Peninsula Enterprise, October 9, 1886


Proceedings of September Term, 1886:

Report filed by commissioner of accounts as to sufficiency, &c, of county treasurer's bond.

Fine of $2.50 collected of Wm. Wessels of Walter paid into court by John D. Wimbrough, J.P.

Accounts of fiduciaries were confirmed as follows: Audits of estates of James P. Haley, Wm. H. A. Hopkins and Thos. Hall, Sr. Orphan accounts of John A. Bundick's heirs, Annie W. Bundick's heirs, Ruth M. and Margaret A. Keaton, John W., George A., Thomas H., Clara F. and Manly F. Window.

Inquest held over William Finney of W. returned and filed.

Edward T. Nock exempted from road duty on certificate of physician.

Last will of Susan T. Ward fully probated and George F. Parramore qualified as administrator with the will annexed.

Last will of William Finney of Wm. probated and Levi R. Boggs qualified as administrator with the will annexed.

Wm. H. Parker qualified as administrator of Susan Whorton, deceased; Geo. W. Turner of James S. Turner; James T. Hurst of James S. Small; John W. Kellam of James N. Ward; George W. Jacob and Wm. F. Waters of William E. Jacob; and Peggy Edwards of Spencer Edwards.

The qualification at July term, 1886, of Edward J. Joynes as administrator of Spencer Edwards, deceased, declared null and void.

Michael Glennan of Norfolk, Va., was appointed and qualified as guardian of Marietta G., Elizabeth G. and Annie Belle Scarburgh, infant children of Dr. Geo. T. Scarburgh.

Henry H. Salisbury executed a new bond as guardian of his children Sarah E., Mary H., Margaret T. and Julia C. Salisbury

Joseph J. Wescott vs. John Rogers, agent, on appeal. Dismissed on motion of appellant.

Bar room license was granted to Thos. G. Elliott at Mappsburg, and Thomas M. Chandler at Craddockville.

Order on county treasurer in road and bridge matters were entered as follows; John H. Lofland for $84.60; E. D. Hinman, $30.70; John L. Gillespie, $7; Bennett Fentress, Joseph R. Riggs, Samuel M. Fox, Edward T. Parkes, McKenzie Horsey, Spencer D. Fletcher and Samuel B. White, $1 each; Jas. E. Harrison, $12; Wm. C. Lewis, $36; Thorogood Fisher, $7.36; William Hinman, J. J. Wescott, Jr., W. J. Joynes, O. F. White, David Winder, George Matthews, George Kelly, John Brittingham, John O. Selby and George T. Moore, $2 each; Charles Godwin, $3; Luke Ames, Ed Johnson, Robert Davis and James Nock, $1 each; Frank Lankford, $15; Frank S. Smith, $12, and Samuel E. Wright, $5.75.

Elias H. Jester was appointed surveyor of the road in place of James F. Lankford, and George W. Glenn in place of Wm. C. Lewis.

Petition of A. W. Rew and others for public road. Report of viewers returned and filed.

Report of Thomas H. B. Corbin, surveyor of road, to ditch a part of his precinct and to rearrange precinct. Report of commissioners returned and filed.

Petition of Henry R. Boggs and others to build bridge over Matchatank creek. Order appointing Charles P. Finney a commissioner to receive proposals.

Petition of Ira Payne, surveyor of road, to repair Swanseagut bridge, &c. Order appointing John F. Powell a commissioner to report necessity, cost, &c.

Petition of James E. Harrison, surveyor of road, to divide and rearrange his precinct. Order appointing Levi R. Boggs a commissioner to report necessity, how, &c.

Belle S. Mears, &c. vs. The Upshur Guano Co., interpleader. Continued on defendant's motion to second day of next term.

Petition of Ed W. Barnes and others for public road and landing. Decision in favor of road and landing, and order to summon proprietor of land to show cause against.

John W. Hurst vs. Julius West (on rule) -- rule discharged on plaintiff's motion.

Wm. Waterfield, use of John M. Fosque's adrs. vs. George Ker et al. Continued on defendants motion to 1st day of next term.

Thomas B. Cooke appellant vs. Geo. E. Winder, appellee. Judgment of J.P. reserved and judgment given for appellant.

Ex Parte: John A. Bundick's admrs. c. t. a. Report of Gunter & Blackstone filed and confirmed and they ordered to check for taxes due.

Ex Parte: Ann W. Bundick's admrs. Report of Gunter & Blackstone filed and confirmed.

James H. Fletcher (of Jas. J.) was appointed and qualified as guardian of Mary T. Bloxom, orphan of Thomas Bloxom, deceased; James T. Hurst of John and Sadie Small, orphans of John S. Small, deceased; and L. Floyd Nock of Frederick L. Reynolds, orphan of John R. Reynolds, deceased.

Scire Facias was awarded against Isaac Summers and his sureties for violation of bond to keep the peace taken by Justice Jno. D. Wimbrough.

George J. Northam and wife, appellants vs Thomas Bundick of Geo. T. -- appellee. Judgment of J.P. reserved and judgment given for appellants, the Court holding that the appellee was unauthorized to maintain a gate across main riding out way from main residence on Hopeland farm.

The insolvent and delinquent lists for 1885 were examined found correct and certified to Auditor of Public Accounts.

Order entered directing L. Floyd Nock administrator of Nancy Wessells, deceased, to dispense with taking refunding bonds in making distribution of estate.

Peninsula Enterprise
Accomac Court House
October 9, 1886