions.

Commonwealth vs. pungy, J. W. Brooks, (on an information). Report of John H. Wise, Sheriff, filed and order entered approving and removing cause from docket.

Order entered substituting J. H. Fletcher, Jr., trustee in place of John D. White, deceased, in deed from Richard Bayly, of R., for benefit of James A. Hall.

Order on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows: C. P. Finney (2 accounts) $27.25; F. E. Kellam, $39.84; West, Willis & Wyatt, $5.00; J. W. Edmonds, $2.50; James T. Hurst, $1; N. A. Smith, $5.00; William T. Parks, $3.00; John L. Gillespie, $6.60.

License to keep a hotel granted respectively to D. A. Martin, Pungoteague; G. L. Doughty, Belle Haven; Duffield Savage, Drummondtown. Hotel and retail liquor license, to Wesley A. Bloxom, Locustville; E. W. Barnes, Bloxom station; A. S. Kellam, Wachapreague. Barroom liquor license to G. E. Winder, Pungoteague; W. C. West, Onancock; Wm. L. Bundick, Mappsville; Jas. Harman, Belle Haven; Harvey Marston, Keller. Barroom and retail liquor license to C. K. Taylor, Mill Bridge; Isaiah T. Johnson, Taylorville; W. S. Waterman, Bloxom station; William Walsh Mappsville; S. C. Mason, Masonville; Jas. H. Milliner, Drummondtown; Wm. E. Scott, Parksley; E. D. Hinman, Leemont; Robt. E. Bunting, Shiloh Valley; E. A. Bloxom, Locustville; A. S. Bull, Fair Oaks; James W. Bell, Wachapreague; Shield & Bros., Pungoteague; William C. Hall, Drummondtown; Lloyd W. Mears, Mearstown; Jas. R. Hickman, Metompkin; John L. Gardner, near Savageville; Thos. G. Elliott, Mappsburg; Wm. C. Colonna, Gargatha; Geo. F. Parker, Drummondtown; Wm. B. Doughty, Daugherty. Retail liquor license to Jas. H. Bayly, Cashville.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 9, 1891