April Term, 1898


Proceedings, April Term, 1898.

H. Fitzgerald qualified as trustee of Metompkin School District.

Last will of Elizabeth G. Elliott, deceased, was proved.

Spencer R. Nelson qualified as guardian of Jessie M. and Henrietta C. Quinby, orphans of Upshur B. Quinby, deceased.

The estate of Levi Northam, colored, was committed to John H. Wise, sheriff.

Benjamin F. Parkes qualified as administrator of Adeline E. Watts, deceased.

G. Walter Mapp and William A. Northam qualified, each as a Notary Public for the county of Accomac.

Authority to marry was granted to Rev. Edward D. Stone of Methodist Protestant Church, and to Revs. Asbury Burke and Geo. F. Hopkins of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Harry O. Barueson, a native of Norway, was naturalized as citizen of United States.

Accounts against Commonwealth in criminal and lunacy cases were allowed as follows: To Edward W. Hutchinson, J.P., $4.00; Levi R. Boggs, J.P., $3.00; Tank G. Kellam, constable, $8.30; attorney for Commonwealth, $30.00; jailer, $56.85 and Samuel C. Melson, special constable, $1.10.

The following oyster inspectors appointed by Board of Fisheries, qualified: First district: Solomon Warner; second and third: Lee B. Kellam; fourth: William D. Dise; fifth: Jas. E. Anderton; sixth: Alfred J. Lewis; seventh: John H. Walker.

Order entered authorizing surviving executors of John W. Gillett, deceased to sell stock of The National Mechanics Bank of Baltimore, Md., standing in name of decedent.

Ex parte: Petition of Oaknal J. Humphreys &c's late guardian (L. Floyd Nock). Report of late guardian filed and confirmed.

Ex parte: Petition of Judson C. Collins' late guardian (L. Floyd Nock). Report of late guardian filed and confirmed.

Ex parte: Petition of Lloyd T. Bowden &c's late guardian (L. Floyd Nock). Report of late guardian filed and confirmed and order for loan.

Ex parte: Petition of Isabella and Daniel Jones' guardian (L. Floyd Nock). Order confirming report of commissioner of accounts and for monthly allowance for support &c. of wards.

Petition of Joseph L. Cooper and others for a public road on Tangier Island. Order approving road and certifying same to Board of Supervisors.

Application of E. J. Miles and others to build bridge over Modestown branch. Report of Wm. McK. Taylor filed and confirmed and order for payment of expenses and costs.

Petition of W. F. Mears and others for public road from Nock's Branch to Melfa Station. Petition filed and viewers appointed.

Petition of John T. Nock & others and Joshua H. Turner and others for public roads from Bradford's and Upshur's Neck, public road (from nearest point) to bridge across Machipungo Creek; and from Hawks Nest to western end of said bridge.

Order entered changing voting place from Masonville to Parksley.

Report of commissioner of accounts, John S. Parsons, as to sufficiency &c of county treasurer's bond received and recorded.

Ex parte: Petition of Nora Wise's late guardian. Report of Samuel T. Ross, attorney, confirmed and cause removed from the docket.

Ex parte: Petition of George Hargis's executor. Report of executor, Samuel T. Ross, confirmed.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered recorded: Orphan accounts of Charles T. Scott, Minnesota Lewis, Fannie S. Humphreys, Euda and Bessie J. Downing, Mary, Coleburn and Margaret Saulsbury, Marion Hall, Robert E. Powell and Jewell A. Dix; audits of estates of Benjamin W. Mears and John W. Gillett; trust accounts of George C. Mapp and wife, Custis M. Dunton and Jefferson D. Jacobs and wife, Wm. F. Flemming and wife, Wm. F. Fleming (2); Walter E. Morris and wife, Milton Lee Davis et als and George Downing; legatee account of Manie Hickman Twyford.

Land donated by A. J. Read and others (old Martin wharf road) accepted by court as a public road.

Petition of Sydney M. Hancock and others for a public road from Hallwood to Bloomtown. Report of William L. Nock, commissioner, filed and confirmed; bid or proposal of William H. Hall to build road for $500.00 accepted by court and said commissioner directed to contract and take bond for building the road.

Order entered substituting L. Floyd Nock, trustee in deed from William Fisher Mears & wife for benefit of Mary E. Mears.

Order entered substituting Jno. A. Bundick trustee in deed from Alice M. Lytle for benefit of Francis D. Parkes.

Orders were entered appointing registrars and judges of election for Onancock Town and the town of Saxis, to hold municipal elections.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
May 7, 1898