Peninsula Enterprise, November 6, 1886


October Term, 1886.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Asa T. Dix's trust account; audits of estates of Edward P. East, Nathaniel Conquest, John W. Lingo; orphan accounts of Mary F. and James E. Ward, William Wright, Louis D. and Alonzo W. Heath, Mary Lillian and Elmer K. Lewis.

A regular grand jury was sworn and returned the following indictments: "True Bills" against Edward Justis, William Phillips, William T. Winder and Duffield Savage for selling intoxicating liquor unlawfully; Walter D. Lewis for keeping livery stable without license; John J. Wise for practicing as a physician without a license -- and "Not True Bills" against Robert E. Ewell for assault and battery, Geo Cherrix and William H. Rowley for unlawfully taking, catching and planting of oysters.

Letters of administration were granted as follows: Jno. P. L. Hopkins on estate of James White; Wm. H. Coxton on estate of Thomas A. Coxton; Joseph R. Riggs on estate of Elizabeth B. Young; L. Floyd Nock on estate of Nancy B. Coard.

The following guardians were appointed and qualified: Zorobabel C. Mason of Margaret K. and Annie W. Turner; Bettie Justis of John Edward and Nancy Catharine Justis; John Neely of Hallie Crane, Edwin and Howard Caulk.

Isaiah F. Justis resigned as guardian of Jno. Edward and Nancy Catharine Justis.

Ordered that the creditors of Edward P. East, deceased, show cause against the payment and delivery of his estate without a refunding bond.

Ex Parte petition of Jno. M. Parker's admr. Order withdrawing share of Mary E. Bull et als from Marine bank, payment of costs &c.

Thos. A. Northam vs. Geo. W. Powell & Bros., (on appeal.) Dismissed on motion of appellant.

Accounts against the Commonwealth in criminal cases in favor of George T. Gladding, constable, John H. Wise, sheriff, (2 accounts), and Joseph W. Mears, J.P., were allowed and certified.

Geo. F. Parramore was appointed a member of County School Electoral Board in place of Wm. C. Coleburn, who failed to qualify.

Thos. B. C. Gibb vs. Chas. P. Hudson, (attachment for rent). Judgment for plaintiff for part of claim and order of sale.

F. T. Boggs vs. Geo. S. White, (attachment for rent). Docketed and continued.

Orders on county treasurer in road and bridge cases were entered as follows to wit: Major Mason, $5; W. C. Northam, $30; A. J. Taylor, $25.92; S. T. Ross, $5; Bloomtown Mill Co., $6.16; T. H. B. Corbin, $12; Sam'l B. Slocomb & Wm. E. Mapp, each $4; James T. Edwards, $7; Luther N. Boggs, $5; Jas. H. Hutchinson and Wm. H. Lewis, each $6; Wm. A. Burton, $16.19; Wm. T. Copes, $3; L. T. Marshall, Chas. P. Finney, Solomon T. Johnson and Geo. W. Core each $2; Jesse Trader, E. J. Hinman, Jno. S. Tull, Joseph R. Riggs, each $1; L. W. Hinman, $2.52; Jas. H. Fletcher, Sr. $2.16; John Somers, $100; Jno. F. Powell, $3.

Orders were entered for Sam'l B. Slocomb and Luther N. Boggs surveyors of roads to purchase material to repair public bridges.

Petition filed by Geo. W. walker surveyor to repair "Trader's bridge" and matter referred to Board of Supervisors.

Petition of John Sommers and others for public road. Road opened, was reported built and order to pay petitioners cost at contract price.

Petition of Henry R. Boggs and others to build bridge over Matchatank creek. Proposals of Wm. H. Drummond and Tully W. Scott accepted and commissioner ordered to contract for and superintend building of bridge.

Petition of Major E. Selby and others for public road. Proposal of Wm. H. Selby and Major W. Pitchard accepted and commissioner ordered to contract for and superintend building of road.

Petition of Ira Payne surveyor, to repair Swansea Gut bridge. Report of commissioner in favor of new bridge filed and matter referred to Board of Supervisors.

Commonwealth vs. Isaac Sommers et als, (on Scire Facias.) Continued to next term.

Last will of Wm. R. Parramore probated, and M. Oldham, Jr., and Wm. P. Bell qualified as executors.

Belle S. Mears vs. Upshur Guano Co. Cause continued until 2nd day of next term and rule awarded vs. Parker Wills for not attending as witness for defendant.

Tully M. Lewis's gdn. vs. Tully M. Lewis (on petition). Order confirming expenditure of Jno. W. Gillet for his ward, Tully M. Lewis.

Mary Louis Battaile &c's gdn. and trustee vs. Mary Louis Battaile and others (on petition). Order directing expenditure by plaintiff for defendants and payment of costs.

Wm. Waterfield use of Jno. M. Fosque's admrs. vs. Geo Ker and, William Seymore, (in debt). Judgment for plaintiff.

Chas. Dambrech a native of Germany was admitted a citizen of the United States.

Rules were awarded vs. Geo. B. Fosque, Geo. T. Scarburgh and Wm. J. Ayres for failure to attend before grand jury as witnesses for county.

Bar room license was granted to Tully W. Parker at Bobtown.

John McClain's administrator d. b. n. vs. John McClain et als, (on petition.) Petition filed and order for plaintiff to pay costs and make deposit in Marine bank.

Petition of John D. Parsons and others for public road from Atlantic to Oak Hall station. Petition filed and viewers appointed.

The following persons were appointed surveyors of public roads: L. Floyd Nock vice Wm. R. Parramore, deceased; Wm. H. Rew vice Geo. W. Core; Walter H. Marsh vice Thomas Edwards of John; Peter Martin vice James H. Hutchinson; Wm. Core vice James A. Turner, deceased.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
November 6, 1886