June Term, 1898


Proceedings, June Term, 1898.

The following fiduciary accounts were confirmed and ordered to be recorded: Audits of estates of Southey S. Parramore, Alfred Loffland, Basil Hill, Emory J. Chase, Claude Guy and Wm. S. Kellam; trust accounts of Sarah J. Mister, Walter E. Morris & wife and Sally H. Gunter; orphan accounts of Rebecca Gardner, Ellen P., Maggie, Chillion M. and Elizabeth Byrd, Margaret Ann Jones, Effie, Susie and Eva Downing, Evelyn W., Alma L. and Alice L. Mister.

The will of Ann R. Addison was proved and Geo. W. Addison qualified as executor.

The wills of Lydia A. Barnes and Dennis W. Gray were proved.

Roy D. White qualified as Notary Public for county of Accomac.

The clerk made report of all fines certified to him by Justices of Peace during the month of May, which was examined by the court and filed.

The Commonwealth vs. Edward S. Pettit (on indictment for unlawfully fishing a fyke net) Nolle prosequi entered and defendant discharged.

The sheriff and jailer made report of the number &c. of persons (4) in jail.

Petition of J. D. Mears & als for public road from Keller to Pungoteague. Order for commissioner to expend balance of sum for building road and approving a further appropriation of $50 to complete same and certifying it to Board of Supervisors.

Petition of Wm. J. Matthews & als for public road on Chincoteague Island. Alias summons awarded against Wilcox & Co., proprietors of lands to be taken.

Petition of George S. Nock & als for public road from S. R. Nelson's Bagwell place to Onley. Order approving the building to the road and certifying same to Board of Supervisors.

Petitions of Jno. T. Nock & als., and Joshua H. Turner & als., for public roads in connection with new Machipungo bridge. Order approving the roads and certifying same to Board of Supervisors.

Accounts against the Commonwealth in criminal matters were allowed as follows: For Thos. G. Clayton, J.P., $2.50; jailer (board of prisoners) $35.40; cost of board of jury in murder trial $24.00.

The oaths of office subscribed by the mayor and councilmen of Onancock were handed to the court and recorded.

Retail liquor license were granted to John Arthur Bayly at "Craddockville", and James F. Wharton and William Wharton at "Drummondtown".

Petition of Wm. H. Harmon's admrs. Order for payment of 1898 taxes and share of fund in Marine bank, belonging to Charlotte F. Bredell nee Harmon.

Charles Johnson was discharged from jail having served out his term and being unable to pay cost of prosecution.

Petitions of Eliza Marshall &c's late gdn., and Lucinda Marshall's late gdn., (L. Floyd Nock). Orders for late guardian to deposit funds in Marine bank on interest account.

Wm. E. Brickhouse, contestant, vs. Geo. H. Adair, contestee (contest in mayoralty election at Belle Haven) and David Chambers vs. Sargent P. Ward et als (contest in councilmen election at Belle Haven). These causes were continued till 3rd day of next term on motion of contestants and for reasons appearing to the court.

Petition of Emory J. Chase's admr. Further sum brought into court by administrator who was ordered to deposit same on interest account in Marine bank.

L. Floyd Nock qualified as administrator d.b.n. of Sarah W. Massey, as administrator of Ida Hudson and as administrator of Henry Lee Hudson.

Petition of W. F. Mears & others for public road from Nock's Branch to Melfa. Report of viewers filed and order to summon proprietors and tenants of the lands to show cause against same.

Petition of Wm. M. Needles & others for public road at Franklin City. Order approving the building of the road in accordance with last report of viewers and certifying same to Board of Supervisors.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
July 9, 1898